Cheewoo Image Stitch 2.1.1002.1005 Cheewoo Engineering     update

... user set same reference points in each opened pictures. No image resizing and rotating operation are needed ... images if you set reference points in each pictures. Supporting zoom-in, zoom-out and pan functions to set reference points easily. Supporting crop function to remove useless area and extract new rectangular output image. .... Free download of Cheewoo Image Stitch 2.1.1002.1005

Yasisoft GIF Animator Yasisoft     new

... You can easily create your animated banners, buttons, pictures, and even cartoons. With the powerful built-in Image Editor, you don't need Photoshop, Gimp or any other editor. Some editing tools: Drawing shapes Tools, Transform Tool, Edit Path Tool, Text Tool, Brush Tool, Spray Tool, Image Effects and so on. .... Free download of Yasisoft GIF Animator

AVG Internet Security 2016 17.8.3036 Grisoft     update

... Data Safe Encrypts and stores your valuable documents, pictures or any other files onto a password-protected virtual disk on your PC. Use Windows Explorer to move files into your Data Safe and open them just like any other disk. AVG Identity Protection™ Analyzes a software’s behavior in real-time to .... Free download of AVG Internet Security 2016 17.8.3036

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MediaPortal 2.1.2b Final _Frodo_     update

... * Listen to music and radio. * Enjoy pictures, home videos or create a slideshow. * Stream media, radio and TV to any HTPC / PC connected to your network. * Use a remote to control your HTPC from your couch. * Access MediaPortal from the web or mobile device. .... Free download of MediaPortal 2.1.2b Final

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Staxofax Lite 6.12.12     update

The Staxofax philosophy Every PC user stores mail addresses, email addresses, web sites, phone numbers, photographs, notes, screen shots, graphics and text items on their Computer. The problem is that they are all in different places and they can all be lost when their associated program is changed or the PC .... Free download of Staxofax Lite 6.12.12

Western Digital Data Recovery Western Digital Recovery     update

... 280 types file formats such as audio files, pictures, documents (DOC, TXT, DOCX, PPT, XLS, PPTX, XLSX, PDF), video, zip files (ZIP, RAR, compressed files) etc. Use Western Digital Data Recovery software to restore or recover hard drive media files. There are 3 different versions of software Basic, Media and .... Free download of Western Digital Data Recovery

Samsung Photo Recovery Software Samsung Photo Recovery     update

... partitions. Some of the reasons to lost your pictures are virus attack, format and re-format errors, unintentional ... You have any issues or quires regarding retrieve pictures contact our 24*7 free customer care support. .... Free download of Samsung Photo Recovery Software

Misty Iconverter 2.1 TechyGeeksHome     update

... to create icons from any of your digital pictures on the fly A handy and easy to ... to create icons from any of your digital pictures on the fly Misty Iconverter is a useful tool that is able to perform simple conversions from either JPG or PNG images into ICO .... Free download of Misty Iconverter 2.1

reaConverter Pro 7.3.58 reasoft     update

Convert Multiple Images Quickly with a Bulk Image Converter reaConverter is a bulk image converter providing a quick and convenient way to convert any number of images with just a few clicks. Thanks to its simple and clear interface, the program is understandable immediately even to those who have little or .... Free download of reaConverter Pro 7.3.58

Transport Rentals 3.6 Binary House Software     update

... storing the full information on your facilities, including pictures, certificates and other details. The program boasts intuitive user interface, which requires no previous experience. You can also customize the database to meet your specific data management needs and requirements. Besides, the program allows creating client database. Transport Rentals stores the .... Free download of Transport Rentals 3.6

ScreenSteps 4.0.7 B453 Blue Mango Learning Systems     update

... shouldn't have to write too much since the pictures will show each step of the process. Export your lesson to PDF or HTML. You can even create your own HTML and XML templates. That's it. You can literally create visual detailed lessons in 5 to 10 minutes with our .... Free download of ScreenSteps 4.0.7 B453

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Audials Light 2018.1.29500.0 RapidSolution Software AG     update

... additional song and video information, as e.g. cover pictures and lyrics. Or let Audials Light add additional tag information from the Internet. .... Free download of Audials Light 2018.1.29500.0

