SoftOrbits Ovulation Calendar 5.2.79 SoftOrbits    

An ovulation calendar provides woman with a perfect possibility to ... calendar, with your non fertile days and you ovulation days highlighted. The program is very easy to ... accurate information that you would expect from an ovulation calendar provided by a gynecologist or a doctor. So, whether you are tired of .... Free download of SoftOrbits Ovulation Calendar 5.2.79

JX Ovulation Calendar 2.4.279 JX Software Laboratory    

JX Ovulation Calendar is an easy and user-friendly ovulation calculator for women. The program calculates your fertile ... way or protect yourself from unwanted nuances. JX Ovulation Calendar is a program that generates your personal fertility calendar! .... Free download of JX Ovulation Calendar 2.4.279

ACIO Ovulation Calendar SoftOrbits    

ACIO Ovulation Calender is an easy-to-use personaland accurate menstrual calender of menstrual firtility,cycles, ovulations. It helps you to achieve or avoid or achieve conception, or even enhance gender prediction. ACIO Ovulation Calendar helps you use a natural contraception method. It shows you days when you are fertile, ovulation days and predicts your baby's gender. The results .... Free download of ACIO Ovulation Calendar

OvCalendar Ovulation Calendar Calculator 2016.1 SeaApple Software    

Ovulation, Health and Nutrition Calendar for women.The program includes ... huge USDA food database. It calculates your personal ovulation calendar to help you achieve pregnancy. The program charts your ovulation cycle on a monthly calendar and an easy ... you can achieve or avoid pregnancy. Every woman's ovulation cycle has many days with low probability of .... Free download of OvCalendar Ovulation Calendar Calculator 2016.1

Woman Calendar Cool Apps, Ltd.    

... diaries include important information about dates of period, ovulation and fertility. This way it helps you organize ... of your devices Themes available Future period dates, ovulation and fertile days calculation Track 26 moods and 25 symptoms plus the ability to add custom symptoms Enter notes, track temperature and weight Easy .... Free download of Woman Calendar

Ovulation Calendar 5.0 Dynadel    

The Ovulation Calendar helps you calculate your fertile days of ... to conceive a boy or a girl, your ovulation day or when you should abstain from intercourse to avoid pregnancy. .... Free download of Ovulation Calendar 5.0

Butterfly 2.0 Wolf van Heeswijk    

... and returns an overview of oncoming menstruations and ovulations with infertile and fertile periods in both a calendarview and listview. The program always opens with the prognosis of the present day. The butterfly depicted on the main window flutters on fertile days. Furthermore, the background color of the program window .... Free download of Butterfly 2.0

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