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yEd Graph Editor for Mac and Linux 3.19.11 yWorks    

... Data yEd also helps you annotate and position elements for maximum clarity: clearly label elements ... text, HTML, or even multiple labels automatic label positioning ensures labels are clearly readable elements can show tooltips on hover and open URLs on click neatly align elements using snap lines and orthogonal .... Free download of yEd Graph Editor for Mac and Linux 3.19.11

Paint Studio 3 Pixarra Inc    

... automatically keep all your work Flexible page view, position and zoom system Switching pages in your book with a single key press Extremely powerful TwistedBrush brush engine is used Saving your work to a range of standard image formats .... Free download of Paint Studio 3

VeryUtils Barcode Recognition SDK 2.3 VeryUtils.com Inc.    

... recognition algorithm detects and recognize barcodes in any position and orientation from your images. The core of Windows Edition is written in C and C++ for performance. The library is also wrapped for use with .NET, PHP and Java. VeryUtils Barcode Reader SDK Main features: * Recognizes linear barcodes (including .... Free download of VeryUtils Barcode Recognition SDK 2.3

WriteYours 1.33 G&G Software    

... Expand abbreviations in any program. Change the caret position after keystroke expanding. Simple XML format of snippets database. Statistics of snippets usage and printed chars. Multilingual user interface. Portable version is available (coming soon). .... Free download of WriteYours 1.33

Sony DVD Architect Pro 7.0 B100 Sony Creative Software Inc    

... chapters. Design your own menus and buttons. Freely position text, graphics, and buttons anywhere on the screen. Make titles and captions stand out with effects such blur and shadow. Perfect preview: · With DVD Architect Studio software you control the DVD experience. Use the virtual remote control to simulate .... Free download of Sony DVD Architect Pro 7.0 B100

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ABCpdf WebSupergoo Software    

... eForm placeholder fields in your template documents to position and lay out dynamically created elements. .... Free download of ABCpdf

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JPhotoTagger 0.44.5 Elmar Baumann    

JPhotoTagger is a platform independent Photo Manager. You can manage and find fast your photos through keywords, descriptions and other so called metadata ("tags"). It speeds up adding or editing tags through automatic keyboard input completion and other features. All tags will be written into XMP sidecar files and JPhotoTagger's .... Free download of JPhotoTagger 0.44.5

MidiYodi 2020.1 CANATO    

... Examiner displays all events for a track including position (beat, time and tick), category (meta, voice or system), type (note on/off, program change etc.) and value. MidiYodi offers a rich set of tools to edit the content and structure of a MIDI file: - Convertion from type 0 to type .... Free download of MidiYodi 2020.1

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SMT1 2019.01 Addaptron Software Inc    

... includes an extra feature to analyze a current position, recommend the action, track buy-sell transactions, and measure ... use different types of sell signal to exit position. Since exit signal cannot be reliable enough, some ... use stop loss and profit target to exit position. Addaptron Software has done numerous computer simulations to .... Free download of SMT1 2019.01

BetterSnapTool 1.9.3 Andreas Hegenberg    

BetterSnapTool allows you to easily manage your window positions and sizes by either dragging them to one ... This lets you easily maximize your windows or position them side by side.In addition to that you can set keyboard shortcuts in order to move and resize your windows the way you want. .... Free download of BetterSnapTool 1.9.3

Katana FxFloorBoard 20191229 Colin Willcocks    

... drag'n'drop of the stompbox to a new chain position. .... Free download of Katana FxFloorBoard 20191229

AD MP3 Cutter 2.3.1 Adrosoft    

... play and easily change of a cut line position by one mouse click. The program can automatically ... or only a selected part, change quickly playback position, volume level and playback rate. The built-in timer and the info window will help you to work with the program. AD MP3 .... Free download of AD MP3 Cutter 2.3.1

Kith and Kin Pro 3.3.0 SpanSoft    

... family. Using the mouse, you can drag and position the family rectangles within the Tree Area to form any tree layout you desire. The family rectangles can be used for fast, direct access to data. You can zoom in and out of the tree to give you an overview of .... Free download of Kith and Kin Pro 3.3.0

