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DX ToolBox 5.4.0 Black Cat Systems    

DX Toolbox gathers information on solar and geomagnetic conditions that affect radio propagation. It also features several propagation forecasting tools, and is ideal for the ham radio operator, shortwave listener, or other radio enthusiast. .... Free download of DX ToolBox 5.4.0

WorldTime 8 8.0.06 AlexDrenea    

... stands out from the crowd by featuring a day-night sun map (terminator line) that does not use ... 3 cities to your list. Features Day-night sun map (terminator line) calculated and rendered locally Pin your favorite cities to the start screen on a wide or square tile and always .... Free download of WorldTime 8 8.0.06

SkyORB realtech VR    

... including next 60 days astronomy events, including peak day of meteors showers, date of planet elongation and opposition. Including live tiles support. Display day/night terminator on a world map, Powerful universal search engine: .... Free download of SkyORB

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