Free Web Photo Gallery Software OnGal10 20.0.2 IN MEDIAKG TI    

... is that you don’t need to learn any programming language like HTML to create beautiful galleries you can upload to your website. With this online gallery freeware you’re finally able to create a online photo album with just a few clicks. The photo gallery maker is very easy to use .... Free download of Free Web Photo Gallery Software OnGal10 20.0.2

ASP.NET Web Document Viewer SDK Control 1.0 Viscom Software    

... 2019, ASP.NET c# 2010 Sample CodeCompatible with any programming language that supports .NET (C#, VB.NET etc). Royalty free distribution of the Component file. .... Free download of ASP.NET Web Document Viewer SDK Control 1.0

Alternative to itextsharp 2020.10.3.3 iTextSharp Alternative    

iTextSharp offers AGLP licensing for open source or commercial licenses. Enables engineers to Create, Edit and Read pdf documents with iTextSharp in C#. iText is a Java first library. The .Net version is perceived by engineers to have a Java flavor to the code interface. IronPDF provides commercial project Licensing. C# .... Free download of Alternative to itextsharp 2020.10.3.3

Luxand FaceSDK 7.2 Luxand Development    

... a host of samples in a variety of programming languages, allowing Web and desktop developers implement advanced face recognition and identification tasks in a matter of minutes. SDK has been used by the entertainment industry and security specialists, software vendors, and developers of graphic suites to automate a variety of .... Free download of Luxand FaceSDK 7.2

SentiVeillance SDK Trial 7.3.2020.09.16 Neurotechnology    

... processing nodes on Windows and Linux platforms. Includes programming samples in Java, .NET, C, as well as all necessary components (the biometric technology, camera support, network synchronization). The trial requires constant Internet connection. See also demo video at homepage .... Free download of SentiVeillance SDK Trial 7.3.2020.09.16

PHP AdminPanel Script 2 ApPHP CodeMarket    

... allows you to create DataGrid pages, even without programming knowledge! It dramatically reduce the development time of your web application. PHP database-driven website Adding Back-End for existing site Creating online-based data administration Creating dynamic content management or your own CMS Moving a static HTML content to dynamic website .... Free download of PHP AdminPanel Script 2

TextPipe Lite 11.7.1 DataMystic    

... command line and via COM scripting from other programming languages. A Standard and Pro version are also available. More than 200 example filter files are included along with a comprehensive online manual. Winner of SIA "Best Application" award. "I use it handling differences in data interchange with our customer banks... .... Free download of TextPipe Lite 11.7.1

PHP DataGrid Wizard - DataGrid Pages Generator 2 ApPHP CodeMarket    

... This operation does not require specific technical or programming knowledge. All you need is to a table, fields for the table, define the data type for each field and choose any other setting you need… In a few seconds you will get page with powerful and fully functional DataGrid component. .... Free download of PHP DataGrid Wizard - DataGrid Pages Generator 2

VB.Net PDF 2020.9.0 Veronica Sillar and the VB.Net PDF Team    

... PDF and Edit PDF Documents using the VB.Net Programming Language. A software tutorial with code examples for VB Dot Net developers. VB.Net: Create a PDF file This Visual Studio project covers the comprehensive creation of PDF documents from using VB.Net and HTML as a design language. Using HTML to design .... Free download of VB.Net PDF 2020.9.0

BSPrinter Print Preview for VB6 1.0 Balkesoft    

ActiveX component that adds Print Preview capability to Visual Basic 6 programs by replacing the Printer object. Also in Windows 10 it can save PDF files. It is easy to use and can be implemented in existing programs as well as in new developments. The Printer object replacement functions as a .... Free download of BSPrinter Print Preview for VB6 1.0

CMATH for Linux GCC / CLang 8.0.1 OptiCode - Dr Martin Sander Software Dev    

CMATH is a comprehensive library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics. The following features make CMATH an ideal replacement for other available complex class libraries: 1. High-performance implementation in machine code leads to superior speed. 2. Accuracy and safety are greatly enhanced. 3. Each of the floating-point accuracies (complex(float), complex(double), and complex(extended)) .... Free download of CMATH for Linux GCC / CLang 8.0.1

OptiVec for Linux GCC / CLang 8.0.1 OptiCode - Dr Martin Sander Software Dev    

OptiVec contains more than 3500 hand-optimized, Assembler-written functions for all floating-point and integer data types from the following fields: 1. Vectorized form of arithmetic operators and math functions. 2. Matrix operations, e.g.: multiplication, inversion, LU decomposition, singular value decomposition, eigenvalues. 3. Fast Fourier Transform techniques for efficient convolutions, correlation analyses, spectral .... Free download of OptiVec for Linux GCC / CLang 8.0.1

Xenia Emulator 1.0 Xenia    

... it is free to download and anyone with programming knowledge can contribute to it. Xenia emulator is considered as the best Xbox 360 emulator for PC and it imitates the action of Xbox 360 in Windows PCs with very few minor glitches. Product development for XENIA started sometime in 2013 .... Free download of Xenia Emulator 1.0

Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK EaseFilter Inc.    

