BriskBard 1.8.1 BriskBard     update

... has a new bookmark system to access any website, ftp server or irc server quickly. Bookmark management is easy and allows to export and import bookmarks in several formats. On-screen notifications can be activated to alert the user about new email messages, new newsgroups articles or new feed items periodically. .... Free download of BriskBard 1.8.1

Ping Monitor 9.1 Bushyn SOFTWARE     update

Is my website up or down, is it responsive or is ... to use monitoring tools that connect to the website, server, domain or IP address regularly. You find ... the web and as desktop applications, to monitor website Ping Monitor is a desktop gadget for Windows that ... or remote servers. As the name suggests, it pings the servers in intervals specified by the user .... Free download of Ping Monitor 9.1

OverSite by MollieSoft MollieSoft     new

... is a FREE utility from MollieSoft that monitors websites and shows an up/down timeline. ** You can ... (ping), a lightweight mechanism to determine if a website is up/down. ** Within your router, monitor an individual computer's IP address to see when it is awake or asleep. .... Free download of OverSite by MollieSoft

Overseer Network Monitor Sensible Software, Inc.     update

Overseer Network Monitor uses an ICMP ping command to test for availability of a network ... tolerance levels. Overseer Network Monitor monitors your websites continually to ensure they're delivering your content to ... customers. Be the first to know when your website is down-- not the last. Overseer Network ... Software is capable of monitoring HTTP and HTTPS websites remotely. Overseer can then send Email alerts(including cell .... Free download of Overseer Network Monitor

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Internet Marketing Browser 1.0.10 Web Marketing Solutions     new

... a few mouse clicks. You can also bookmark Websites and use the browser to go to any business website. The following is a list of features: - Internet Marketing Resources - Internet Marketing Tools - Ping Sites - Webmaster Tools - Graphic Tools Internet Marketing Resources, bringing you all the great business websites together for your learning needs. When the articles .... Free download of Internet Marketing Browser 1.0.10

BS Ping for education G-92 Developers Group     new

The BS Ping utility is a tool that is used to ... also to see if network connections are intact. Pinging an IP address or website can help you determine if your computer can ... another computer. Additionaly, an user can use BS Ping to test out name resolution. If the packet ... matching the name to the IP address. BS Ping-BE is a program designed for the needs of .... Free download of BS Ping for education

SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.93     update

... Enterprise is the tool to monitor all your websites/hosts at regular intervals and notifies you when they ... will check at fixed timed intervals that your websites/hosts are still functioning correctly. It will also log ... graphical reports so you can easily see the website response and the server uptime. You can manage .... Free download of SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.93

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ipSentry Network Monitoring Software 7.0.11 RGE, Inc.     update

... monitoring one server or five hundred, performing simple ping tests or complex network tests based on database query thresholds, SNMP value delta changes and performance counter values, ipSentry is designed to provide a simple interface with the power and complexities sitting behind the scenes allowing you to concentrate on what .... Free download of ipSentry Network Monitoring Software 7.0.11

DEKSI Network Monitor 12.4 DEK Software International    

... SNMP * HTTP * File Existence * ICMP ping * FTP * DNS * Service State * Port on switch * ARP * Database server (ODBC) * MS SQL Server * MySQL Server * NetBIOS * File Size * Folder existence * Process Existence * File size * Disk space .... Free download of DEKSI Network Monitor 12.4

A1 Sitemap Generator for Mac 8.2.0 Microsys    

... Google and Yahoo to crawl and index your website. Crawler is feature rich supporting many website crawling options. Configure amount of simultaneous connections to ... scanning of javascript and css files, proxy setup, website login, and various other options. Alias paths during ... use mutliple domain names with same content. Scan websites from multiple start paths, useful for websites not .... Free download of A1 Sitemap Generator for Mac 8.2.0

A1 Sitemap Generator 8.2.0 Microsys    

... Google and Yahoo to crawl and index your website. Crawler is feature rich supporting many website crawling options. Configure amount of simultaneous connections to ... scanning of javascript and css files, proxy setup, website login, and various other options. Alias paths during ... use mutliple domain names with same content. Scan websites from multiple start paths, useful for websites not .... Free download of A1 Sitemap Generator 8.2.0

QuickDNS 1.1 Canadian Mind Products    

... up your browser when it looks up a website. - It enables your browser to find critical websites even when your DNS servers are down. Overview ... directory assistance. When your browser goes to a website, e.g., similarly, it needs to look up ... does this automatically every time you visit a website by first visiting a computer on the web .... Free download of QuickDNS 1.1

IsItUp Network Monitor 8.42 Taro Software Inc.    

