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Scan Redirector RDP Edition 3.0 Incentives Pro    

... software, which allows scanning from your locally attached scanner in a Remote Desktop session. It does not ... workstation part on a local computer (where your scanner is attached) and server part on remote computer. ... scan! Scan Redirector supports any TWAIN or WIA scanners, including feeders, duplex scanners, check scanners, film scanners, .... Free download of Scan Redirector RDP Edition 3.0

MiTeC Network Scanner 5.4.0 Mitec    

It is a free multi-threaded ICMP, Port, IP, NetBIOS, ActiveDirectory and SNMP scanner with many advanced features. It is intended for ... ping sweep, scans for opened TCP and UDP ports, resource shares and services. For devices with ... Remote device date and time TCP and UDP port scanning SNMP services. Installed services on device Shared .... Free download of MiTeC Network Scanner 5.4.0

Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.3850 Famatech    

Advanced IP Scanner is a free, fast and powerful network scanner with a user-friendly interface. In a matter of seconds, Advanced IP Scanner can locate all the computers on your wired ... local network and conduct a scan of their ports. The program provides easy access to various network ... wake these machines up remotely using Advanced IP Scanner, if their network cards support the Wake-On-LAN function. .... Free download of Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.3850

Barcode Wedge Software KeyInjector    

... Windows applications. Barcode Wedge software enables serial barcode scanners to communicate with Windows applications. Barcode Wedge will accept data from Barcode Scanners using a serial port and convert the data to keystrokes. This allows .... Free download of Barcode Wedge Software

Simple Wedge Software and RFID Scanner KeyInjector    

Simple Serial Wedge Software. Transfer serial port data as keystrokes into your Windows applications. Simple ... will accept data from devices using a serial port and convert the data to keystrokes. This allows information to be entered directly into your programs such as Excel, Access, Word or any other Windows program .... Free download of Simple Wedge Software and RFID Scanner

SSL Certificate Downloader 4.0 SecurityXploded    

... the server. Also you can enter any custom port which makes it useful when SSL service is running on non-standard port. Once the certificate is downloaded from the server ... automation through scripting. SSL Certificate Downloader is fully portable and works on all platforms starting from Windows ... version. Check our Enterprise Edition of SSL Certificate Scanner at homepage .... Free download of SSL Certificate Downloader 4.0

X-Angry IP Scanner 2.21 [rev2] winPenPack    

Portable X-Angry IP Scanner is a very fast IP address and port scanner. It can scan IP addresses in any range as well as any their ports. It is cross-platform and lightweight. Not requiring any ... freely copied and used anywhere. Angry IP Scanner simply pings each IP address to check if .... Free download of X-Angry IP Scanner 2.21 [rev2]

GSA Proxy Scraper 2.37 GSA    

... above and beyond by adding in a powerful Port Scanner, which gives GSA Proxy Scraper the power to harvest proxies from places that other competing software on the market can't touch. Useful features like .... Free download of GSA Proxy Scraper 2.37

Fingerprint Scanner Driver 3.12 BAYOMETRIC    

... in your application, you need driver for your scanners. Fingerprint scanner driver allows biometric devices to communicate with your ... with a fingerprint SDK (software development kit). These scanners support various third party fingerprint software applications. The ... based and can get connected through a USB port of your computer. These devices help you capture .... Free download of Fingerprint Scanner Driver 3.12

Axence NetTools Axence    

... FTP and 50 others; monitoring of any TCP port; DNS-based host identification; automatic address checking every 10 ... for TLS/SSL protocols in alert e-mails - NETWORK, PORT and SERVICE SCANNER: discovering the machines connected to the given network; ... SQL, Oracle and 50 other services; detecting open ports at the determined address - WINTOOLS: view of .... Free download of Axence NetTools

Axence nVision Axence    

... to the workstations. PROTECTION AGAINST DATA LEAKS (BLOCKING PORTS): DataGuard module manages the access rights for all I/O ports and physical devices utilized by the users to copy files from a company machine or to run external software. Thanks to the Web Access .... Free download of Axence nVision

Legacy Fingerprint Driver 7.1 BAYOMETRIC    

USB fingerprint scanners (i.e. Hamster IV, Hamster Plus) help you capture ... images. These devices get plugged into the USB port of your computer. In order to use these ... your application, you need legacy driver. It allows scanners to communicate with your computer. Usually Hamster IV or Hamster Plus fingerprint scanner devices come with 2 types of drivers, the .... Free download of Legacy Fingerprint Driver 7.1

