Find The Differences Game Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... find the difference between two pictures in a game. There are three levels of difficulty. This can ... break or at home with the kids. This game is free. .... Free download of Find The Differences Game Software 7.0

The Three Musketeers: The Game (Mac) Dingo Games    

... flintlocks in this swashbuckling epic. This role playing game is a faithful adaptation of the original Three ... to gamble, so try your hand at a game of cards or a throw of the dice. ... by the royal tennis courts for a quick game of real tennis. Save maidens in distress, or .... Free download of The Three Musketeers: The Game (Mac)

Page Turning Book Theme for 2012 Summer Olympics Game 1.0 Page Turning Maker Ltd.    

The 2012 Summer Olympics Game are scheduled to take place in London, United Kingdom, from 27 July (when the opening ceremony is held) until 12 August 2012. Tens of thousands of athletes from all over the world will fight for the honor of champion. Let's look forward to their excellent .... Free download of Page Turning Book Theme for 2012 Summer Olympics Game 1.0

Ayumu's Game 1.0.0 Novel Games Limited    

... your active memory ability! Your goal in this game is to memorize the positions of the squares ... the same order. At each level of the game, click the circle on the screen to start, then 9 squares marked with numbers 1 to 9 will be shown for a very short .... Free download of Ayumu's Game 1.0.0

Great Big War Game for Win8 UI Rubicon Mobile, Ltd.    

Taking military "advice" from the ridiculous generalissimo, can you battle your way through this truly massive, content-packed military campaign? Plan your mission, deploy your "forces", try not to fall off the sofa laughing! You've plenty of units to play with, covering land, sea and airborne combat. Be warned though, these .... Free download of Great Big War Game for Win8 UI

Super Mario Waluigi Game 1.0 Mario City Games    

... Okay, booth, you forced me to download this game. Soooo... what is it about? Psycho Waluigi is ... One night, I dreamed that I made a game where Waluigi possessed psychic powers, which he controlled ... me, from the whole premise to the very game mechanics... It wasn't something I could just keep .... Free download of Super Mario Waluigi Game 1.0

Crossnumbers Puzzle Collection 1.o    

.... Free download of Crossnumbers Puzzle Collection 1.o

Pixar Character Match Game Sedlarski, Inc.    

So you think you know your Pixar Characters, lets see how well you know them. In this small application you have to match the name of a Character to his/hers corresponding image. But remember there is a time limit so you have to be fast as well. Have fun and good .... Free download of Pixar Character Match Game

Crypto 4.3 KMR Consulting     update

... is a Windows version of the popular cryptogram puzzles often found in puzzle books and the Sunday paper. Crypto! selects a ... started quickly. You can also create your own puzzles, and you can print puzzles for others to solve. Complete on-line help is .... Free download of Crypto 4.3

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Styx Mac 1.3 EMV Software AS    

Hot arcade puzzle game for your Mac! Styx is a hot new arcade-puzzle game with a new super-easy gameplay mechanic and non stop arcade puzzle action. The goal of the game is to try and make the longest paths ... lots of power-ups and cool features and the game has 29 medals for you to try and .... Free download of Styx Mac 1.3

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15Slide 1.7 SoftAKGames    

15Slide is a computerslide-puzzle game. It's an advanced version of the well-known 15 puzzle. To solve the puzzle you have to original order of randomly shuffled ... the empty spot. 15Slide differs from the original puzzle of 15: except standard board size, it offers number game boards from 4x4 up to 10x10 size and .... Free download of 15Slide 1.7

Box Keeper 1.0 Michalis Nicolaides     new

Box Keeper is a very popular and addictive puzzle game. It is a Sokoban implementation in C# for ... in a plethora of platforms including computers, video game consoles and digital cameras. Solving the levels is ... don’t give up. Experienced users can finish the game in days. It took me a weekend to .... Free download of Box Keeper 1.0

