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The .Net PDF Library 2021.3.1 Iron .NET PDF Developers     update

... including SVG graphics. homepage fully supports all .NET Framework languages, including VB.NET and C#. This works equally ... and Windows Forms. Iron PDF is a commercial library. It is not open-source in itself; however, source code for all of our tutorials and many of our use cases can be found on .... Free download of The .Net PDF Library 2021.3.1

Install Package IronPdf 2021.3.1 Iron PDF Development Team     update

... inside C# and VB Applications. The Iron PDF library makes it simple to create PDF records with an ASP.NET C# PDF library using standard web documents and by not relying ... converts ASPX files to PDF documents. The C# library also allows for conversion of images to PDF ... More info at homepage The Iron PDF C# library converts html to pdf using C#. The C# .... Free download of Install Package IronPdf 2021.3.1

Net Core PDF Generator 2021.3.1 .Net Core PDF Generator    

... provides PDF rendering and manipulation functionality for .Net framework, as well as .Net can standard and .Net ... however, is a standard we use for component library development. It allows deployment on any platform, not just .Net core, it integrates with .Net framework, and anything written in .Net standard will work. Free download of Net Core PDF Generator 2021.3.1

C# PDF Parser 2021.3.1 C# PDF Parser    

... VB .Net and any other .Net core or framework application. What different ways can you view the ... can be used in. Any type of .Net framework or core or standard application. These include Linux, ... functions. IronPDF supports every project type, which .Net framework and core support. Design PDF support core standard .... Free download of C# PDF Parser 2021.3.1

C# Read Excel File 2021.1 Christian Findlay and C# Read Excel Team    

IronXL (Excel) is a C# VB .NET class library with functionality for reading, generating, and updating Excel spreadsheets. Iron Excel can be used for a host of applications, including accounting and finance systems, content management, and data import. Iron Excel is different from Office Interop not only that it requires .... Free download of C# Read Excel File 2021.1

OCR in .Net 2020.12.2 IronOCR .NET OCR Team    

Iron OCR has been specifically designed for use in .NET applications, including console applications, Windows Form Applications, WPF, and web applications such as Windows Forms and MVC. It is built on top of the Tesseract platform, but adds additional functionality, making Tesseract more usable in the real world. homepage and homepage .... Free download of OCR in .Net 2020.12.2

Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29 iTextSharp Alternative    

... iTextSharp in C#. iText is a Java first library. The .Net version is perceived by engineers to ... (homepage can be used inside ASP.NET Core and Framework ventures for MVC, Web, Console and Desktop Applications ... thus disentangling complex PDF tasks. Requires either .Net Framework 4.0 or above on Windows, or .Net Core .... Free download of Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29

The C# Barcode Library 2020.12.2 IronBarcode Coders    

Iron Barcode is a C# .NET Core software library allowing software developers to read and write QR codes and barcodes in .NET Core, Standard, or Framework applications. It is available from homepage It is ... development team. Iron Barcode is available for .NET Framework 4.0 and higher with Microsoft Azure support. Iron .... Free download of The C# Barcode Library 2020.12.2

The C# Excel Library 2020.12.2 C# Excel Library Team    

IronXL is a C# .NET software library allowing .net software engineers to read and write Excel XSLX, XLS, & CSV Spreadsheets in .NET Framework and .NET Core applications and websites. It is ... Border, Alignment and Number formats. IronXL .Net Excel Library works well in C#, VB .NET, MVC, ASP.NET, ... Websites, Console & Desktop APPs. The C# Excel Library supports .Net Core 2.0 or above, .Net Standard .... Free download of The C# Excel Library 2020.12.2

ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29 IronPDF ASPX to PDF Team    

... The ASPX to PDF C# & VB .Net Library may be installed here: homepage or homepage The ... PDF print file format. ASPX to PDF Converter Library supports: - Installation for .Net C# VB from ... languages to build applications using the Microsoft .Net Framework version 4 or later. IronPDF be used by .... Free download of ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29

C# HTML to PDF 2021.1.29 Jean Ashberg & The C# HTML to PDF Team    

... download contains a C# PDF generation and editing library in addition to a full tutorial on how ... using the IronPDF C# pdf generator. C# PDF Library - The source code relies upon IronPDF which is a popular Library for PDF development and editing for the Microsoft .Net Framework homepage C# HTML to PDF Compatibility - This .... Free download of C# HTML to PDF 2021.1.29

MVC to PDF Converter 2020.12.3 MVC to PDF .Net Development Team    

... generation is built upon the IronPDF .NET PDF library. It uses a Chromium HTML to PDF renderer ... Web Services, Console and Desktop Applications. Requires .Net Framework 4.0 or above on Windows including Microsoft Azure Cloud. Receive Product Support From Our Development Team. Regardless of whether its a product, licensing or .... Free download of MVC to PDF Converter 2020.12.3

C# QR Code Generator 2020.12 Jennifer Wright & Iron Barcode / QR Team    

... is an example of a high-quality QR code library for C# and .NET. It is available on ... is quite possibly the most sophisticated QR writing library for .NET. It provides advanced styling options, allowing ... place QR reading and writing from a single library with high fidelity. Its unique features include: fault .... Free download of C# QR Code Generator 2020.12

