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Advanced BAT to EXE Converter 4.23 Brandon Dargo    

Advanced BAT to EXE Converter has the following unique features: Convert and ... to keep your code secret. You can set EXE icon, product version, and company info properties. Includes ... do not require any .DLL to run. Compiled EXE work on all Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.1/Win10 64bit with DOS6.0 compile option. .... Free download of Advanced BAT to EXE Converter 4.23

Standalone EXE Locker 2.0 4dots Software    

Convert files into password protected executable files. Protect confidential data with ease. Just run the locked executable and enter password to unlock it ! Fast because you can ... delete them on exit. Option to ask for password to open the main application. Allow file unlocking ... gui. Secure file, secure folder, versatile filelocker application. Password protect files and folder lock. Easy file locker .... Free download of Standalone EXE Locker 2.0

PDF to EXE Converter 1.0 4dots Software    

Convert PDF to standalone exe - Convert PDF to exe. It is not necessary to have Adobe Acrobat ... any computer with Windows and .NET 4.6.1 installed Protect converted executable with a password Set maximum viewing time, time, date restrictions e.g. ... duration for each slide Encrypt PDF slideshow Set password for converted executable Prevent converted executable from modification .... Free download of PDF to EXE Converter 1.0

Convert Powerpoint to EXE 4dots 3.0 4dots Software    

... executable. Convert ppt and pptx to a single exe with music. There is no need for the ... any computer with Windows and .NET 2.0 installed. Protect converted executable with a password. Set maximum viewing time, time, date restrictions e.g. ... duration for each slide. Encrypt powerpoint slideshow. Set password for converted executable. Prevent converted executable from modification. .... Free download of Convert Powerpoint to EXE 4dots 3.0

VeryPDF Cloud PDF DRM Protector 2.1 VeryPDF.com Inc.    

VeryPDF Cloud PDF DRM Protector is a secure document sharing and distribution service that uses DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology to protect your PDF documents from being re-shared and used ... standard PDF encryption methods, VeryPDF Cloud PDF DRM Protector protects your PDF files even after they have been ... to ensure that your PDF files are fully protected against onward distribution (document copying/emailing), content copying and .... Free download of VeryPDF Cloud PDF DRM Protector 2.1

USB Lock RP Advanced Systems International SAC    

... transceivers, CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD/Floppy. With remote control to change protection. Capable of issuing global security status reports (all machines) and reports per machine of: Protection history and USB blocked attempts. Able to remotely shutdown or restart the client PCs. With active protection clients Type NT service working at local system ... consumption 0% CPU. Straightforward effective security USB protection will not affect the use of USB safe .... Free download of USB Lock RP

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USB Encryption 10.0.22 GiliSoft International LLC.    

GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption helps you password protect USB drives, Thumb drives, Memory sticks, USB Stick Encryption helps you password protect USB drives, Thumb drives, Memory sticks, Pen drives, ... stolen or misplaced. A secure USB drive with password protection is a must these days as the data ... other external storage devices can be very easily password protected. To protect your USB drives, you can .... Free download of USB Encryption 10.0.22

CD FrontEnd PRO 2016.7.8 Visual Vision    

... want: you can launch documents, PDF, self extracting exe files (you can place them anywhere - and... ... or part of the presentation pages can be protected with password(s), even different passwords for different users (the CD / DVD is always the same, just the passwords change): the encoding is strong and secure. You .... Free download of CD FrontEnd PRO 2016.7.8

BackUp Maker Standard Edition 7.501 ASCOMP Software GmbH    

... Support for archives larger than 4 GB · Password protection · Protect backups with passwords (PkZip v2.0) · Strong encryption · Encrypt backups .... Free download of BackUp Maker Standard Edition 7.501

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Video Password Protect ThunderSoft    

A video password protect solution, an easy to use tool to protect your video files with a password. With this software you can encrypt your videos/audio/pictures to GEM file or EXE file format, which is protected by a password, and no video player can play it without a password. It supports various video and audio formats, and .... Free download of Video Password Protect

USB Lockit 2.0 Bezze Nicola    

USB Lockit - Password Lock USB Drive. Protects the USB drive with your photos, audios, videos ... Steps: 1. To lock the USB drive and protects all your files, simply set a PIN and ... executable does't start. To solve, right-click on the exe file, select Compatibility Troubleshooter, test the new settings. Free download of USB Lockit 2.0

.netshrink 2.8 PELock Software    

... application as a standalone file. It can also protect your files with a password. Password protection uses verification based on SHA256 hash function and .... Free download of .netshrink 2.8

WinGuard Pro WinGuardPro Ltd    

WinGuard Pro 2016 can Password Protect Programs and encrypt files on your computer. Users can add Password Protection to any Windows Program (ie Store Apps, Desktop Apps, Exe's). Lock Installers, Internet and File Explorer - that's ... is a system security application capable of applying password-protection to various parts of your computer like Windows .... Free download of WinGuard Pro