EaseFilter Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK is a set of file system filter driver software development kits which include file monitor filter driver, file access control filter driver, transparent file encryption filter driver, process filter driver and registry filter driver. In a single solution, EaseFilter Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK encompasses .... Free download of Comprehensive Complete File Security SDK

WebSundew Lite Edition 5.0.0 WebSundew    

... on the Internet related to their industry. No programming skills required - the program changes our outlook onto web content managing. Our software can export data into Excel, CSV or XML format. WebSundew can automatically walk through whole web sites and collect complete content structures such as product catalogs or .... Free download of WebSundew Lite Edition 5.0.0

OrgChart JS 7.1.97 BALKANGraph    

... is that it does not require any special programming skills due to simple configuration syntax. OrgChart JS features the ability to build organization charts of any complexity. An organizational chart represents the most natural way of displaying the hierarchical structure of an organization. You can use it to show the .... Free download of OrgChart JS 7.1.97

VISCOM Video Capture Pro SDK ActiveX 13.0 Viscom Software    

... full screen in monitor 2. Compatible with any programming language that supports ActiveX (ASP, Access, Visual C , Visual Basic , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, .Net, etc.) Include c# 2019, c# 2010, Access 2016, Delphi, VB, VB.Net 2019, Vb.Net 2010, VC , VFP Sample Code. .... Free download of VISCOM Video Capture Pro SDK ActiveX 13.0

Miraplacid Binary and Text DOM SDK 3.1 Miraplacid    

... is especially helpful in very complex formats like programming languages. It is possible to port existing text definition schemas from EBNF/Yacc/Bison and some other providers formats to TDDL. TextDOM and Miraplacid Text Viewer, a tool based on Miraplacid Text DOM Library, use Miraplacid Text Data Definition (.tdd) files. Free for .... Free download of Miraplacid Binary and Text DOM SDK 3.1

Notepad3 5.20.722.1 Rizonesoft    

... footprint, but is powerful enough to handle most programming jobs. Windows Notepad can easily be replaced by Notepad3 using an unobtrusive registry based method. Some of the features include: Syntax highlighting support for ASP, assembly language, C, C++, C#, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, Java, JavaScript, .... Free download of Notepad3 5.20.722.1

C# PDF 2020.7.1 C# PDF Document Team    

... as efficient and in extremely easy to utilize programming application. IronPDF is produced by the C# PDF Document and OCR Team. The associated PDF file is required to support for developers to excel in using Iron PDF. The Portable Document Format (PDF) records organize duplicates the qualities of a printed .... Free download of C# PDF 2020.7.1

Dew Lab Studio for Delphi 2020.0 Dew Research    

Dew Lab Studio includes MtxVec math library and additional signal analysis (DSP Master) and statistical analysis (Stats Master) add-on packages. Features include: - fast object oriented numerical/matrix library - Intel AVX 1/2, AVX-512, SSE4, Open CL and 64bit support enabled. - optional full source build path for cross-platform support. - super .... Free download of Dew Lab Studio for Delphi 2020.0

nanoCAD Plus 20.0 Nanosoft    

... development. nanoCAD Plus has a traditional CAD application programming interface (API) that allows developing independent nanoCAD Plus based applications and additional automation modules. .... Free download of nanoCAD Plus 20.0

Embarcadero Dev C++ 5.50 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.    

... fast, portable, simple, and free IDE for C/C++ programming on Windows. It uses Mingw port of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) as it's compiler. Embarcadero Dev-C++ can also be used in combination with Cygwin or any other GCC based compiler. Embarcadero Dev-C++ is a new and improved fork (sponsored by Embarcadero) .... Free download of Embarcadero Dev C++ 5.50

All-in-one Decoder Directshow filter SDK 2.0 Viscom Software    

... AVI, DIVX, AVCHD, WebM, MKV movies.Compatible with any programming language that supports Directshow (Visual C , C#, VB.NET, VB6, Delphi etc.)Include C# 2019, 2010, VC 2010 Sample Code.Royalty free distribution of the Directshow Filter. .... Free download of All-in-one Decoder Directshow filter SDK 2.0

ModCom 14.0 Weeder Technologies    

... very quickly and easily with little or no programming skills. Ready to run, built-in features include the following: Instrument-Gauges and Data-Windows can read external sensors and show voltage, temperature, pressure, RPM, rotary encoder position, etc. Push-Buttons can turn on/off external electrical devices or can operate their own buttons and switches. .... Free download of ModCom 14.0

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