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SoftOrbits Ovulation Calendar 5.2.79 SoftOrbits    

... birth control. If you are trying to achieve pregnancy, the software can be used to find your most fertile days of the month since it will monitor your menstrual cycle once you have filled in the information into the program. The software will also tell you of your safe days .... Free download of SoftOrbits Ovulation Calendar 5.2.79

JX Ovulation Calendar 2.4.279 JX Software Laboratory    

... cycle's possible fluctuations to help you avoid unwanted pregnancy or find out the most prospective days for conceiving a boy or girl. The program will notify you of important changes in your menstrual cycle and thus help you catch the opportunity that fortune sends your way or protect yourself from .... Free download of JX Ovulation Calendar 2.4.279

ACIO Ovulation Calendar SoftOrbits    

... of the egg and sperm. Want to avoid pregnancy? The ovulation calendar can be a great tool ... those in monogamous relationships who want to avoid pregnancy. It's a natural, hormone-free birth control method that does not require remembering to take a pill every day. And it allows for freedom to .... Free download of ACIO Ovulation Calendar

Nutrigenic Helper 1.22 Bersoft    

... available. It can manage weight gain during the pregnancy, recording biochemical tests and physical activities calculating their energy consumption. Nutrigenic Helper includes USDA, Sidney 2008 and a General Glycemic databases. The USDA and General Glycemic databases allow to add new foods to them. .... Free download of Nutrigenic Helper 1.22

FreeDiams for Mac OS X 1.0.0 Eric Maeker    

... pharmacological intolerances Management of physiological contra-indications (renal failure, pregnancy, lactation) (under development) Prescription is sended back and classification in the EMR Creating reusable therapeutic protocols (a protocol concern only one drug) to accelerate the prescriptions Creating reusable templates limitation (a model corresponds to a complex prescription and can contain multiple .... Free download of FreeDiams for Mac OS X 1.0.0

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OvCalendar Ovulation Calendar Calculator 2016.1 SeaApple Software    

... your personal ovulation calendar to help you achieve pregnancy. The program charts your ovulation cycle on a ... fertile so that you can achieve or avoid pregnancy. Every woman's ovulation cycle has many days with low probability of pregnancy, and a few good days to get pregnant .... Free download of OvCalendar Ovulation Calendar Calculator 2016.1

Free Countdown Timer Portable 4.0.1 Comfort Software Group    

... New Year, Christmas, Halloween, Vacation, Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Pregnancy, etc. .... Free download of Free Countdown Timer Portable 4.0.1

Free Countdown Timer 4.0.1 Comfort Software Group    

... New Year, Christmas, Halloween, Vacation, Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Pregnancy, etc. .... Free download of Free Countdown Timer 4.0.1

BabyPlan 2.6 eng. Igor Ryndevich    

... calculates a probable date of conception (if in pregnancy) as well as a date of childbirth and estimated sex of a child. The application includes the detailed help. .... Free download of BabyPlan 2.6 eng.

Women Calendar 1.4 MaxLim    

... with low and high degrees of probability of pregnancy, days, beginning menstruation, conception date and projected future ... the calendar, you can specify the beginning of pregnancy, and the program will build a forecast for all possible 42 weeks of pregnancy with the description by week. .... Free download of Women Calendar 1.4

MyChildren_Net 5.0.0 LevSoft    

... of age. Save all your notes from the pregnancy, the birth, the baptism, the infant age and the child age together with pictures and/or video's. Print a complete memory book in either the MS Word format or the PDF-format or write to an HTML-file and share the memory book with .... Free download of MyChildren_Net 5.0.0

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Manymol Medical Calculator Manymol    

... Correction for RBCs, Endotracheal Tube (ETT) Size, Estimated Pregnancy Due Date, Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR), Fick Principle, Fractional Excretion (Na and Urea), Framingham Risk Score, Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), HAS-BLED, Maddrey's Discriminant Function, Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), Parkland Formula, Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF), Phenytoin Correction, Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI), .... Free download of Manymol Medical Calculator

Pregnancy Helper Mathew Wadstein    

... it most! Everything you need to keep your pregnancy on track for you and your partner. Customized weekly information for each parent, helping out with what you need when you need it. Multiple helper items as well such as baby names, astrological signs, lists, and many others. Live Tiles .... Free download of Pregnancy Helper

Ovulation Calendar 5.0 Dynadel    

... the month, so you can achieve or avoid pregnancy. The calendar is based on the date of ... when you should abstain from intercourse to avoid pregnancy. .... Free download of Ovulation Calendar 5.0

Preggers 1.0 Xequte Software    

Preggers is a tool to calculate the optimal dates to conceive (i.e. when to have sex) in order to maximise your chances of getting pregnant. .... Free download of Preggers 1.0

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