A Better Finder Rename 11.16 publicspace.net    

... into 15 categories covering all the text, character, position, conversion and truncation features that you would expect from a file renamer, but it does not stop there. Photographers use the advanced sequence number and date and time features to clean up their portfolios or prepare photos for delivery to their .... Free download of A Better Finder Rename 11.16

Detwinner 2.04.003 Neat Decisions    

... selection feature allows selecting files by modified date, position in duplicate group, by lengths of file name or file path. Selection rules can be applied for a single duplicates group or for all found files. Individual files selection is another option. Regular expressions selection. If you are advanced user, .... Free download of Detwinner 2.04.003

VolumeShaper for Mac OS X 6.0 Cableguys    

... Choose which wave is in use at any position in your song, change the loop length, record ... changes in the host or jumping at different positions of a song, the modulation always stays in sync. .... Free download of VolumeShaper for Mac OS X 6.0

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CSAudioPlayer 1.1 Microncode.com    

... bits depth. Mono or stereo. Get the playing position. Get the time length of the source file. Embedly audio visualization: Set the color base. Set the color max. Set the interval. Set the number of bars to display. Set the spacing between the bars. Embedly audio meter. Set the volume. .... Free download of CSAudioPlayer 1.1

PyMOL 2.3.4-0 DeLano Scientific LLC    

... a cross-platform Session file, ensuring that every object position, atom color, molecule representation, molecular state, frame, and movie can be viewed by colleagues exactly as intended. Using PyMOL, data can be represented in nearly 20 different ways. Spheres provides a CPK-like view, surface and mesh provide more volumetric .... Free download of PyMOL 2.3.4-0

yEd Graph Editor 64-bit 3.19.11 yWorks    

... Data yEd also helps you annotate and position elements for maximum clarity: clearly label elements ... text, HTML, or even multiple labels automatic label positioning ensures labels are clearly readable elements can show tooltips on hover and open URLs on click neatly align elements using snap lines and orthogonal .... Free download of yEd Graph Editor 64-bit 3.19.11

Easy Banner Creator 3.4 Image Tools Group    

... defines image parameters: size and transparency; - sets position of animation or static element; - uses image collections; - defines animation parameters for each running element: direction, time interval (start and stop values from 0% to 100%); - defines animation parameters for created banner: count of frames, delay; - optimizes .... Free download of Easy Banner Creator 3.4

Audacity for Mac OS X 2.3.3 Audacity    

... to Quick-Play also help with finding a precise position in the audio. You can now install plug-ins without restarting Audacity or add and remove any effect or generator from the menus. Over 50 bugs have been addressed with this release. Edits are now processed much faster in longer projects of .... Free download of Audacity for Mac OS X 2.3.3

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WireframeSketcher 6.2.2 WireframeSketcher.com    

... grid snapping, smart guides and rulers to quickly position and size screen elements. Make your mockups interactive using links. The full-screen presentation mode is one click away. Export your mockups and storyboards to PDF or PNG and send them around. You can always print out your wireframes on paper .... Free download of WireframeSketcher 6.2.2

Deskcalc Pro 9.0 PmaSoft    

... · Check-strip with comfortable text input per position · Correction possibilities (rectifying · Adding and deleting values) · Built-in formula interpreter · Sales tax functions · Cache (memory function) · Percentage calculation · EURO-conversion · Floating point- and fixed point-calculation · Subdivision into thousands · Fast correction key · .... Free download of Deskcalc Pro 9.0

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Interactive Display Creator 3.0.0 SoftRM    

... uploaded to FTP server. *Support to set the position and size of the display window. *Support to open screen keyboard. *Support automatic shutdown. *Support idle page. *Support to display the published project on other computers. .... Free download of Interactive Display Creator 3.0.0

Evaer Skype Video Recorder evaer.com    

... video while recording Skype video calls. Exchange video position while recording Skype video calls. Dynamically switch the video while recording video calls. Changeable recording video codec, video resolution (supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) and frame rate. Self-adaptive selection of video resolution and aspect ratio. Save Skype video message and .... Free download of Evaer Skype Video Recorder

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