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Screen Watermark xSecuritas, Inc    

Screen Watermark Control You can print the desired watermark on the screen. This screen watermark does not affect the running of other programs. ... 4 texts and images can be used as watermark. Features * Displays watermark on the monitor. * Dual monitor support * The watermark displayed on the monitor has no effect on .... Free download of Screen Watermark

Output Watermark xSecuritas, Inc    

Output Watermark Control You can print the watermark on the printout. You can place a watermark even when it is printed in PDF or XPS. You can also decide whether to print watermarks by application Features * Print the watermark on the printout. * The watermark is printed even to PDF, .... Free download of Output Watermark

Free Convert PDF to JPG TIF PNG BMP GIF 2.8.7 SwiftPDF, Inc.    

... image format when it comes to fax & printout. Our free PDF to image converter can also ... not, we provide better resulting image with no watermark, no color distortion. You are free to adjust the DPI values, choose the color depth and compression type. You can even resize the image .... Free download of Free Convert PDF to JPG TIF PNG BMP GIF 2.8.7

Print Suite .Net 1.1 Greatis Software    

... each page of section (i.e. page numbers, headers, watermarks), add provider into Page list, and you'll see the printout of this provider on each page in the ... you want to print some text with some watermarks on each page, create document section in the DocumentDesigner, add WatermarkProvider into Page list and TextProvider into Content list .... Free download of Print Suite .Net 1.1

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