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Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29 iTextSharp Alternative     update

iTextSharp offers AGLP licensing for open source or commercial licenses. Enables engineers to Create, Edit ... iTextSharp in C#. iText is a Java first library. The .Net version is perceived by engineers to have a Java flavor .... Free download of Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29

Dew Lab Studio for Delphi 2020_November Dew Research     update

Dew Lab Studio includes MtxVec math library and additional signal analysis (DSP Master) and statistical ... packages. Features include: - fast object oriented numerical/matrix library - Intel AVX 1/2, AVX-512, SSE4, Open CL and 64bit support enabled. - optional full source build path for cross-platform support. - super conductive ... and logarithm of matrix - optimized integer math library. - generalized Eig and SVD values - sparse .... Free download of Dew Lab Studio for Delphi 2020_November

NetCrunch Suite 11.0.6 AdRem Software, Inc.    

... can easily add new MIBs to the program library. Open Monitor gives you easy way to connect data from any source, be it an application or a device. It .... Free download of NetCrunch Suite 11.0.6

Vue Injector 3.3.1 Scand Ltd.    

Vue Injector is an open-source dependency injection library for Vue.js created by a team of front-end developers at SCAND. It includes a number of instances that can be used for the implementation of the dependency injection pattern. .... Free download of Vue Injector 3.3.1

ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29 IronPDF ASPX to PDF Team    

... The ASPX to PDF C# & VB .Net Library may be installed here: homepage or homepage The ... PDF print file format. ASPX to PDF Converter Library supports: - Installation for .Net C# VB from ... or WPF Applications. Iron PDF differs from .Net open source projects such as PDFsharp and iTextSharp to .... Free download of ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29

Flowrigami 1.0.1 Scand Ltd.    

Flowrigami is a free and open-source workflow editor, designed to visualize diverse workflows and ... Mode has: Left area with nodes and connectors library, allowing users to add new elements by dragging them from the library to central working area. This library can be customized by the user. The library contains different sets of objects defined for various .... Free download of Flowrigami 1.0.1

The .Net PDF Library 2020.12.3 Iron .NET PDF Developers    

... and Windows Forms. Iron PDF is a commercial library. It is not open-source in itself; however, source code for all of our tutorials and many .... Free download of The .Net PDF Library 2020.12.3

The C# OCR Library 2020.11 Iron OCR Development Team    

The C# OCR Library by the 'Iron OCR software Development Team' is ... computer applications and indexed by database. C# OCR Library(or IronOcr for short) is aimed at C# and ... text functionality to their applications. The C# OCR Library features include: 1 - 'Image to Text' -rendering ... development contracts as well as OEM software developers.Open source examples with source code can also be found .... Free download of The C# OCR Library 2020.11

Rainmeter 4.3.1 B3321 Rainy    

... With Rainmeter, there are no secrets. Our bundled library of open-source skins covers a wide range of functions, but if you want your desktop to do something new, you don't have to wait for us. .... Free download of Rainmeter 4.3.1 B3321

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PyQt5 5.13.2 Riverbank Computing Limited    

... sockets, threads, Unicode, regular expressions, SQL databases, SVG, OpenGL, XML, a fully functional web browser, a help ... module that encapsulates an existing C or C++ library. Used in this way, Python can then become the glue to create new applications from established libraries. PyQt combines all the advantages of .... Free download of PyQt5 5.13.2

BiblioteQ 2020.01.01 Alexis Megas    

BiblioteQ strives to be a complete and thorough library management suite. The application is supported on numerous ... select the preferred SRU (CUNY Union Catalog or Library of Congress) and Z39.50 (Columbia University or Library of Congress) site, as well as adjust the ... categories, BiblioteQ provides a mechanism for querying the Library of Congress, or any other Z39.50-capable system, via .... Free download of BiblioteQ 2020.01.01

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Html Agility Pack 1.11.16 Darth Obiwan    

... it, don't worry...). It is a .NET code library that allows you to parse "out of the web" HTML files. The parser is very tolerant with "real world" malformed HTML. The object model is very similar to what proposes System.Xml, but for HTML documents (or streams). Html Agility .... Free download of Html Agility Pack 1.11.16

Audacity Portable 2.3.3 Portableapps    

... · Record from microphone, line input, or other sources. · Dub over existing tracks to create multi-track ... · Export MP3s with the optional LAME encoder library. · Create WAV or AIFF files suitable for ... export all file formats supported by libsndfile. · Open raw (headerless) audio files using the "Import Raw" .... Free download of Audacity Portable 2.3.3

