Apocalypse Motor Racers 1.85 gamehitzone.com     update

3D combat racing game. In the beginning of 21th century global energy crisis wakened World War III. A lot of cities were destroyed and people abandoned them searching for better life. Now these abandoned cities are used as race tracks for a new kind of popular entertainment - Apocalypse Motor Racing. .... Free download of Apocalypse Motor Racers 1.85

OsiriX 9.5 Antoine Rosset, M.D.     update

... image processing software for medical research (radiology and nuclear imaging), functional imaging, 3D imaging, confocal microscopy and ... * Plugins support for external functions 3D Post-Processing * MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction) with Thick Slab (Mean, MIP, Volume Rendering) * Curved-MPR * MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection) * Volume Rendering * Surface .... Free download of OsiriX 9.5

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