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Dew Lab Studio for Delphi 2020_November Dew Research     update

... distribution parameter estimation. - fast vectorized math expression parser and evaluator - 1D and 2D FFT's, correlations and autocorrelations. - arbitrary functions of matrix including square root of matrix and logarithm of matrix - optimized integer math library. - generalized Eig and SVD values - sparse matrix eigenvalues for symmetric .... Free download of Dew Lab Studio for Delphi 2020_November

WebExtractor360 1.2 CC Software Pte Ltd    

If you want to extract structured information (for example - contacts, images, product descriptions, keywords, URLs) from websites, you need WebExtractor360. This product is completely free and distributed with source code (.Net, C#). This means that you can not only use this extractor without restrictions, but also modify it as you .... Free download of WebExtractor360 1.2

C# PDF Parser 2020.10.1 C# PDF Parser    

IronPDF is useful as a PDF parser. IronPDF provides functionality to load and parse existing PDF documents, edit them, extract content from them, and save them again in .Net. We would use C# to parse a PDF. Common applications of PDF parsing are to edit or annotate existing PDF files, .... Free download of C# PDF Parser 2020.10.1

Miraplacid Text Viewer 3.1 Miraplacid    

Miraplacid Text Viewer is a visual tool for structured text files internals analysis. It represents file structure as a tree. Viewer highlighted selected tree item in the text viewer panel. A character selected in a viewer can be looked up in the tree. Viewer has search and navigation functionality, and can .... Free download of Miraplacid Text Viewer 3.1

Miraplacid Data Viewer 3.1 Miraplacid    

Miraplacid Data Viewer is a tool for convenient binary file internals analysis. It represents binary file structure as a tree. Viewer highlighted selected tree item in the hex viewer panel. A byte selected in a hex viewer can be looked up in the tree. Viewer has rich search and navigation functionality, .... Free download of Miraplacid Data Viewer 3.1

Miraplacid Binary and Text DOM SDK 3.1 Miraplacid    

Miraplacid Binary and Text DOM SDK represents two complementary technologies - BinaryDOM and TextDOM. This is redistributable software library component (dll) which works on .Net platform accompanied with documentation, data files and examples. Miraplacid Binary Document Object Model (Binary DOM) provides easy access to binary files in known formats. It can .... Free download of Miraplacid Binary and Text DOM SDK 3.1

Content Grabber Enterprise 2.71.1 Sequentum    

... rotation across sessions. - Rate limits. - Sophisticated parser handling, multi-threading and session management. - Rich API that exposes the myriad points of integration teams need. - Diverse export targets (i.e. Parquet, JSON). - Diverse delivery methods (Amazon AWS S3, Azure, Cosmos DB, SFTP). - Most databases are supported (i.e. .... Free download of Content Grabber Enterprise 2.71.1

Html Agility Pack 1.11.16 Darth Obiwan    

This is an agile HTML parser that builds a read/write DOM and supports plain ... parse "out of the web" HTML files. The parser is very tolerant with "real world" malformed HTML. The object model is very similar to what proposes System.Xml, but for HTML documents (or streams). Html .... Free download of Html Agility Pack 1.11.16

Advanced TCP IP Data Logger 4.4.4 B424 AGG Software    

... dataflow the way you want with a built-in parser and channel it to any application, DOS- or Windows-based. If you have several terminal servers working simultaneously, do not worry - Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger can handle multiple ports at once and record the data to a hard disk or any .... Free download of Advanced TCP IP Data Logger 4.4.4 B424

Events generator 4.0.42 B124 AGG Software    

... execute files if the data packet or any parser item contain a user defined signature. This module allows to filter your data in most simple way too. Get the Events generator plugin for Accurate Printer Monitor and take it for a test run to see what it can do .... Free download of Events generator 4.0.42 B124

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Open Fortran Parser 0.8.3 Sourceforge    

Open Fortran Parser (OFP) is a Java based tool designed to offer a ANTLR-based parser that support the Fortran 2003 standard. The application aims to provide compiler front-end level tools for performing operations on Fortran 2003 programs, such as source-to-source transformations and code analysis. The .... Free download of Open Fortran Parser 0.8.3

