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IdPhotos Pro PIXEL-TECH    

... complex software application that provides you with professional tools to process images for passports, visas and various types of ID cards in ... and its biometric features. For situations when your photo does not meet the predefined standard requirements, you ... seconds. IdPhotos Pro features a set of tools that allow you to adjust colors as to .... Free download of IdPhotos Pro

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Face Crop Jet 1.8 Face Crop Jet    

... Crop Jet will detect a Face from a Photo and it will save the Image containing the ... are perfect for using as a ID Card Photo/Passport Photo as it has all required features for an ID Card/Passport Photo. Face Crop Jet can simplify processes like preparing ... you should spend to Manually Crop Faces from Photos. -Intelligent and Automatic -Obtain perfect ID Card Photos .... Free download of Face Crop Jet 1.8

ID Photos Pro PIXEL-TECH    

ID Photos Pro 7 is a professional tool designed for automatic image processing of ID photos for passports, visas and any other ID documents so that ... international regulations. It is unique in creating biometric passport photos in accordance with ISO/IEC-standard 19794-5, based on the ... of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). ID Photos Pro 7 uses special advanced algorithms to automatically .... Free download of ID Photos Pro

Qphoto.me 1.0 Qphoto.me    

Qphoto.me is a service to make passport and visa photos online. We have photo requirements for more than 45 countries and 122 photo types. We can do US visa photo, Canadian visa photo, US passport photo, UK passport photo. You will not have to do any manual ... with qphoto.me. It automatically crops and scales your photo, fixes the background, fixes the red eye effect .... Free download of Qphoto.me 1.0

Visa Photo Tool 5.0 http://www.idphotomaker.com    

Visa Photo Tool is a powerful visa photos and passport photos making software for businesses, educations and home users. It enables users to DIY visa photos and passport photos in minutes with printer with its inbuilt varous visa photo and passport photo layouting templates, powerful photo cropping and photo processing tools, which enables anyone .... Free download of Visa Photo Tool 5.0

Passport Photo Tool 3.0 Passport Photo Tool Team    

Passport Photo Tool is a standard and professional visa photo, passport photo making software. it built-in varous templates, detailed user-manual and instant prompt which enables you to create passport photos visa photos in just few minutes. Main Features: 1.Built-in variety of passport photo and visa photo templates and all set in .... Free download of Passport Photo Tool 3.0

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