USB Safe Guard xSecuritas, Inc    

... which can be retrieved only by entering the password. * A secure USB can be read / write or read-only. * You can change the policy for this secure USB even after creating a secure USB. * You can view logs for a secure USB in real time. * The .... Free download of USB Safe Guard

File Lock for Mac ThunderSoft    

... File Lock for Mac is self-protected by user's password, no one can open this software to unlock your files without a password. Feature List Allow hide files and folders. Completely ... your sensitive text data. Software is self-protected by password. .... Free download of File Lock for Mac

WinLock Professional 8.36 Crystal Office Systems    

... runs from the system tray and requires a password to gain access to the available settings. It ... is no way around it without the proper password. Whether you're worried about coworkers going on the network and gaining unauthorized access to your private files, or your kids messing up your work .... Free download of WinLock Professional 8.36


... your children.On the other hand, adults, who with password, can surf internet unlimitedly. .... Free download of Anti-Porn

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Anti-Porn parental controls Beijing Flying Bird Technology Co., Ltd    

... computer history.On the other hand, adults, who with password, can surf internet unlimitedly.Anti-Porn is your first selection ... your children.On the other hand, adults, who with password, can surf internet unlimitedly. Limit internet access by day and time - You can easily assign internet access time at certain hours, even on .... Free download of Anti-Porn parental controls

XenArmor Social Media Blocker 3.0 XenArmor Pvt Ltd    

... mode no programs running in background + Master password to prevent others from accessing it + Advanced option to add & block custom social networks or websites + Command-line version for automation or to run it from your scripts + Unlimited Portable Edition to run it on multiple PCs without .... Free download of XenArmor Social Media Blocker 3.0

Lock USB 1.0.4 Lock USB Inc.    

Lock USB password-protects your USB and external drives in seconds and ... in other words, not having the option to password protect your external drive. Think about it, PCs allows you to setup a username and password, this prevents other users from accessing your desktop, ... data storage devices. Lock USB allows you to password-protect any USB flash drive or external drive. Foolproof .... Free download of Lock USB 1.0.4

WinSesame 11.1 Aragon-TEchnologies    

... Protect a file or a folder with a password. Make files or folders confidential. Prohibit the opening of a file or a folder. Protect data on external hard drive, usb, cdrom, network. Create virtual safes. Make a powerful parental control. Transfer confidential data by email. Protect files and folders with .... Free download of WinSesame 11.1

WinGuard S 2018 10.3 WinGuard    

... locks your Desktop programs and Store apps using password protection. It does this by scanning for programs ... found, WinGuard stops the application and displays a password prompt. Lock any app with password; Lock Software Installations; Lock MS Internet Explorer; Lock .... Free download of WinGuard S 2018 10.3

TinyWall 3.0.4 Károly Pados    

... not influence system stability. - Automatic learning, blocklists, password lock, firewall tampering protection and built-in tight firewall rules help increase TinyWall's and your computer's security even further. - Boot-time filtering, promiscuous application filtering, and port scan protection. - Explicit support for Windows Store and other UWP apps. - Firewall modes .... Free download of TinyWall 3.0.4

WinLock 8.36 Crystal Office Systems    

... runs from the system tray and requires a password to gain access to the available settings. It ... is no way around it without the proper password. Whether you're worried about coworkers going on the network and gaining unauthorized access to your private files, or your kids messing up your work .... Free download of WinLock 8.36

Chris PC-Lock 3.70 Chris P.C. srl    

... desktop PC and prompts a dialog box for password. Entering the correct password will unlock the computer. A powerful and useful ... be set in minutes.Easy setting/change of your unlock password from the configuration screen. In the lock mode, ... CTRL+ALT+DEL or ALT+TAB will fail, prompting the input password dialog box to unlock. The lock screen can .... Free download of Chris PC-Lock 3.70

LogonExpert 7.9 Softros Systems, Inc.    

