File Association Fixer 2.0 The Windows Club    

If you find that you cannot open a particular file type, then our File Association Fixer v2 for Windows 10/8/7 will be ... easily help you fix, repair and restore the broken file associations. Broken file associations, are typically caused due to a corrupted ... this corruption, your Windows OS is unable to open some files or a particular file type. .... Free download of File Association Fixer 2.0

PPTX Viewer Tool 2.5.1 Viewer Tool, Inc.    

PPTX files of Microsoft Outlook contain presentations composed of texts, ... sounds and embedded objects of all sorts. These files can get quite big, increasing the risk of ... own actions. Even a slightly and partially damaged PPTX file won't open in PowerPoint, and with no standard means of file viewing and recovery, it may become a problem, .... Free download of PPTX Viewer Tool 2.5.1

S2 Recovery Tools for MS PowerPoint 1.0.1 S2 Services    

... two text, slide and format recovering methods for PPTX files which repair all the salvageable underlying XML subfiles ... is a web service provided by Recoveronix', Online File Repair. With the provided coupon code, until Nov. .... Free download of S2 Recovery Tools for MS PowerPoint 1.0.1

Corrupt Office 2007 Extractor 3.2.3 S2 Services    

... from corrupt MS Office 2007 and 2010 format files. In addition to displaying extracted text or data from corrupt docx, xlsx and pptx files, it features the ability to test and repair the zip structure of the Office files. Docx, xlsx and pptx files are in reality conventionally zipped collections of .... Free download of Corrupt Office 2007 Extractor 3.2.3

Savvy Repair for Microsoft Office 1.0 S2 Services    

... corrupt of Word DOCX, Excel XLSX and PowerPoint PPTX files. DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files are collections of mostly XML sub-files. All four ... by finding the first XML error, truncating the file there and then using xmllint to add the ... tags to the end of the now shorter file. The first method is done with strict xml .... Free download of Savvy Repair for Microsoft Office 1.0

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