Tunngle 5.8.9 Tunngle.net GmbH    

... to peer VPN solution that delivers the best online entertainment experience. What is so special about Tunngle? Tunngle connects: Skip the troubleshooting work and focus on the entertainment. Tunngle virtual networks are the ideal place to play PC games with your friends over the internet, while enjoying all the commodities .... Free download of Tunngle 5.8.9

Dofus 2.39 Ankama Games    

Step into the World of Twelve and explore its vast, lush landscapes, its gloomy moors and its many treasures. Its cities are bustling centres of commercial (and criminal) activity... The wildlife is magnificent, the water is pure, the air is fresh and sharp, and the earth is the most fertile .... Free download of Dofus 2.39

iPool 2.2.55 Memir Games Ltd    

Play Online Pool with others from all over the world. ... great way to meet and chat with other Online Pool Gamers from around the world. Due to the accurate physics and modelling, this online pool game will even improve your real game ... family friendly environment, unlike a lot of other online services. Game types include; 8-Ball, 9-Ball, English Pool, .... Free download of iPool 2.2.55

Super8Pool 1.0 Cupcake Berry    

The first free game ever that allows you to win real money. Play the game and collect Berries by winning. Exchange your Berries for real money. Play against opponents around the world or compete with your friends in private rooms. In the beginning of the the game 16 balls are on .... Free download of Super8Pool 1.0

Steel Story 1.1 MyPlayCity, Inc    

Once upon a time an awful thing happened in the land of robots. The main processor got mad and started throwing the drops of water on the inhabitants which resulting in rust and breakdown of vital robots' elements. This is how Steel Story begins. However, clever machines decided to hide behind .... Free download of Steel Story 1.1

Click Battle Madness HTML5 1.1 PLAYTOMAX LTD    

'Click Battle Madness' game is about attacking vikings and defending wizzards. Alarm! Vikings sail up and attack our land. Your mission is to defend the land and shoot at the vikings that sail up constantly. Group two or more vikings to shoot at vicious enemies. Collect some gold to buy more .... Free download of Click Battle Madness HTML5 1.1

Asian Riddles HTML5 1.2 PLAYTOMAX LTD    

'Asian Riddles' game is for oriental atmosphere lovers, and for those who is not yet acquainted with Asian riddles and puzzles. The gameplay is that images are encrypted with numbers located to the left of the lines and on above the columns. The numbers of lines show how many groups are .... Free download of Asian Riddles HTML5 1.2

Farm Frenzy HTML5 1.1 PLAYTOMAX LTD    

Play legendary game about farming of time-management genre! Prove or acquire new skills while managing a farm in a fury! Your mission is to develop and maintain a farm. One should grow a grass to feed animals, grow plants and follow game instructions and produce more goods! Buy animals, build plants, .... Free download of Farm Frenzy HTML5 1.1

Gem Legends HTML5 1.1 PLAYTOMAX LTD    

Legendary 'Gem Legends' game is now html5 and available on your mobile device. This match3 mobile game challenges you to collect more precious stones and gems with specific asian flavour. The gameplay is easy and pleasing to play - just tap on groups of two or more precious asian tiles, remove .... Free download of Gem Legends HTML5 1.1

Jetpack Escape 1.0 PLAYTOMAX LTD    

Jetpack Escape is a marvelous jumper html5 game with a brave hero on a mission. Have you ever wondered how to escape quickly from a laboratory with aliens? He carries out a mission to escape from an underground laboratory with moving blocks on his way up. Our hero is equipped with .... Free download of Jetpack Escape 1.0

Zombie Games 1.0 zZombies    

... is a desktop application with collection of top online games with walking dead where you will be ... top 10 zombie games for free when you online. Simply install program and select which game you want to play now - shooter, action or puzzle. In few seconds game will be loaded .... Free download of Zombie Games 1.0

Darwinism 2.1 PLAYTOMAX LTD    

... is easy to be a God? In this online game you will have an opportunity to find out the answer! Darwinism is a game with a match3 puzzle mechanics gameplay. The idea of the game is to create evolution link starting from the single-celled creatures (like amoeba) and ending with .... Free download of Darwinism 2.1

Solitaire Games 2.2 TreeCardGames.com    

Play a beautiful collection of your favorite solitaire games: Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Scorpion, Pyramid and many others! Solitaire Games' Features: - 100% Free - No download or registration required - All your favorite solitaire games are here: Klondike (turn one, turn three), FreeCell, Spider (1 suit, 2 and 4 suits), Scorpion, .... Free download of Solitaire Games 2.2