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Allegro Shawn Hargreaves    

... 5 is the latest major revision of the library, designed to take advantage of modern hardware (e.g. hardware acceleration using 3D cards) and operating systems. Although it is not backwards compatible with earlier versions, it still occupies the same niche and retains a familiar style. Allegro supports the following .... Free download of Allegro

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Audacious 4.0.3 Audacious    

Audacious is an open source audio player. A descendant of XMMS, Audacious plays ... for artists and albums in your entire music library, or create and edit your own custom playlists. ... support for multiple tabs. This way, you can open different playlists in multiple tabs, switch between them, ... delete them. It is able to remember all opened tabs in case you exit the app. Playlists .... Free download of Audacious 4.0.3

Kactus2 3.8.0 Tampere university of technology    

... innovations. We hope Kactus2 would be the well-known open reference for benchmarking other metadata-based tools. FEATURES: ... Create "electronic datasheets" of your existing IPs for library as templates and blocks ready for integration · Import, export and integrity check IP libraries from any standard compatible IP vendor · Create HW .... Free download of Kactus2 3.8.0

Quod Libet 4.3.0 Quod Libet Team    

... player written in Python, using the Mutagen tagging library. It’s designed around the idea that you know how to organize your music better than we do. It lets you make playlists based on regular expressions (don’t worry, regular searches work too). It lets you display and edit any tags you .... Free download of Quod Libet 4.3.0

FreeBasic for Windows (x64 bit) 1.07.1 The FreeBASIC development team    

... Choose all three. FreeBASIC is a free/open source (GPL), 64-bit BASIC compiler for Microsoft Windows. ... use of C libraries and has partial C++ library support. This lets programmers use and create libraries ... and supporting runtime libraries, including a software-based graphics library. The compiler, fbc, currently supports building for i386-based .... Free download of FreeBasic for Windows (x64 bit) 1.07.1

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SearchBlox for Linux 9.1.0 SearchBlox Software, Inc.    

... is built on Apache Lucene – the leading open source search library. Search indexes built using SearchBlox adhere to open standards and offer greater flexibility compared to closed .... Free download of SearchBlox for Linux 9.1.0

QxOrm 1.4.7 QxOrm    

QxOrm is a C++ library designed to provide Object Relational Mapping (ORM) feature ... QxService : based on QtNetwork engine of Qt library, this module provides an easy and powerful way ... server). QxService uses serialization and introspection from QxOrm library to transfer over network any class or structure. ... : this module is based on the excellent library boost::serialization. Any class defined by QxOrm can be .... Free download of QxOrm 1.4.7

msmtp 1.8.7 Martin Lambers    

... enhance its feature set: GnuTLS The GnuTLS library provides TLS support. It is highly recommended. OpenSSL can be used as an alternative to GnuTLS, ... is discouraged. GNU SASL Using the GNU SASL library adds support for some exotic authentication methods. You .... Free download of msmtp 1.8.7

Media Player Classic - HomeCinema - 64 bit 1.9.2 Mpc-hc    

... some "tricks" may not work because Microsoft Detour library is not available free for the 64 bits ... (hardware acceleration) * Support for DVB subtitles * Open files to Recent Documents * AUTO HDMI MODE 1080p/24 support for fullscreen mode * Ticket #46, add number to AudioDevice list * Sync Renderer .... Free download of Media Player Classic - HomeCinema - 64 bit 1.9.2

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BiblioteQ for Mac OS X 2020.01.01 Alexis Megas    

BiblioteQ strives to be a complete and thorough library management suite. The application is supported on numerous ... for OS X and Windows. BiblioteQ is an open-source Windows application whose purpose is to help you ... categories, BiblioteQ provides a mechanism for querying the Library of Congress, or any other Z39.50-capable system, via .... Free download of BiblioteQ for Mac OS X 2020.01.01

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Web Geostatistics 1.0.0 Casian Andrei    

Web Geostatistics is a free, open-source desktop application that displays website or application usage ... application's initialization and links a the web geostatistics library. After this, the web geostatistics desktop application is installed and opened. After a trivial configuration, the developer is able to view .... Free download of Web Geostatistics 1.0.0

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GeoTools 23 GeoTools    

GeoTools is a library based on the specifications of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) that provides standard methods for ... and several desktop programs. GeoTools is a flexible library of geospatial tools that can be extended through ... applications and other tools. GeoTools is an open source (LGPL) Java code library which provides standards .... Free download of GeoTools 23

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