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LogMX 7.12.0 LightySoft    

... through application options (LogMX is delivered with common parser-plugins for user convenience, such as Log4j, Java Logging, and LogFactor5 formats). As a professional tool, LogMX provides many other useful features such as: Search, Filter, Export, File monitoring, Delta-T computation, File deletion or flush, ... .... Free download of LogMX 7.12.0

MailBee.NET IMAP 11.2 AfterLogic Corporation    

... MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) attachments; - accurate and flexible MIME parser; - powerful HTML parser; - view and preprocess HTML mails with embedded pictures; - HTML-to-PlainText conversion and vice versa; - secure and user-defined authentication (including NTLM and GSSAPI); .... Free download of MailBee.NET IMAP 11.2

MiTeC XML Viewer 6.0.0 Mitec    

... interpretation Web and Content preview Very fast SAX parser Large files up to available memory Simple XML Editor with xml validation .... Free download of MiTeC XML Viewer 6.0.0

Local sharing plugin 4.0.51 B404 AGG Software    

... During module usage You can watch values of parsers exported variables in module parameters setting window, that can be convenient at Advanced Serial Data Logger setting; 4. All connection settings are saved at Advanced Serial Data Logger closing and are restored automatically at the next program run. Thanks to .... Free download of Local sharing plugin 4.0.51 B404

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Suricata 5.0.2 Open Information Security Foundation    

... The HTP Library is an HTTP normalizer and parser written by Ivan Ristic of Mod Security fame for the OISF. This integrates and provides very advanced processing of HTTP streams for Suricata. The HTP library is required by the engine, but may also be used independently in a range of .... Free download of Suricata 5.0.2

Script Execute 4.0.49 B606 AGG Software    

... languages. Within scripts you can change values of parser variables or/and add new variables to the export. The plug-in allows you to filter data packets and send data to a port. * Multi-language architecture allows you to use a number of languages (at present moment PascalScript, C++Script, BasicScript, JScript). .... Free download of Script Execute 4.0.49 B606

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GTK+ for Mac OS X 3.24.14 The GTK+ Team    

... and charset handling * Lexical scanner and XML parser * Base64 (encoding & decoding) .... Free download of GTK+ for Mac OS X 3.24.14

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JSON Viewer 1.5.0 Mitec    

View and edit multiple JSON files at the same time. Hierarchical and text preview Text searching Base64 encoding/decoding Simple JSON Editor with JSON validation .... Free download of JSON Viewer 1.5.0

PDF to Table Extractor 2.1 verypdf.com Inc.    

VeryPDF PDF to Table Extractor is designed to extract PDF table data to Microsoft Office Excel and CSV files. It supports Excel (.xls) and comma-separated value (.csv) files. Users can manually divide the table columns and then save the data to an Excel or CSV file. With this application, you need .... Free download of PDF to Table Extractor 2.1

Urin 3.9 Mark Slater    

Urin is a URI generator and parser for Java. It is written to make the dynamic generation of URIs easier than it is with Java's built-in URI and URL classes, and to provide support for the current URI standard, RFC 3986. It is open source, and free for you to .... Free download of Urin 3.9

DDE server plugin 4.0.43 B827 AGG Software    

... Data Logger picked out from byte flow by parser to other programs on DDE technology. The data ... to reading data on every variable received from parser. Using this data export module, you can use ... During module usage you can watch values of parsers exported variables in module parameters setting window, that .... Free download of DDE server plugin 4.0.43 B827

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PHP 7.4.5 PHP Development Team    

... three things to make this work. The PHP parser (CGI or server module), a web server and ... server or browser. You only need the PHP parser to use it this way. This type of usage is ideal for scripts regularly executed using cron (on *nix or Linux) or Task Scheduler .... Free download of PHP 7.4.5

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Internet sharing plugin 4.0.46 B1014 AGG Software    

... software and selected from the stream by the parser send through the Internet via the SMTP, FTP, SFTP and HTTP (HTTPS) protocols. Using this plugin, you can send the data received from the COM port on e-mail, to the FTP server or any other resource in the Internet in secure .... Free download of Internet sharing plugin 4.0.46 B1014

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MODBUS RTU plugin 4.0.64 B1203 AGG Software    

... work in two modes:: Data query and parser - the plugin sends MODBUS requests and process ... the program operates in the Master mode; Data parser only - in this mode the plugin waits for responses only. For example, it can work in parallel with other MODBUS master or in .... Free download of MODBUS RTU plugin 4.0.64 B1203

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