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Network Recycle Bin Tool 1st Security Software Center    

When you delete a file stored on a network location or mapped network drive that the file is permanently deleted. It ... a recycle bin for shared folders on a network ? There is the proper solution of restoring ... your information even after deleting it - The Network Recycle Bin Tool allows you to recover deleted .... Free download of Network Recycle Bin Tool

Active@ Data Studio 17 Active Data Studio Tools    

... included applications to manage your data, perform data recovery operations, securely delete files, back up data, create ... purchase each application separately. Additional features include a network configurator, a file manager, CD/DVD burner and a disk defragmenter among other useful tools. Get the entire set of utilities for a generous price .... Free download of Active@ Data Studio 17

BestCrypt Volume Encryption 4.24.01 Jetico Inc. Oy    

... Option to boot encrypted volumes only from trusted network - Support for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for ... management for deployment, monitoring, encryption policy distribution and password recovery (Enterprise Edition only) .... Free download of BestCrypt Volume Encryption 4.24.01

Stellar Repair for Outlook Professional 11.0 Stellar Information Technology Pvt Ltd    

... Outlook can repair large, severely corrupted and even password-secured PST file without using the password. It recovers permanently deleted mail items, removed from ... items in a distinct color to facilitate easy recovery. It displays 'tree-like' preview of the recoverable mailbox ... media, including system storage, USB hard drive, and network attached storage. Further, the users can also view .... Free download of Stellar Repair for Outlook Professional 11.0

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall Zonelabs    

... help you validate your inquiry or receive victim recovery assistance (US Only). Get automated backups ... be stored with a secured encryption key and password that only you know. Any computer connected to the Internet or just to a local network should have on board at least one security. Free download of ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

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XenArmor Social Media Blocker 3.0 XenArmor Pvt Ltd    

... help you easily Block all the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & many more. It operates in stealth mode blocking your social network across all browsers and applications on your computer. In addition to default social networks, you can also add and block custom Social Networks or Websites through advanced settings. Here are the .... Free download of XenArmor Social Media Blocker 3.0

WinSesame 11.1 Aragon-TEchnologies    

... Protect a file or a folder with a password. Make files or folders confidential. Prohibit the opening ... Protect data on external hard drive, usb, cdrom, network. Create virtual safes. Make a powerful parental control. ... a numeric signature file. Clean discs against the recovery of residual data. Automatically close all the protected .... Free download of WinSesame 11.1

SterJo Wireless Passwords 1.7 SterJo Software    

... happened to you that you forgot the WiFi password on your PC that you recently changed into ... your wifi security? This is where SterJo Wireless Passwords solves this issue for you. SterJo Wireless Passwords is a free password recovery software which you can use to recover your lost wireless network passwords. Just by running this software on your .... Free download of SterJo Wireless Passwords 1.7

OST Recovery Microsoft 5.0 Microsoft OST Recovery    

OST recovery Microsoft software is exclusive and simple to use ... Outlook from OST data as PST file, if Network Connection becomes corrupt or in Offline Mode. It ... into PST software recovers emails from corrupt or password protected Offline Storage Files easily. Use Demo Version for try after that you want .... Free download of OST Recovery Microsoft 5.0

Social Password Recovery Pro 2020 4.0 XenArmor Pvt Ltd    

XenArmor Social Password Recovery Pro is the all-in-one enterprise software to help you instantly recover forgotten Password for all popular Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest etc. ... can automatically discover & recover your stored social network passwords from the top 20+ browsers like Firefox, Chrome, ... can also help you to remove your stored passwords there by protecting your Social Network passwords from .... Free download of Social Password Recovery Pro 2020 4.0

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2016 Zonelabs    

... online threats when you connect to an unsecured network. Automatic Wireless Network Security detects wireless networks and automatically applies the most secure firewall protection ... an indication of identity theft (US only). Victim Recovery Service provides free telephone counseling to guide identity-theft victims through resolution and recovery (US only). Online Backup Your tax returns, your .... Free download of ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2016

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Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Win 10 The Windows Club    

... Score, etc. You also have buttons to open Recovery Options, run DISM, run the System File Checker ... Bing search, Cortana, Windows Update sharing, Feedback requests, Password Reveal button, Steps Recorder, Inventory Collector, disable Wi-Fi ... category, you will see some additional system and Network tweaks. You can also set UWT to behave .... Free download of Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Win 10

EZ Backup SeaMonkey Premium 6.42 RinjaniSoft    

... address book and settings to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP ... FEATURES: · Backup to CD/DVD, Local Drives, Network and FTP · Easy to use Wizard Interface ... works in 32 bit versions of Windows. · Password Protection using 128 Bit Encryption Keep your backups .... Free download of EZ Backup SeaMonkey Premium 6.42

