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ExEinfo PE Win32 bit identifier A.S.L    

ExEinfo PE Win32 bit identifier by A.S.L. - exe pe checker for packers ,exeprotectors , packer detector with solve hint for unpack . Internal zip ripper exe pe ripper ... VBasicfake sign added. MD5 and SHA1 file calculator. .NET detector , analyze executable. Non executable file detection. Detect Internet behavior .... Free download of ExEinfo PE Win32 bit identifier

ExeScan 2.6 SecurityXploded    

ExeScan is the FREE command-line tool to detect anomalies in PE (Portable Executable or EXE/DLL) files. It instantly scans EXE/DLL file and reports all kind of abnormalities in the PE header fields such as checksum differences, header field sizes, non-ascii/empty section names, improper size of raw data etc Typically Malwares use .... Free download of ExeScan 2.6

PEiD Tab Kalyuk Vitaliy (KVSoft Ukraine)    

... to the Ad extensions tab PEiD ( "PE iDentifier"). .... Free download of PEiD Tab

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