Cyclonis Password Manager Cyclonis Limited     update

With just one password, Cyclonis Password Manager lets you take control of your passwords & organize your data. Using the same password for multiple online accounts? Is keeping track of your many passwords an impossible task? With Cyclonis Password Manager, you can manage your passwords in one central place with just a single .... Free download of Cyclonis Password Manager

Portable Password Generator 3.6 Werner Rumpeltesz     new

Password Generator can generate secure and easy to read and remember passwords. The most important features are: Password Generator can generate WEP and WPA2 keys for Wireless ... consonants, as well as separate syllables, the created passwords are easy to read and easy to remember. For a fast creation of passwords you can use user defined password-set. These password-sets .... Free download of Portable Password Generator 3.6

HashPass 5.0 Visual Fantasy     new

... safely entered criteria, it mathematically transfers your chosen password-to-be into a unique secure hash, which becomes your real password. It can be next pasted manually or automatically ... HashPass you will never ever enter your sensitive passwords in the old fashioned way regarding it unreliable, ... clear the Clipboard manually. Delivered as a stand-alone freeware program comprising of a single EXE without installer, .... Free download of HashPass 5.0

Paquet Builder 2019.0.0.0 G.D.G. Software SAS     update

... a 7z Self-Extracting archive maker and an installer generator. Thanks to its exhaustive feature set, create flexible ... for international distribution - full Unicode support; - password protect files, add integrity checks, digitally sign your ... everything is done visually in the logically-organized interface. Freeware and Trial editions available. .... Free download of Paquet Builder 2019.0.0.0

SX Password Suite 10.0 SecurityXploded     new

'SX Password Suite' is the complete collection of all the FREE password recovery softwares released by It contains the latest version of all the password tools which makes it easy for the user ... each of them separately. This mega edition supports password recovery from 50+ popular applications including top Browsers, .... Free download of SX Password Suite 10.0

Secure Password Generator 3.0 SecurityXploded     new

Secure Password Generator is is a free desktop based tool to quickly generate strong & secure password. With a growing incidents of web server hacking ... there is a greater need to use strong password. This will prevent your password from being decrypted if your password hash falls into the wrong hands. Secure Password .... Free download of Secure Password Generator 3.0

Salted Hash Generator 2.0 SecurityXploded     new

Salted Hash Generator is the FREE all-in-one tool to generate salted ... type, it generates hash for various combination of Password & Salt as follows, * Password only * Password+Salt * Salt+Password Finally, you can save the generated hash list to HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV file. Salted Hash Generator is fully portable tool and works on all .... Free download of Salted Hash Generator 2.0

Joomla Password Reset 2.0 SecurityXploded     new

Joomla Password Reset is the free tool to quickly generate new Joomla Password Hash and reset your lost or forgotten Joomla Password. Joomla is the popular open source content management ... of their hosted website. However if the admin password is lost then there is no way to ... to manage your websites. In such cases, 'Joomla Password Reset' helps you to quickly generate new password .... Free download of Joomla Password Reset 2.0

SmartPass 1.0 AGR Technology     new

... help you quickly generate completely random and unique passwords for you to use for online accounts. Often times people will re-use passwords across different accounts, this practise may be convenient ... to access all of your accounts with that password possibly stealing sensitive information. When it comes to passwords randomization is key which is why smartpass exists .... Free download of SmartPass 1.0

Notebook PEA 1.2 BeloumiX     update

NotebookPEA is an open source password-encryption tool with a built-in text editor, that handles ... of the text. The most serious weakness of password encryption programs, the vulnerability to custom-hardware attacks are ... keyboard to protect against key loggers, a proactive password-strength meter to give feedback while typing a new password, tables of characters to enlarge the character set .... Free download of Notebook PEA 1.2

mSecure for Mac OS X 5.6.2 mSeven Software LLC     new

Don’t take any chances with your passwords and private information. From desktop to mobile, no ... most secure and straightforward solution to managing your passwords and other sensitive information. From the user ... • Group and filter records • Strong password generator PRO - Here's what's included when ... you identify and fix old, weak or duplicate passwords • Custom icons • Photo attachments .... Free download of mSecure for Mac OS X 5.6.2

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LastPass Password Manager for Android 4.8.3632 Joe Siegrist     update

LastPass is a password manager and password generator that locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. LastPass ... app logins for you, and generates new, secure passwords instantly. One password is all you need with LastPass – your LastPass master password handles the rest. Store passwords and logins, create .... Free download of LastPass Password Manager for Android 4.8.3632

WiFi Password Key Generator 9.0 SecurityXploded     update

WiFi Password Key Generator is the free desktop tool to quickly create ... WEP/WPA keys during Wireless security configuration. Unlike regular passwords, these keys have strict length requirements based on ... (WEP, WPA, WPA2 etc). In such cases, 'Wi-Fi Password Key Generator' can help you to easily generate these keys. ... Includes Installer for local Installation & Uninstallation WiFi Password Key Generator works on both 32 bit & .... Free download of WiFi Password Key Generator 9.0