ClickPuzzle 3.25 SoftAKGames    

ClickPuzzle is a fun arcade-style puzzle game for Windows, it is suitable for all ages. You will spend much time with this game because it is easy and mind free game. The goal of ClickPuzzle is to earn points by removing tiles from the game board. Tiles can be removed only in groups .... Free download of ClickPuzzle 3.25

Clickris 2.22 SoftAKGames    

Clickris is arcade-style puzzle game for Windows.The goal of game is to get as much points as you can by removing stones from game field. You would click on groups of stones ... If any stone touch top of field, than game over. There are 8 different tilesets for any test and 4 sizes of game. .... Free download of Clickris 2.22

Quento Q42    

Quento is a little puzzle game that makes simple math fun for all ages! ... schools for math practice Difficulty settings make the game playable for young kids and skilled mathematicians Ideal for daily brain training .... Free download of Quento

Super Clicks 3.0 ALLPlayer Group Ltd.    

Super Clicks puzzle game - for IQ increase. If you want to ... - just download SuperClicks. The goal of this game is to clear the board from the blocks ... each other. The law of gravity in the game, causes that the blocks located on the deleted ... There are three levels of difficulty for this game (for children with 3 different colors, Mediuml with .... Free download of Super Clicks 3.0

Super Balls 5.0 ALLPlayer Group Ltd.    

Super Balls - puzzle game - for IQ increase. Game rules: The rules of this absorbing game are very simple. One should mark a ball .... Free download of Super Balls 5.0

Blocked In for Win8 UI Sour Green Plums    

... on multiple platforms. This is "the must have puzzle game". For a limited time totally FREE with ... Blocked In is a simple but really addictive puzzle game where the goal is to get the colored ... to clear the way. With 600 unique puzzles this game will keep you entertained for a .... Free download of Blocked In for Win8 UI

jalada Dinoban 1.1.2 jalada GmbH    

... the designated (colored) squares without getting stuck. Each puzzle has a different structure, which requires a new ... new strategy as well. After successfully solving a puzzle, Dinoban will award you with a new challenge. During game play your time and needed steps is measured. ... can also verify your personal progress. This entertaining puzzle game is specially designed to help keep your .... Free download of jalada Dinoban 1.1.2

Caxcade 1.1 FunGamesZone    

Caxcade is an addictive, original, and unique puzzle game that requires skill, logic, and luck. It takes ... an eternity to master! The purpose of the game is to swap/exchange pieces to form patterns. You ... of increasing challenge and difficulty... Download the full game now for FREE! Featuring: - Addictive, original puzzle .... Free download of Caxcade 1.1

Sudo Sudoku 2.0.1 FNOWare    

Sudo Sudoku Puzzle Game, can generate endless number of Sudoku Puzzles in 3 diffrent levels, you can print the puzzles. And you can also generate runnable Sudokus that .... Free download of Sudo Sudoku 2.0.1

Tams11 Alien Escape Tamera A Shaw-McGuire    

... to get somewhere. Match the planets on the game grid to the planets the Green one wants to go to. Use the next card to determine which of the available planets to go to. Earn the longest trail by going to planets the touch each other the longest. There are .... Free download of Tams11 Alien Escape

Flag Mah Jongg 1.0 Mahjongg    

Mah Jongg is going patriotic with puzzle game Flag Mah Jongg. Celebrate your nationality (if you ... Jongg is one of the hardest mah jongg games out there, but the wonderful thing about this board game is that on 247 Mah you can .... Free download of Flag Mah Jongg 1.0

Magic Bubble 2.0 Share-Games    

Magic Bubble is a unique puzzle game like no other. It is relaxing logical game for all people who enjoy the challenge. Magic ... into the next level to solve a new puzzle. The game will be over if the board is filled .... Free download of Magic Bubble 2.0

Jewel Fever for Win8 UI Sprakelsoft    

... is an addictive match-3-puzzle-game! It features: Three game modes: Normal, Quick and Infinite HD graphics steady framerates with 30 FPS on most devices Support for ARM and X86-PCs and Tablets! Instructions: Normal mode - you advance to the next level when you match the required number of jewels .... Free download of Jewel Fever for Win8 UI

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