BusinessSkinForm 12.02 Almediadev    

... support for controls (label, buttons, speedbuttons, gauge, trackbar, panel, checkbox, radiobox, tab and page controls, grids controls, listbox, checklistbox, memo, edit, spinedit, dateedit, currency edit, combobox, treeview, listview, shell controls and others) -full skin support for all standard DB controls + additional DB controls (navigator, grid, ctrlgrid, edit, memo, combobox, .... Free download of BusinessSkinForm 12.02

InstrumentLab VCL 7.7 Mitov Software    

... Display. - Matrix Display. - Rectangular, or elliptic panel covered with glass. Other features: - OpenWire Enabled. - Composite components - The components can also plug into each other, so an analog gauge can contain Thermometer, Clock, Segment display, or any other InstrumentLab or PlotLab control. - Matrix component rendering .... Free download of InstrumentLab VCL 7.7


... full PNG alpha transparency support * HTML formatted panel content with optional hyperlinks, HTML specified images, ... * TMS TAdvFormStyler compatible for instant switch between Office 2003 / Office 2007 / Office 2010 / Office 2013 / Office 2016 styles * PictureContainer for sharing / reusing BMP,JPEG,GIF,PNG images * This .... Free download of TAdvSmoothPanel

TAdvPanel & TAdvPanelGroup    

... or INI file * Bitmapped captions * TAdvPanelGroup panel container * Smooth collaps and expand * TAdvPanelStyler for easy design time customization of TAdvPanel look * This product is also available in TMS Component Pack. .... Free download of TAdvPanel & TAdvPanelGroup


... - Flexible structure for hosting controls inside the panels - Capability to define logical sections in panels - Automatic XP color theme adaption (optional) - Capability to collapse/expand control This product is also available in TMS Component Pack. .... Free download of TAdvNavBar

TMS Smooth Controls Pack-Delphi,C++2009    

... & smoothly animated controls including calendar, listbox, imagelist, panel, buttons, pagecontrol, LEDs, spinner, jogwheel,gauge,step control, ... This product is also available in TMS Component Pack (homepage .... Free download of TMS Smooth Controls Pack-Delphi,C++2009

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