PhotoPad Free Mac Image and Photo Editor 3.20 NCH Software     update

... Mac Features: * Crop, rotate, resize, and flip pictures. * Touch up photos to remove blemishes and red-eye. * Apply effects such as oil paint, cartoon, sepia, and more! * Adjust image color, hue, brightness and contrast. * Fast and easy. * Load gif, jpg, psd, png, bmp picture formats .... Free download of PhotoPad Free Mac Image and Photo Editor 3.20

PhotoPad Pro Edition for Mac 3.20 NCH Software     update

PhotoPad Pro Edition for Mac OS X. Retouch photos quickly and easily and edit and apply effects to photos and other images. Crop, rotate, resize and add effects like sepia tones, greyscale, and red eye reduction as well as adjusting the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and more. PhotoPad Pro Edition for .... Free download of PhotoPad Pro Edition for Mac 3.20

Real Estate Agent 3.6 Binary House Software     update

... allows storing the information on real estate, including pictures, plans, certificates, information about present and former owners. Real Estate Agent also enables creating client database, which will gain you full control over the deals. A built-in scheduler allows managing the appointments and using your working hours in the most efficient .... Free download of Real Estate Agent 3.6

Movavi Video Editor 14.1.0 Movavi LTD     update

... it all. Process video files, music, and pictures. Movavi Video Editor supports the most popular video and audio formats. Plus, with our video editing software, you can import other graphics into your videos. For anyone getting started in 3D video shooting and editing, we have great news – Movavi .... Free download of Movavi Video Editor 14.1.0

IP Video System Design Tool 9.1.0 B1628 Joint Video Surveillance Group     update

... calculations · Copy your calculations, drawings and 3D pictures to MS Word, Excel, Visio or other .... Free download of IP Video System Design Tool 9.1.0 B1628

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PhotoStage Pro Edition 4.17 NCH Software     update

Create a slideshow from your videos and/or digital photos on Windows and apply effects such as fade, crossfade, zoom and much more. Burn your slideshow to DVD for playback on TV, or as a standalone video file for enjoying on web and portable devices. Add a soundtrack, narrative or text captions .... Free download of PhotoStage Pro Edition 4.17

mrViewer x64 3.9.2 ggarra13     update

... use mrViewer x64 to view all your favorite pictures and videos. It is all possible with just a couple of mouse clicks. Features: Flipbook player HDRI viewer Multichannel Support MultiView OpenEXR support thru anaglyphs Video and Audio player Network syncing support Non-destructive EDL .... Free download of mrViewer x64 3.9.2

mrViewer 3.9.2 ggarra13     update

... now use mrViewer to view all your favorite pictures and videos. It is all possible with just a couple of mouse clicks. Features: Flipbook player HDRI viewer Multichannel Support MultiView OpenEXR support thru anaglyphs Video and Audio player Network syncing support Non-destructive EDL .... Free download of mrViewer 3.9.2

USB Guardian 4.4.0 USB Guardian     update

... copying the files . Movies, mp3s, documents and pictures can be copied from one computer to another without worrying of getting infected with worms and viruses trough USB drive. The interface is very clean and well organized so that one can access all functions with minimum effort. You can find .... Free download of USB Guardian 4.4.0

Best Image Converter 3.0 jalada GmbH     update

Struggling with importing pictures into your favorite App? Just convert. Often, the most beautifully digital pictures cannot be used, because the specific App doesn't ... files. As a result, you can import your pictures into your favorite app regardless of the source image format and of .... Free download of Best Image Converter 3.0

4K Video Converter for Mac 3.6.1 DimoSoft     new

... excellent moment from 4K movies and save 4K pictures to computer, make GIF to use in presentations to make you more attractive and appealing or create ISO for storage. The free media server plugin will help users to enjoy local contents with any devices in the same network. And it .... Free download of 4K Video Converter for Mac 3.6.1

Smart Shooter 3.33 Hart Codeworks     update

Smart Shooter is an advanced application designed to enable you to fully control your camera from your PC, allowing you to explore and experiment to help take the perfect picture. Automatic download and display means you can fully evaluate your photos in seconds, and real time live view output will help .... Free download of Smart Shooter 3.33

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Pet Sitter 3.8 Binary House Software     update

... Add as many comments as you wish, including pictures, certificates, vaccination and so on. If you are into the pet-sitting business, you know that sometimes it is impossible to keep in mind every detail about the pet you take care of. But just imagine how wonderful it would be, to .... Free download of Pet Sitter 3.8

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