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EZ Backup SeaMonkey Basic 6.42 RinjaniSoft    

... FEATURES: Backup to CD/DVD, Local Drives, Network and FTP · Easy to use Wizard Interface ... works in 32 bit versions of Windows. · Password Protection using 128 Bit Encryption Keep your backups confidential and secure using the optional password protection with 128 bit encryption. · Creates Self-Restoring .... Free download of EZ Backup SeaMonkey Basic 6.42

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Advanced Password Recovery Suite 1.0.7 PC Trek    

Advanced Password Recovery Suite is an easy-to-use tool with ability to ... login details for most popular web browsers, wireless networks, Windows Credential Manager, E-Mail or FTP clients. - ... other software and games. - Recover usernames and passwords for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Internet ... and Epic Privacy Browser. - Recover forgotten wireless network keys (WEP, WPA and WPA2) for all previously .... Free download of Advanced Password Recovery Suite 1.0.7

LPR Lost Password Recovery 1.0.0 Nsasoft US LLC    

LPR Lost Password Recovery allows to retrieve and view saved passwords from most popular web browsers. The program recovers website, email, social network passwords from Chrome, Edge, Opera browsers and backup all your passwords to HTML,CSV,TXT file or copy to clipboard. All .... Free download of LPR Lost Password Recovery 1.0.0

SpotDialup Password Recover 1.6.8 Nsasoft US LLC    

SpotDialup enumerates, displays logins and recovers passwords for Dial-Up, Internet and VPN virtual private network access, provides users with information about network connection properties, such as connection names, domains, phone ... or IP addresses. When you use the "Dial-Up Networking" module for connecting to the internet or VPN networks, the operating system give you the option to .... Free download of SpotDialup Password Recover 1.6.8

Social Password Decryptor 11.5 SecurityXploded    

Social Password Decryptor is the FREE Software to instantly recover your Lost Passwords for popular Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. It automatically detects the passwords stored by all the browsers & messengers including ... decrypts and displays them. Currently it supports recovering passwords for the following Social Networks, * Facebook * .... Free download of Social Password Decryptor 11.5

FTP Password Sniffer 6.0 SecurityXploded    

FTP Password Sniffer is the universal FTP password recovery tool for any of your favorite FTP application ... can not only recover the lost FTP account password but also can sniff and catch any of the FTP account passwords passing through your network, thus making it a great tool for penetration testers. Main Features * Universal FTP password recovery tool supporting most of the prominent FTP .... Free download of FTP Password Sniffer 6.0

Windows Vault Password Decryptor 5.0 SecurityXploded    

Windows Vault Password Decryptor is the free desktop tool to quickly recover all the stored passwords from Windows Credential Manager. Windows Credential Manager (or ... applications to securely store credentials like usernames and passwords which are used to log on to websites or other computers on a network. This way Windows can automatically log you on .... Free download of Windows Vault Password Decryptor 5.0

SX Password Suite 10.0 SecurityXploded    

'SX Password Suite' is the complete collection of all the FREE password recovery softwares released by SecurityXploded.com. It contains the latest version of all the password tools which makes it easy for the user ... each of them separately. This mega edition supports password recovery from 50+ popular applications including top Browsers, .... Free download of SX Password Suite 10.0

Social Password Dump 7.0 SecurityXploded    

Social Password Dump is the free command-line based all-in-one tool to recover your lost password for all social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Currently it can recover passwords for following popular Social Networks, # Facebook # Twitter # Google Plus # ... can instantly find and decrypt your stored social network password from following popular web browsers and messengers, .... Free download of Social Password Dump 7.0

Network Password Dump 4.0 SecurityXploded    

Network Password Dump is the command-line based free tool to instantly recover Network Passwords stored in the 'Credential Store' of Windows. Windows 'Credential Store' provides the framework for storing various network authentication based passwords in secure encrypted format. It is not only ... to quickly and easily recover all these stored passwords. 'Network Password Dump' can recover following type of .... Free download of Network Password Dump 4.0

Network Password Decryptor 10.0 SecurityXploded    

Network Password Decryptor is the free tool to instantly recover the network passwords stored in the 'Credential Store' of Windows. Not only Windows uses it to store network authentication passwords, but also other applications such as Outlook, Windows ... Notifier etc uses it for storing their login passwords. Network Password Decryptor can quickly detect and decrypt .... Free download of Network Password Decryptor 10.0

Gmail Password Dump 6.0 SecurityXploded    

Gmail Password Dump is the command-line tool to instantly recover your lost gmail password from various Google applications as well as popular ... and messengers. Currently it can recover your Gmail password from following applications, # Google Talk # Google ... system and recovers all the stored google account passwords within seconds. By default it dumps all the .... Free download of Gmail Password Dump 6.0

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