Ultracipher 6.3 Ultracipher Software     update

Ultracipher is a platform-independent password manager application. Functions include cross-platform, Novel key generation ... interface instead of conventional trees or lists, integrated password generator in user interface, additional programs include on-screen keyboard and File Digester: .... Free download of Ultracipher 6.3

Ultracipher Portable 6.0.0 Ultracipher Software     update

Ultracipher portable is a platform-independent password manager application. Functions include cross-platform, Novel key generation ... interface instead of conventional trees or lists, integrated password generator in user interface, additional programs include on-screen keyboard and File .... Free download of Ultracipher Portable 6.0.0

Hash Generator 7.0 SecurityXploded     update

Hash Generator is the FREE universal hash generator tool which automates the generation of 15+ different ... are also used in encryption and storage of password as well as other sensitive data to protect ... verifying the hash for any such file or password text. Here are some of the special features of Hash Generator * Generate hashes for 15+ popular algorithms including .... Free download of Hash Generator 7.0

TekOTP 1.4.0 KaplanSoft     update

TekOTP is a One Time Password generator based on RFC 2289 runs under Windows (Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 2008-2016 Server). Visit homepage regularly for updates. Generates OTPs with MD4, MD5 and SHA-1. Simple, easy to use GUI. .... Free download of TekOTP 1.4.0

Vov Password Generator 1.5 VOVSOFT     update

Quickly generate passwords for your accounts, using any character set you ... this lightweight, minimalistic application. The widespread use of password managers has also increased the demand for password generators. While many applications already offer this functionality, a ... that can help you create a secure random, password may still come in handy. Vov Password Generator .... Free download of Vov Password Generator 1.5

SX WiFi Security Suite 7.0 SecurityXploded     update

... Hotspot Scanner * Wi-Fi Network Monitor * Wi-Fi Password Decryptor * Wi-Fi Password Dump * Wi-Fi Password Key Generator * Wi-Fi Password Remover * Wi-Fi Security Guard All of these .... Free download of SX WiFi Security Suite 7.0

Password Safe 3.47.2 Rony Shapiro     update

Password Safe is a password database utility. Users can keep their passwords securely encrypted on their computers. A single Safe Combination unlocks them all. How many passwords do you have to secure? Start your ... technologist Bruce Schneier Over 4 million downloads Password Safe is a simple and secure password management .... Free download of Password Safe 3.47.2

PassGenCrypter 1.1 TechyGeeksHome     update

With the ever increasing requirement for stronger passwords, you can use this very simple utility to generate complex passwords with ease. You can select how many passwords you want to generate allowing up to 100 different passwords. You can also select the length of your passwords also up to 100 characters. The utility will .... Free download of PassGenCrypter 1.1

OpenPuff Steganography and Watermarking 4.01 EmbeddedSW     new

... professional steganography tool - HW seeded random number generator (CSPRNG) - Deniable steganography - Carrier chains (up ... multi-cryptography (16 algorithms) - Multi-layered data obfuscation (3 passwords) - Chi-squared steganalysis resistance Unique layers of security - 256bit+256bit symmetric-key cryptography with KDF4 password extension - 256bit symmetric key data scrambling (CSPRNG-based ... to 16 cpus) = Faster processing OpenPuff is freeware! - Spyware/adware-free - Fully redistributable - OpenSource core .... Free download of OpenPuff Steganography and Watermarking 4.01

X-KeePass Password Safe 1.30 [rev13] winPenPack     update

X-KeePass Password Safe is a simple, portable tool designed to help you store your passwords in a single, secure place. The application ... PwSafe and features hot keys to allow easy password copying. It comes with a powerful password generator and it enables you to sort your credentials ... different groups. Since it is portable, X-KeePass Password Safe does not require installation and therefore it .... Free download of X-KeePass Password Safe 1.30 [rev13]

AnyPassword 2.0.RC2 RomanLab Co. Ltd.     update

It's pretty difficult to hold a multitude of passwords in mind, isn't it? A pin code for your mobile, a password for your mailbox, a pin code for your credit card, a password for your MSN Messenger - we have to remember a variety of different passwords. AnyPassword is a handy software tool to sort .... Free download of AnyPassword 2.0.RC2

Efficient Password Manager Efficient Software     update

Still be worrying about so many passwords to remember? Now we have Efficient Password Manager, a completely free but powerful and cross-platform password management package. She can not only help you remember general password information, but also record website login passwords, software registration codes, e-mail account passwords, or even passwords for your FTP accounts, etc. .... Free download of Efficient Password Manager

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