PictureSnooper Personal Edition 1.2 QSys Software, LLC    

Tired of waiting for pictures to download? Searching for that perfect ClipArt, or ... GigaBytes of Postings? That is why I wrote PictureSnooper!! PictureSnooper is an Application that Searches UseNet NewsGroups for ... or even sleeping. These binary files are usually pictures (and sometimes executables and HTML files). After finding a binary file, PictureSnooperPE downloads the file, decodes that file, and saves .... Free download of PictureSnooper Personal Edition 1.2

Binary Boy 1.97    

... the downloaded filename. Automatically re-establishes broken connections. Browse pictures with the built-in viewer and delete unwanted images without leaving the program. Keep your files organized by creating a folder for each newsgroup. The folder can automatically use the name of the newsgroup or you can manually assign each a name. .... Free download of Binary Boy 1.97

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