Krisp 0.7.6 2hz     new

Krisp is a Mac app that removes background noise in real time during calls via Skype, Zoom, ... VoIP services. It eliminates such sounds as the noise of the street, cafe or airport, children's crying, and many others. You can block noise on both sides of the call. This means that you can SPEAK and LISTEN without noise anytime and anywhere. Work from any place thats .... Free download of Krisp 0.7.6

Noise Blocker 0.9.6 Closed Loop Labs     new

Noise Blocker helps to block unwanted microphone noise and keep your conversations crystal clear. First, you record samples of any noises you want to block out (e.g. keyboard typing, mouse clicks, fan noises, etc). Next, Noise Blocker will analyze any incoming audio against your noise list and mute accordingly, letting only the desired .... Free download of Noise Blocker 0.9.6

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