Skipper Inventic s.r.o.     update

... to create and edit visual definitions in the ORM framework of your choosing, in order to automate the project definition importing process. The application allows you to choose from a multitude of frameworks, including Doctrine, Doctrine2, Propel or CakePHP. Import your current, older or unknown project and get a complex .... Free download of Skipper

Skipper for Linux Inventic s.r.o.     update

... create multiple projects, based on several types of ORM frameworks, including CakePhp, Doctrine ORM, Doctrine2 ORM and Propel ORM. Change your model and repeat the export .... Free download of Skipper for Linux

dbHelperCreator 1.0 dbHelperCreator    

... a database to store data. There are many ORM solution available for automatic code generation or data ... applications development. But the code generated by dbHelper creator is simple, easy understandable and debuggable. Automatic code generation will eliminate all the typing errors and decrease the production time. Also it will give .... Free download of dbHelperCreator 1.0

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