Generate Barcode Images in C# 2020.12.2 Francesca Miller & Generate Barcode Team    

... supports all .NET Core, .NET Standard, and .NET Framework languages, including VB.NET, C#, F#, and other variants. ... stamp barcodes into existing PDFs. The .Net Barcode Library reads and generate most Barcode and QR codes. These include code 39/93/128, UPC An/E, EAN 8/13, ITF, RSS 14/Expanded, Databar, CodaBar, Aztec, Data Matrix, .... Free download of Generate Barcode Images in C# 2020.12.2

.Net Runtime Library for Delphi CrystalNet Technologies LTD    

The .Net Runtime Library for Delphi can be used to: - Hosts ... .Net dll or executable file without registering the Library as COM in Delphi. - Loads .Net assemblies ... all the assemblies and types in the .Net Framework Class Libraries. - Hosts .Net controls in Delphi ... 2 main libraries that constitutes the .Net Runtime Library for Delphi, these are: 1. Host Class Library: .... Free download of .Net Runtime Library for Delphi

dotConnect for MySQL 8.19 Devart    

... provider built over ADO.NET architecture and a development framework with a number of innovative technologies. With state of the art ORM solutions such as Entity Framework and LinqConnect, it introduces new approaches for designing ... can operate in Direct mode without MySQL client library and in Client mode with usage of libmysql.dll. .... Free download of dotConnect for MySQL 8.19

The C# XLSX Library 2020.9 The C# XLSX Library    

IronXL, The Excel class library for .NET Framework, Core, and Standard, has full support for the ... for working with XLSX Excel files. The IronXL library can be utilized to make and fare XLSX, ... for interoperability with SQL IronXL is an Excel Library for C# and .Net which allows developers to ... Save and Export Excel files intuitively for: .Net Framework 4.5+ .Net Core 2+ .Net Standard Xamarin Windows .... Free download of The C# XLSX Library 2020.9

VB.Net Excel Library 2020.8.0 VB.NET Excel    

... plugs into any VB.NET application as a class library or NuGet package. It adds full features for ... platform. IronXL supports VB.NET applications using the .NET Framework from Version 4 in addition to .NET Core ... or Excel Interop - Fully Supports .NET Core, Framework, Xamarin, Mobile and Azure Please take a look .... Free download of VB.Net Excel Library 2020.8.0

dotNet4Java CrystalNet Technologies LTD    

The dotNet4Java is a .Net Runtime Library for Java which helps Java developers work with .Net framework and 3rd party libraries in Java with ease. ... Java. What dotNet4Java can do: - Access .Net Framework Class Library. - Access 3rd Party .Net Libraries. - Hosts ... events. Competitive Advantages - Full access to .Net Framework Class Library (Including new and emerging .NET technologies). .... Free download of dotNet4Java

WeBuilder 2020 16.2 Blumentals Software    

... PHP and JavaScript; * jQuery, React, Vue.js JavaScript framework support * Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, Nette, Prado, CakePHP PHP framework support * SQL explorer; * find and replace ... Unicode support; * spelling checker; * code snippet library; * HTML and CSS code assistants; * HTML ... tools; * support for popular PHP and JavaScript frameworks and countless other goodies. WeBuilder is one of .... Free download of WeBuilder 2020 16.2

C# Open Excel File and Write to Excel 2020.6.0 Elijah Williams & Write Excel .NET Team    

... and desktop applications for .NET Core, standard and framework. No use of Office Excel Interop. All without additional dependancies or the need to introduce MS Office. Iron Excel allows the user to not just open an Excel file, but to write them. It can write XLS, XLSX, and CSV files. .... Free download of C# Open Excel File and Write to Excel 2020.6.0

Excel .Net Library 2020.6 Excel .NET Development Team    

The .NET Excel Library by IronXL is fully functioning Software Library to allow .NET developers to Read, Write and ... or server application. To use IronXL Excel .NET Library you do not need to install Microsoft Office or Excel on your .... Free download of Excel .Net Library 2020.6

OCR for VB.NET Library 4.4.0 VB .NET OCR Team    

... for C# and VB .NET. It supports .Net Framework and will soon be released for .NEt Core ... and even web services hosted on the Azure framework. It can also be used to create simple command line applications and console applications in VB.NET. .... Free download of OCR for VB.NET Library 4.4.0

.NET Barcode Library 2020.6.0.0 .NET Barcode Library Team    

... from there. IronBarcode is a well known class library or component for the .NET system which permits ... within embedded barcode reader software. Download .net barcode library DLL at: homepage or Nuget Install homepage IronBarcode provides easy access for C# developers to develop applications which can read barcodes. This provides advanced .... Free download of .NET Barcode Library 2020.6.0.0

IDAutomation GS1 UPC/EAN Barcode Fonts 20.06 IDAutomation.com, Inc.    

... to support the latest versions of the .NET Framework. * Added a Word mail-merge example to the ... Functions, Crystal Reports Formulas and an Oracle Reports Library with PLL source and introducing the easy-to-use Microsoft Excel and Word Barcode Add-in. With a purchase of the Developer License or above, a full .... Free download of IDAutomation GS1 UPC/EAN Barcode Fonts 20.06

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