LogonExpert is a Windows autologon tool for your home/office computer or corporate server. LogonExpert quickly and securely logs in a user by direct interaction with the WinLogon autologon system without using the registry. LogonExpert uses a strong encryption algorithm (AES) to store login data. Powerful scheduler allowing to schedule logon/logoff .... Free download of LogonExpert 7.9

Folder Password Lock Pro ThunderSoft    

Folder Password Lock Pro is a professional security tool to ... safe, no one can open it without a password. This tool also provide protect for your folder ... Feature List Allow lock folders and files with password. Allow hide folders and files. Allow protect folders ... files, to avoid modify, delete and rename. One password for all folder lock. Email backup password, never .... Free download of Folder Password Lock Pro

GiliSoft Exe Lock 5.5.2 GiliSoft International LLC.    

... can not run the locked programs without a password. If you do don't want other persons to ... arguments to lock or unlock programs . 3 Password Protected GiliSoft Exe Lock is a password-locked software,that is to say,there's no other way to ... or unstall it if you have not the password. 4 Hardware Compatible Fully support Intel® Pentium D .... Free download of GiliSoft Exe Lock 5.5.2

WinGuard Pro WinGuardPro Ltd    

WinGuard Pro 2016 can Password Protect Programs and encrypt files on your computer. Users can add Password Protection to any Windows Program (ie Store Apps, ... is a system security application capable of applying password-protection to various parts of your computer like Windows programs, files, folders, .... Free download of WinGuard Pro

DDACS 2.0.1 Daniel Drubin    

... Administrator is subject to access control checks * Password protection * No time and resources consuming periodic operations * Very little resources use * Easily add, delete and remove rules at any time * Easy policies switching * Graphical control panel and corresponding command-line tools to use in scripts .... Free download of DDACS 2.0.1

Child Control Salfeld Computer    

Child Control is one of the most optimal parental control and security solution. Set time limits for the PC and/or the Internet and block/filter unwanted Internet contents. Child Control limits the access to internal Windows components and personal folders. Child Control keeps track of the time your kids spend in .... Free download of Child Control

DRM Server for CopySafe PDF 3.0 ArtistScope    

... groups can view a document - Set a password for the document's encryption key - Set expiration on a document validated by time server - Limit the number of views per user or group - Limit the number of prints per user or group - Limit access by IP number .... Free download of DRM Server for CopySafe PDF 3.0

Desktop Secret Lock Greatis Software    

... vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop software or discover a password through a brute-force attack. Desktop Secret Lock uses ... method for enhanced security, and its own unique password which is separate from your computer's password. A locked computer looks like it's unlocked, but ... invitation to unlock the desktop using the owner-set password. Desktop Secret Lock will write all these events .... Free download of Desktop Secret Lock

Folder Lastic 1.0 Password Recovery Lastic    

Passwords, passwords, passwords... It seems the whole world is password protected now. But did you know the strength of password protection depends not only on the length and complexity of a password? Indeed, passwords can be stolen, hacked, brute-forced or fraudulently acquired using 'fishing' methods. So, do you still think passwords are a reliable way to protect data? Nevertheless, .... Free download of Folder Lastic 1.0

TSplus 2FA 2.0 TSplus    

... Twitter, but with the added security of dynamic passwords. Its a two steps verification process. One - ... the risk of hacks, providing strong and frictionless passwords to authenticate to the web applications portal. With ... every 30 seconds) to supplement static usernames and passwords with added security. It means that even if .... Free download of TSplus 2FA 2.0

Enable Admin 1.5 SecurityXploded    

... the current status (enabled/disabled) # Set the new password for Administrator # Log off the current user 'Enable Admin' works on both 32 bit & 64 bit versions and tested successfully on all platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 8. .... Free download of Enable Admin 1.5

Safe AutoLogon 9.1 B303 WM Software    

... everything from install/uninstall, reboot, change settings, and set passwords. Redundancy is built-in for enterprise environments. Shows managed users' password age so you can keep them changed to comply with HIPAA and your company's internal password policies. Safe AutoLogon Password Server runs on Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 ... management of Safe AutoLogon usernames, with Active Directory password synchronization and password ages. New! Users and computers .... Free download of Safe AutoLogon 9.1 B303

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USB Manager 2.05 Makesoft    

... disable it and then go to options to Password Protect the settings. This can in fact be ... file then you can disable storage devices and password protect it. Once done, all USB inserted in ... type of devices; Easy interface; Hiding in system; Password protect; Hot keys for quick using; Autorun with .... Free download of USB Manager 2.05

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