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Digimizer 5.4.3 MedCalc Software    

... image analysis software package that allows precise manual measurements as well as automatic object detection with measurements of object characteristics. Pictures may be X-rays, micrographs, ... Minimum Filter, Midpoint Filter, Yp Mean Filter Manual measurements Digimizer allows to: define unit of ... find center and calculate characteristics of circular objects measurements on perpendicular lines measure circles and rectangles measure .... Free download of Digimizer 5.4.3

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Visual Analyser 2014.02 Sillanum Soft    

... generator with "custom functions", triangular, square, sinus, white noise and pulse generation (NO ALIASING); Frequency meter ... Cepstrum analysis; Cross Correlation; Extended THD measurements, with automatic sweep and compensation. ZRLC-meter with Vector scope, automatic sweep in time and frequency for automatic measurement. .... Free download of Visual Analyser 2014.02

RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.4.5 RightMark Gathering    

... important parameter in HTML report: Harmonic distortions + noise, dB (A); added new MONO mode; added polarity test (HTML report); added new spectrum plot modes (linear/log/mel); added support of local languages on spectrum label; fixed some critical errors. .... Free download of RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.4.5

Chromatia tuner 4.0 FMJ-Software    

... - 'Report' dialog for creating a table of measurements (useful for instrument makers). - Optional calibration of ambient noise level, microphone type and line-noise filtering. - Optional MIDI I/O: Select note using a MIDI keyboard or transmit detected notes. - Optional MIDI I/O: .... Free download of Chromatia tuner 4.0

Quick MTF 2.03 softprism    

... the distance from the image center * Color noise. Quick MTF combines an intuitive user interface and ... Quick MTF to view and analyze your old measurements. .... Free download of Quick MTF 2.03

Audiometer 1.4 Zubek Electronics    

... on the basis of healthy and young people measurements. Demo version limitations: - no saving - limiting the scope of testing frequency (450-2100Hz) - step of calibration limited to 10dB .... Free download of Audiometer 1.4

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