PaperCut Print Logger 1.10 PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd.     update

PaperCutâ„¢ Print Logger is a free print logging application for Windows ... designed to provide real-time activity logs detailing all printer use. Information tracked includes: * The time ... and Spanish. * Monitor printing on all major printer makes and models. * Real-time print logs ensure data is always current and live. * Printer usage logs are available Microsoft Excel format allowing .... Free download of PaperCut Print Logger 1.10

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Data redirect 4.0.38 B1102 AGG Software     update

The filter module "Data redirecting" for our data loggers (for example, Advanced Serial Data Logger) is an additional module that allows you redirect a data from one data source (for example, COM1) to another data source (for example, COM2). .... Free download of Data redirect 4.0.38 B1102

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Digital Inputs Filter 4.0.39 B1102 AGG Software     update

... filter module "Digital inputs filter" for our data loggers (for example, Accurate Printer Monitor ) is an additional module that provides ... can be read and displayed on our data logger screen. Each of the 16 input signals (DI0 .... Free download of Digital Inputs Filter 4.0.39 B1102

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Events generator 4.0.39 B1102 AGG Software     update

The filter module "Events generator" for our data loggers (for example, Advanced Serial Data Logger) is an additional module that allows you generate ... Get the Events generator plugin for Accurate Printer Monitor and take it for a test run .... Free download of Events generator 4.0.39 B1102

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Serial Printer Logger AGG Software    

... needs. This software can supersede your aged serial printers and convert data in real time to a ... If you have some devices working together, the logger provides real-time data collection from printers that are connected via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet ... documents later or create a backup copy. Serial Printer Logger can work as a NT service, which .... Free download of Serial Printer Logger

Accurate Printer Monitor AGG Software    

Printer monitoring is indeed many companies all over the ... workstations, your office would necessarily need many working printers, so many that keeping tabs as to printing ... somewhat unmanageable it reach. The task to Accurate Printer Monitor is not really laborious if you have ... have print monitor utility in your company. Our printer monitor also comes with built-in notification capabilities. That .... Free download of Accurate Printer Monitor

Spyrix Personal Monitor 10.6.2 Spyrix    

... (Alert URLs), Removable Drives (USB, HDD, SD) Control, Printer Control. Spyrix Personal Monitor allows full detailed monitoring of user activity on PC (children and relatives, employees ), is also a powerful protection tool from leakage of corporate secrets (DLP - data loss prevention). Nowadays on the market of data loss .... Free download of Spyrix Personal Monitor 10.6.2

1 Free Keylogger 1.6    

... of employees, functions for monitoring of using the printer and external storages (USB flash, hdd etc) will also be useful. .... Free download of 1 Free Keylogger 1.6

StatWin Professional 9.0 Employee Monitoring Software    

... from LAN; access to shared resources of LAN; printer usage; connected USB devices. For any record in the listing, it's possible to find out the user account name, date, start and finish time, session period and other details. StatWin Professional also lets you monitor user activities and administer the system, .... Free download of StatWin Professional 9.0

Keylog Monitor for Win7 2012 SharewareBoss Software    

... keystrokes, programs, CD-Rom, documents and files, USB drives, printers, clipboard, any website they visited, any program they run, any character they typed on the computer. Everything will be recorded in the log, and the logs will be automatically sent to you if you have preset your email in Keylog Monitor. .... Free download of Keylog Monitor for Win7 2012

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