HashPass 5.0 Visual Fantasy    

... safely entered criteria, it mathematically transfers your chosen password-to-be into a unique secure hash, which becomes your real password. It can be next pasted manually or automatically ... taken, render mouse click coordinates monitoring irrelevant, and protect Clipboard by anti-Clipboard logging activity. Its use in ... HashPass you will never ever enter your sensitive passwords in the old fashioned way regarding it unreliable, .... Free download of HashPass 5.0

Paquet Builder 2019.0.0.0 G.D.G. Software SAS    

... for international distribution - full Unicode support; - password protect files, add integrity checks, digitally sign your packages (code signing) with Authenticode (SHA2) to secure files; - efficient 7-Zip file compression: LZMA2, LZMA, BCJ2; .... Free download of Paquet Builder 2019.0.0.0

PowerCryptor Encryption Suite 1.05 PowerCryptor Software    

... advanced and easy to use encryption software. It password protects your highly sensitive documents, photos, music, videos and ... is easy to do and completely transparent. To password protect your file or folder, just right-click on it ... You can create self-decrypting .exe file to send password protected files via e-mail. PowerCryptor includes advanced password .... Free download of PowerCryptor Encryption Suite 1.05

eBooksWriter GOLD create ebook 2016.28 Visual Vision    

... Within a single integrated environment you create, edit, protect, pack a compact self install EXE e-book with ease, and create also MOBI EPUB ... can set an expiration date; - you can password protect all or part of the ebook; - you can assign different passwords for different users; - can ask user name .... Free download of eBooksWriter GOLD create ebook 2016.28

eBooksWriter LITE 2016.33 Visual Vision    

... ebooks with ease. It's a professional all-in-one (edit, protect, pack / compile) visual environment, not just a ... - can set an expiration date; - can password protect all or part of the ebook; - can assign different passwords for different users; - music and video: AVI ... to sell your ebook through us; You can't protect your Web site from copy or printing. To .... Free download of eBooksWriter LITE 2016.33

PCTuneUp Free EXE Lock 5.1.7 PCTuneUp, Inc.    

PCTuneUp Free EXE Lock is a powerful yet easy to use ... It is designed for people who want to protect their sensitive programs from an unauthorized usage whenever ... computer with others. The locked files will stay protected even when you copy them to another computer ... accessible to the one who enters the correct passwords. This professional free application lock provides double privacy .... Free download of PCTuneUp Free EXE Lock 5.1.7

Flip PDF FlipBuilder    

... then exported to various formats, including HTML, ZIP, EXE, APP, FBR or burnt directly to a CD. ... eBooks. 2. Output in 4 different formats: HTML, EXE, Zip and Burn to CD. * HTML allows ... to a website to be viewed online. * EXE and Zip allow you to send to your .... Free download of Flip PDF

Easy ScreenSaver Station 5.7 DDSoft    

... image editing, transition settings, icon setting, copyright settings, password protection, preview, email sending and so on are included. ... * Set Icon for your ScreenSaver; * Set password to protect your creation; * Preview your creation before saving; .... Free download of Easy ScreenSaver Station 5.7

PCBrotherSoft Free EXE Lock 8.5.1 PCBrotherSoft Co., Ltd.    

... try to perform some unauthorized operations. PCBrotherSoft Free EXE Lock comes in handy in such situation because it can password protect the executable files so that you can heightened ... To double safeguard your executable programs, PCBrotherSoft Free EXE Lock applies the password protection for itself. Without your permission, noboday can run .... Free download of PCBrotherSoft Free EXE Lock 8.5.1

WinUtilities Free Edition 13.24 YL Computing, Inc    

... The software has Security and Privacy tools to protect you from malware and identify theft. The History ... that this data can never be recovered. The EXE Protector lets you add password protection to sensitive applications. The Undelete function lets you .... Free download of WinUtilities Free Edition 13.24

Free EXE Lock 5.0.5 FreeEXELock, Inc.    

Free EXE Lock provides optional encryption modes to lock your EXE programs: Speed priority - faster but not compressed; ... to lock executable programs on your computer to password-protect any executable file from non-authorized execution. You can ... the locked programs. As program encryption software, Free EXE Lock offers the password protection for itself. Anyone .... Free download of Free EXE Lock 5.0.5

Free File Lock 6.2.7 FreeFileLock, Inc.    

... is a safe file encrypter program that can protect your important or sensitive files with uncrackable encryption ... that nobody can decrypt it without the original password. Free File Lock can lock any file types ... lock, choose the encryption method and provide a password. Meantime, the decryption is easy as well. All .... Free download of Free File Lock 6.2.7

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