Espresso ELN 9.5.1 ChemBytes    

Espresso ELN is a chemistry electronic lab notebook (ELN), available for free in ... link to any drawn reaction component (access to physical data, patents, spectra, etc.) · Integrated chemical drawing editor, with copy/paste support for ISIS/Draw and ChemDraw. · SQL Server synchronization (fee based), or local database only (free version). .... Free download of Espresso ELN 9.5.1

Primer Premier 6.25 PREMIER Biosoft    

... screened for secondary structures, dimers, hairpins, homologies and physical properties before reporting the best ones for your ... to amplify them for detection using a probe-based chemistry. FEATURES PCR primer design- design primer pairs for PCR and multiplex experiments. Cross species- Amplify sequences from multiple species. Pathogenic detection- Locate .... Free download of Primer Premier 6.25

ChemMathsDroid 3.9 ChemEng Software Design    

... for numerous Chemical compound (organic, inorganic, electrode potentials, physical, solid gas, gas data, Standard Heats Free Energies Formation, Acid Base Indicators, periodic table properties and more, Equations in Maths - Geometry, Physics, Electrical, Dimenionless Numbers, CSTR, Maths - Statics, Maths - Series, Maths - Areas & Volumes and more). Access .... Free download of ChemMathsDroid 3.9

Chemical Data 2.9 ChemEng Software Design    

... been listed below.) Thermodynamic Data(226) Solids Data (101) Physical Data (481) Organic Data (1314) (Info types : Molecular Weight,Form and Colour,Compound Specific Gravity,Compound Melting Point(C),Compound Boiling Point(C),Compound Solubility 100 parts cold water,Compound Solubility 100 parts Ether Acid and Base Dissociation Constants (42) Acid and Base Dissociation Constants in Water (21) .... Free download of Chemical Data 2.9

CHEMIX School 7.00 Arne Standnes    

CHEMIX School is an educational tool for learning chemistry. It is geared toward college-level chemistry, but is also appropriate for high-school students, chemists, ... equipped with a periodic table containing history, 19 physical properties + number of stable isotopes, abundance, atomic ... ratio for all stable isotopes. Also included are physical properties of more than 2500 unstable isotopes such .... Free download of CHEMIX School 7.00

Engineer General Tools 1.2 ChemEng Software Design    

... General Tools contains equation calculations, unit conversions and chemistry information for over 4000 chemical compounds. Suitable for ... Chemical Groups are :- Thermodynamic Data Solids Data Physical Data Organic Data Acid and Base Dissociation Constants Gas Data Acid Base Indicators Liquids Data .... Free download of Engineer General Tools 1.2

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