Flappy Bird Online 7.0.2 Flappy Bird Inc    

... really funny and enjoyable for you. Flappy Bird Online is freeware which can be use to generate this popular application for their loving users. You can play this application with your PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and Anroid running devices. This application update will automatically added when you connect .... Free download of Flappy Bird Online 7.0.2

Pirate Storm for Pokki 1.0.0 Pokki    

... Storm for Pokki is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) app for your Windows PC. Arr, it's go time, matey - play now and experience the finest of thrilling pirate adventures for free and right from your desktop. Full speed ahead! Massive waves are rising as the wind .... Free download of Pirate Storm for Pokki 1.0.0

BrickShooter Online 1.5.3 TERMINAL Studio    

BrickShooter.online is the online version of BrickShooter you can play right in your browser. BrickShooter supports all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Since it's cross-platform you can enjoy BrickShooter in Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or any other operating system. Also, you can play BrickShooter.online on .... Free download of BrickShooter Online 1.5.3

Starport Galactic Empires 1.32 Playtechtonics    

The highly-acclaimed, independently developed MMORPG, Starport, is now available and still 100% free to play. Be the captain of a space-ship in this fully graphical, real-time action game, set in a multi-player world. Fly a spaceship among star systems on a scrolling 2D plane system with realistic physics reminiscent of Star .... Free download of Starport Galactic Empires 1.32

Bowling Evolution 2.1 Sadetta Oy    

... is a realistic bowling game for PC with online high scores. Compete against other Bowling Evolution players by sending your results to online world high scores. The game has 3D-graphics and ... Game Features * Tenpin bowling * Online World Highscores * Realistic physics - pins bounce ... * In-Game Bowling Ball Editor (optional feature) * Online Game with chat (optional feature) * Online Championships .... Free download of Bowling Evolution 2.1

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Flash Pool 1.5.40 Memir Games Ltd    

Challenge your friends to 8-Ball & 9-Ball on facebook. Include Lobby Chat system. Realistic Physics and fun gameplay. Lots of stats, with the ability to purchase items (i.e. cues). 25 Game Levels, that allow you to access new features. .... Free download of Flash Pool 1.5.40

Tams11 Domino Toe Tamera A Shaw-McGuire    

Domino Toe is similar to Chicken Foot. Play starts with a double (the spinner,) then you build off of that double. When another double bone is placed, the bones are cleared and the new double becomes the spinner. Play ends when someone is out of bones or when no one can .... Free download of Tams11 Domino Toe

PowerPKStat Poker Statistics 2.1.2 Powerwolf Software Solutions    

This software allows you to import the results of tournaments and other operations in Texas Hold'em programs and view monthly / yearly statistics, counters, bank roll, ROI and other informations. - Allows management of multiple players; - Automatic and free software updates; - Free download; - Life-time licenses with no renewal .... Free download of PowerPKStat Poker Statistics 2.1.2

EVE Online Bot - EVE Pilot 3.1.1 Macro Laboratory    

... hauling macro for use with the MMORPG EVE Online! EVE Pilot is an in-game OCR bot, it ... simple text form to perform actions in eve online. More then 50 functions can be combined in ... is safe, efficient and reliable bot. 13) EVE Online Trade bot addon .... Free download of EVE Online Bot - EVE Pilot 3.1.1

Tams11 Lobby Tamera A Shaw-McGuire    

... The Tams11 Lobby has a variety of multiplayer online games including dice games like Farkle, Dingo, and Tagadice, card games like Hand and Foot, Cribbage, and Spades, and word games such as Wordline, Quacky, and Mumbo Jumbo. You can also choose to play Parchisi, Dominioes or a variety of other .... Free download of Tams11 Lobby

Tams11 DrawNet Tamera A Shaw-McGuire    

Test your skills in this drawing charades game. Both the drawer and the player who guesses correctly gets points. Choose to draw Movies, Music, Food and Drink, Phrases, Actions, or just general words. You can even take snapshots of your favorite pictures. You don't need to be a famous artist to .... Free download of Tams11 DrawNet

Tams11 Tratzee Tamera A Shaw-McGuire    

Play this awesome online dice game where you try and complete the ... Tams11 Lobby from www.tams11.com in order to play online against others. .... Free download of Tams11 Tratzee

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