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SSuite Recipe Organiser SSuite Office Software    

This is a small and easy to use kitchen recipe organiser and database for anyone wanting to start as an aspiring chef. Also includes data meta-tags for easier searching and indexing of recipes from the main window. Cookbooks are kind of old-fashioned and have a number of disadvantages. For example they .... Free download of SSuite Recipe Organiser

LC Calories 1.0 LC Dieta    

... grams inserted. LC Calorie does not replace the nutritionist or dietician, the advice on nutrition must be performed by people titled to do so taking into account first of all the health protection. But being able to evaluate the .... Free download of LC Calories 1.0

Food Exchange Diet Planner 1.3 100dof    

Food Exchange Diet Planner is a tool to be used by food professionals and knowledgeable individuals to create and test diet plans based on the food exchange scheme. To create a dietary plan using the "food exchange diet planner" (this program), one needs to follow three steps: (a) Define the average .... Free download of Food Exchange Diet Planner 1.3

Natural Healing Introduction 2.7 Zentrum Publishing    

... Remedies, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Hypnosis, Massage, Magnetic Fields, Meditation, Nutrition, Sound Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Tissue Salts, Visualization, and Yoga. The opening page gives a quick overview of the available articles which can be opened by clicking on the corresponding button. 'Natural Healing Introduction' adds samples - like the Herbal First Aid .... Free download of Natural Healing Introduction 2.7

BySoft Free BMI Calculator BySoft    

Easily calculate your body mass index. Just enter your weight, height and sex and BMI Calculator will indicate if your are underweight, normal, overweight or obese, and what is your ideal weight. It will put you on dynamic chart. Freeware! - Supports English (lbs, feet, inches) and metric (kg, cm) system .... Free download of BySoft Free BMI Calculator

NUT 18.9 Jim Jozwiak    

An open-source free nutrition software, NUT, which records what you eat and ... food composition database from the USDA. This free nutritional analysis software was written for Unix systems (I ... · Reveals which foods contribute most to user's nutrition · Runs on Linux and just about everything else that can compile .... Free download of NUT 18.9

Allrecipes Allrecipes.com    

... day Over 40,000 recipes Recipe details including photos, nutrition information, rating and reviews Find by ingredients, dish type, and dietary preference Save and share recipes easily .... Free download of Allrecipes

Animated FlashBook Templates for Strawberry Style 1.0 FlashBookMaker.com    

... strawberries because of its unique texture and abundant nutrition. Download these themes free in a few minutes. They will bring great value to you. You can save your time besides money. It is really economic and time-saving. Such backgrounds can help to make your works outstanding as they are all .... Free download of Animated FlashBook Templates for Strawberry Style 1.0

Fruit Nutrients Comparer 1.0 Persimón    

This tool allows you to check nutrition facts and make reports for hundreds of fruits, ... one plus a comparative report are built. Each nutrition report is split into sections for each type of nutrient: carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins… and each fruit report contains the data for 30 different nutrients. Reports are .... Free download of Fruit Nutrients Comparer 1.0

HGH Supplements Tracker 1.02.01 Consumer Products Review    

Track the effectiveness of taking HGH supplements across 16 metrics with sortable grids and charting. Easy to use interface to enter and manage data. Ability to save data to different notebooks to keep different hgh supplement products or trials separate. Data is saved in simple text XML files to be imported .... Free download of HGH Supplements Tracker 1.02.01

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