CyberCafePro Client 6.3.17 Celco Software Ltd.     new

... Multi-Lanaguage Capability Easy Setup Wizard Client Application Launch Pad 24/7 Online Reporting Auto-Updater (MCS & Clients) Auto-Connect ... Event Logs Data Exports (4 formats: xls, csv, xml, pdf) Automated Database Backups Computer Reservations System Cash ... Security Clear URL History at End-Session Disable New Files.., File Open.., Save As.. Custom Client Side Help .... Free download of CyberCafePro Client 6.3.17

Mini PAD Submitter 26.1 Canadian Mind Products    

Submitter will submit your PAD *.xml program descriptor file to 69 PADsites. Unlike other submission programs, this ... of any kind to automated submission. Compose your PAD *.xml file using a program like PADGen, then upload it ... you upload pads and the name of the pad itself e.g. hypotheticalprogram.xml, then hit SUBMIT. It also .... Free download of Mini PAD Submitter 26.1

Tekware XML Pad File Creator 3.5 Tekware    

Easy to use interface for creating XML pad files for upload to your favorite software distribution web site.To use just enter all your pad data into each field.Comes with a pleasant display. Replaces the old pad file standard with the new program information file standard. Using this program saves developer and shareware .... Free download of Tekware XML Pad File Creator 3.5

Advanced Bulk PAD Submitter 1.8 Advanced Reliable Software    

Advanced Bulk PAD Submitter is a utility that automates HTTP submission of PAD files. It requires that users publish their PAD XML files to a location accessible via HTTP protocol, then import corresponding PAD URLs with the help of a single .txt input file. Advanced Bulk PAD Submitter comes with two configuration .... Free download of Advanced Bulk PAD Submitter 1.8

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Amper 2.0 Canadian Mind Products    

In the following, pretend ! is an ampersand. PAD files don't let me give literal examples. Amper converts ! to !amp; in HTML files and back, but does not convert it when ... the most troublesome character. To convert a single file, type: java.exe -jar C:commindprodamperamper.jar myfile.html The results replace the old file, so you had better make a backup just .... Free download of Amper 2.0

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