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Cross+A 8.60 Sergey Kutasov    

... copy them to the clipboard. Program has a nonogram editor for the puzzle creating. Cross+A contains the list of English proverbs and sayings (the lists of French, German, Italian and Spanish proverbs are available for downloading). .... Free download of Cross+A 8.60

software award   

Nonogram 1.2 Puzzly Game    

Nonogram is a picture logic game. Reveal a hidden picture. .... Free download of Nonogram 1.2

World of CryptoPics 2.01 Simplism Games    

CryptoPics (also known as Nonograms or Griddlers) are logic puzzles originating in Japan, in which the aim is to reveal a hidden picture by looking at the number clues. With this fully-featured software you can play pre-made picture puzzles, randomly generated puzzles and puzzles created from image files. It includes .... Free download of World of CryptoPics 2.01

Nonosweeper 2.1 Simplism Games    

... Minesweeper and the hidden-pictures logic puzzles known as Nonograms or Griddlers. Unlike Minesweeper, all the clues are ... An exciting new challenge for Minesweeper fans and Nonogram fans alike. .... Free download of Nonosweeper 2.1

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