... of monitor types are included such as a Ping Monitor, Web site Monitor, Tcp/Ip Port Monitor, Windows Service Monitor,Disk Free space Monitor and an e-mail System Monitor. IsItUp continuously monitors multiple IP devices, Web sites, e-mail systems, windows services, disk free space and alerts you by pager, e-mail, or execution .... Free download of IsItUp Network Monitor 8.42

RoCKNet 2.0 Rock Software    

... of information on your network, including: Disk space Ping tests Website tests Folder sizes CPU Usage Memory usage System up-times Services Applications and many more. Not only does it provide real-time status of these devices .... Free download of RoCKNet 2.0

SiteMonitor Lite 1.91 iannet    

A tool to monitor your website/host with ease, by pinging it at fixed time intervals. Ensure that you will be notified when your website goes down. SiteMonitor will send you an email and notify .... Free download of SiteMonitor Lite 1.91

RSS Channel Writer 2.1.3 Emergency Soft    

... manager, HTML and XML viewer and automatic RSS ping tool to RSS servers which data base will ... RSS feeds and publish them via FTP manager, ping your RSS feed to more than 50 RSS servers and bring more visitors to your website. Features and Benefits 1) Easily create RSS feed ... 7) WYSIWYG editor for descriptions; 8) Built-in RPC pinger and RSS submitter to directories; 9) HTML and .... Free download of RSS Channel Writer 2.1.3

Submit RSS 2.0.1 Emergency Soft    

... feeds are the fastest growing way to promote websites and blogs. You can submit your blog or ... effective advertising for every kind of blog and website. Submit RSS is powerful and useful software for ... RSS feed directories on the Internet. Using RSS Pinger utility you can easily send unlimited amount of .... Free download of Submit RSS 2.0.1

BiZZBoard Pro 3.0 BiZZBoard    

... whenever new marketing tools are available. Skyrocket your website to the 1st page for your keywords & ... understand who your customers are, and design your website around their needs. .... Free download of BiZZBoard Pro 3.0

Webpage Indexer Software 4.4 WebPage Indexer    

... matter of minutes. This software can index your website then ping it to make sure you appear first for your keyword. It can index a website in a matter of hours or even minutes! The Webpage Indexer Software generates, and then pings, over 50 high quality backlinks, causing Google and. Free download of Webpage Indexer Software 4.4

G-Mapper 2.5.6 G-Mapper    

... Yahoo and Microsoft Bing. It is designed for website's of all sizes to help improve your search ... - Index local files and spider remote live websites - Full support for the 0.9 protocol ... your sitemaps to your server using FTP - Ping Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing and Ask .... Free download of G-Mapper 2.5.6

Internet Server Monitor Corner Bowl Software    

... * Automatically publishes network status to your intranet website * Supports hierarchical/dependency rules and schedules * Automatically ... a primary server fails. For example, when a ping monitor fails on a primary server the system ... memory and CPU monitors while also throttling up ping, memory and CPU monitors on your backup server. .... Free download of Internet Server Monitor

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Speed Test Pro Silver 1.0.736 Absolute Futurity    

... (Full Maximum speed) - Upload/Download transfer meter - Ping Test - Website Downtime/Error reporting - Website response time, connection time and bandwidth speed - ... full speed over time. If you have a website, you can even ensure that your website is up and running at all times while .... Free download of Speed Test Pro Silver 1.0.736

Speed Test Pro Gold 1.0.736 Absolute Futurity    

... even more. Have you ever wondered if your website is up and running at all times of ... day? Well Speed Test can ensure that your website is up to your standards at all times by monitoring your websites bandwidth speed, your websites response time, your websites connection time and even records all errors that .... Free download of Speed Test Pro Gold 1.0.736

Speed Test Pro Standard 1.0.736 Absolute Futurity    

... or WAN network speeds. If you have a website, then here is a tool you can't live ... allow you to test the bandwidth of your website along with testing your Response time, connection time and even reporting errors like 404, 503, etc... Ping testing is another option available, allowing you to .... Free download of Speed Test Pro Standard 1.0.736

Speed Test Pro 1.0.736 Absolute Futurity    

... easy viewing of logs inside of graphs. · Ping Packet size up to 1k. · Ability to ping a website to estimate connections speeds. · View your WIFI .... Free download of Speed Test Pro 1.0.736

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