Bopup Scanner 2.1.9 B Labs    

Bopup Scanner is a LAN scanner which resolves multiple network-specific parameters and displays all ... Windows 9x to Windows 7. It is a portable software and requires no install. .... Free download of Bopup Scanner 2.1.9

Virtual Modem 2.2.2 FabulaTech    

... be easily intercepted with a remote phone line scanner. In a TCP/IP network, on the contrary, you ... physical modem. You simply select a virtual COM port in your communication application settings. The application can control the virtual modem directly by sending AT commands or with TAPI (MS Windows Telephony API). .... Free download of Virtual Modem 2.2.2

USB to Ethernet Connector for Mac 4.0 Eltima Software    

... the world use them easily. By intercepting USB port activity of a shared USB device and redirecting ... Network for Mac lets you access your printer, scanner, web-cam, USB dongle or any other supported USB device from your home computer or office laptop anywhere any time! Just plug the device in .... Free download of USB to Ethernet Connector for Mac 4.0

Axence nVision Free Axence    

Axence nVision Free offers the mapping and monitoring of an unlimited number of devices and the basic features for users monitoring, inventory taking, helpdesk, and device access control. Network monitoring: -network scanning, detection of devices and TCP/IP services, web access with browser -response time and correctness, packets received/lost statistics (PING, SMB, .... Free download of Axence nVision Free

Axence nVision Pro Axence    

... to the workstations. PROTECTION AGAINST DATA LEAKS (BLOCKING PORTS): DataGuard module manages the access rights for all I/O ports and physical devices utilized by the users to copy files from a company machine or to run external software. Thanks to the Web Access .... Free download of Axence nVision Pro

Pandora White Box 8.0 Christos Beretas    

... interface with 5 categories including Utilities, Cryptography, Vulnerability Scanners and Security. From each of these tabs you ... Intermediate Anti Monitoring Browsing E-Mail Validator - Vulnerability Scanners Denial of Service Scanner Intermediate .... Free download of Pandora White Box 8.0

Barcode DB Ing. Ľubomír Drinka    

... for SSCC and GS1 codes. Support keyboard wedge scanner. Blue-tooth com port from android mobile device. Based on SQLCE database. All components included SQL libraries are automatically downloaded and installed during installation. functions: -printing -searching -exporting .... Free download of Barcode DB

Middlesurf VPN 2.0.4 Middlesurf Inc.    

... the free internet. - Protect your computer from port scanner as we already do block them. - Block malware websites not to compromise your device. - Change your IP location. - 24/7 support! .... Free download of Middlesurf VPN 2.0.4

10-Strike LANState 7.8 10-Strike Software    

... map. Get MAC addresses, scan TCP and UDP ports, and be notified when devices turn on or ... Monitoring hosts (ICMP ping and connecting to TCP port are supported as well as 40 other checks ... Searching hosts by ICMP ping or scanning TCP ports. 6. Retrieving computer's network name by its IP .... Free download of 10-Strike LANState 7.8

Acid Scanner Free 1.1 redoC    

Acid Scanner is lightweight network auditing tool (scanner) for home ... their computers. This software is freeware and fully portable, no need to install anything. Should work on Windows XP and higher. It allows you to scan a single computer or multiple IP addresses for available shared resources, establish connection via .... Free download of Acid Scanner Free 1.1

MailScan for Linux Mail Servers 5.x MicroWorld Technologies Inc.    

... security and delivery of messages.MailScan works on "TCP-IP Port level" and hence does not require an additional ... user mailboxes. MailScan for Linux also has -Anti-Virus Scanner Content (Spam) Scanning Virus Scanning Scan Control Attachment Reservation Customized Alert Messages Malicious Attachments Detection MailScan works like a Service Heuristics Scanning Easy and .... Free download of MailScan for Linux Mail Servers 5.x

The Tracer 2014.11 Tesseract    

... freeware software app different networking tools: traceroute, whois, port scanner. Traceroute is useful for displaying the route (path) ... a domain name or an IP address. The port scanner probes a server or host for open ports to verify security policies identifying running services. The .... Free download of The Tracer 2014.11

Ip2CountryResolver 1.5.3 Nsasoft US LLC    

Ip2CountryResolver allows you to identify the country by given IP Address. If you are doing business on the Internet and you want to know where your users are from, you've found the right place! Ip2CountryResolver will help you to find and identify visitor's geographical location country and country code by its .... Free download of Ip2CountryResolver 1.5.3

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