NMath Stats 4.2.0 CenterSpace Software    

NMath Stats is a .NET statistics library that provides functions for statistical computation and biostatistics, ... distributions, combinatorial functions, multiple linear regression, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, multivariate statistics, partial least squares, and ... factorization. NMath Stats is a .NET statistics library containing classes for data manipulation, statistical computation, and biostatistics. Product features include: A data frame class for holding data of various types (numeric, .... Free download of NMath Stats 4.2.0

3D Frame Analysis Library 2.0 ENGISSOL Ltd.    

The Frame3D library is a complete analysis library for solving structural problems utilizing a powerful and robust analysis engine, which in combination with the reach analysis and element features can efficiently solve large scale ... to other programs and inspectional interaction with it. ANALYSIS FEATURES: Linear Static analysis Modal analysis Response Spectrum .... Free download of 3D Frame Analysis Library 2.0

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