Output Watermark xSecuritas, Inc     update

... * Metadata watermark support: Output date and time, printer name, document name, user name, etc. can be output as watermark. * QR Code can be output as a watermark * Supports watermark font, size, color, transparency, location, etc. * Support 1) Up to 4 text watermarks 2) Up to 4 .... Free download of Output Watermark

PrintLimit Print Tracking 1.3 PrintLimit LLC     new

Monitor all printing activity, handle charge-backs, control who is printing, how much is being printed and identify the cost of printing across your entire organization. .... Free download of PrintLimit Print Tracking 1.3

PaperCut Print Logger 1.10 PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd.     update

... designed to provide real-time activity logs detailing all printer use. Information tracked includes: * The time ... in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. * Monitor printing on all major printer makes and models. * Real-time print logs ensure data is always current and live. * Printer usage logs are available Microsoft Excel format allowing .... Free download of PaperCut Print Logger 1.10

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CZ Print Job Tracker 10 CZ Solution    

... use it to scan your network and collect printer inventory information including counter, Ink / toner usage, IP address, model, serial number, MAC address. .... Free download of CZ Print Job Tracker 10

PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager 10 Printer Admin    

PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager can be installed on a ... printing of all other computers. It provides centralized printer manager / print tracker / print counter / printer monitor. It is an easy to use printer management software allowing management, control, quota, limit, tracking, ... / Unix and Mac OS clients. You can monitor all your printers from a single location and .... Free download of PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager 10

Print Queue Manager Chris Dunn    

Print Queue Manager is a printer queue controller for local or remote printers. Simply choose a computer and the application will ... queue and only pass selected jobs to the printer. This can help make enormous paper savings, ensure ... stop unwanted print jobs making it to the printer. The new job monitor allows you to see .... Free download of Print Queue Manager

Automatically Log Printer Status Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... want to automatically check the status of the printer at specified intervals. Ever wonder if you printer is online or offline? This software provides a way to check the status of your printer immediately as well as log the status every .... Free download of Automatically Log Printer Status Software 7.0

O&K Print Watch O&K Software    

... true cost of printing in the company by monitoring all print jobs regardless of whether they are submitted onto a local or networked printer. Supporting multiple printing devices and unique printing pricing ... and paper usage for all local and network printers, the printer monitor records who used a particular printing device, .... Free download of O&K Print Watch

Software de Control de Impresiones CZ Solution    

print management software .... Free download of Software de Control de Impresiones

JobInfo 3.5.5 CousySoft    

... for print job accounting and job tracking. It monitors printer status, and captures all the printed job's detailed informations from the HP LaserJet printers or MFP with JetDirect installed and connected directly to the network. Record real printed pages. Monitor the printer's status. Record printed job detailed informations:(printer,user,PC name,paper size,duplex,color,time). ... all jobs sent by a user to any printer. Volume printed by a user, by a printer. .... Free download of JobInfo 3.5.5

Printer Admin - Print Job Manager Printer Admin    

Printer Management Software. .... Free download of Printer Admin - Print Job Manager

Printer Admin Print Job Manager Printer Admin    

... environment i.e. direct IP printing or workstation connected printer. The software are designed to provide centralized print ... and education institutions through advanced print control, print monitor, print count, print quota and print audit capabilities. ... be used with any brand and type of printer making it global usage software and helps to .... Free download of Printer Admin Print Job Manager

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