VietOCR 5.2.1 Quan Nguyen     update

A Java/.NET GUI frontend for Tesseract OCR engine. Supports optical character recognition for Vietnamese and other languages supported by Tesseract. VietOCR is a Java-based software application which uses OCR in order to help individuals retrieve text from scanned files. This software utility supports import from formats such as GIF, JPG, PNG, .... Free download of VietOCR 5.2.1

QueueExplorer Standard 4.2.22 Cogin     update

QueueExplorer Standard facilitates a user-friendly management console for sending, receiving and managing messages between computers across the network, thanks to Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ). It offers support for .NET serialized objects and it's dedicated to software developers and testers, along with network administrators. QueueExplorer Standard gives you the possibility to preview .... Free download of QueueExplorer Standard 4.2.22

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Network Monitor II 26.0 Bushin SOFTWARE     update

... IP), External IP (Internet IP or WAN IP), Net usage, Signal strength, Connection type (wired/wireless), upload progress bar, download progress bar, current network peak speed, upload graph, download graph, uploading speed, downloading speed, peak speed, uploaded quantity, downloaded quantity at one place. .... Free download of Network Monitor II 26.0

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BI Studio 10.0.37 B190918 Nucleon Software     update

BI Studio (Business Intelligence Studio) is a powerful and innovative business intelligence, charting, reporting and data analysis software for the relational and not relational database systems. BI Studio supports MongoDB, Oracle, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, IBM Netezza, Ingres, SQL Server, SQL Azure, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite, MS Access, MS FoxPro, dBASE .... Free download of BI Studio 10.0.37 B190918

EMDB 3.22 Wicked & Wild Inc.     update

EMDB is a small utility to keep track of your DVD collection. With an automatic import from the database of IMDB, export to csv, text or complete website, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, search function and multi-language user interface. EMDB is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and .... Free download of EMDB 3.22

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BitCrypter Crypter     update

BitCrypter is a high-performance crypter and protector for native Windows 32bit exe files and .NET apps. BitCrypter can encrypt and compress the programs without affecting their direct functionality. For instance, if you're a software developer, you can encrypt your applications before they are delivered to customers. By using BitCrypter, the applications .... Free download of BitCrypter

WinCln .NET 4.34 Miller Cy Chan     update

WinCln .NET is a free privacy and system clean-up utility. It has an explorer style interface. It allows users to get rid of junk files that take space and slow down PC performance. You can delete internet history, cookies, cache, auto-complete feature of web browsers, systems temp folders, run history, search .... Free download of WinCln .NET 4.34

Nsauditor Network Security Auditor 3.0.26 Nsasoft US LLC     update

Nsauditor Network Security Auditor is an advanced network security scanner for auditing and monitoring network computers for possible vulnerabilities. The software checks network computers using all potential methods that a hacker might use to attack it. Nsauditor is a complete networking utilities package for network auditing, scanning, monitoring and more. Nsauditor .... Free download of Nsauditor Network Security Auditor 3.0.26

DWSIM 5.2 Update 19 Daniel Medeiros     update

DWSIM is a Chemical Process Simulator for Windows, Linux and Mac. Built for the Microsoft .NET 2.0 and Mono Platforms and featuring a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI), DWSIM allows chemical engineering students and chemical engineers to better understand the behavior of their chemical systems by using rigorous thermodynamic and unit .... Free download of DWSIM 5.2 Update 19

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MysticThumbs 4.8.1     update

MysticThumbs has a fully configurable control panel where you can adjust thumbnail generation options and icon overlays, with options like transparency, thumbnail borders, scaling, embedded thumbnail selection and more. Compound file support for files such as HTML, Maya and EML that use external files to make a complete image. Options .... Free download of MysticThumbs 4.8.1

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FireDaemon Pro 3.15.2763 FireDaemon Technologies Limited     update

FireDaemon Pro is a system utility that allows you to install and run any 32-bit or 64-bit application or script (EXE, DLL, BAT CMD, .NET, Perl, Java, Python, TCL/TK) as a Windows service. FireDaemon Pro features easy service configuration via the GUI or command line, a low memory and CPU overhead, .... Free download of FireDaemon Pro 3.15.2763

Software Ideas Modeler Portable x64 11.80 B6830.136 Dušan Rodina     update

Software Ideas Modeler Portable x64 is a professional software application designed to help users create UML, JSD and other diagram types, usually used in the field of software engineering. Since this is the portable version of the program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the .... Free download of Software Ideas Modeler Portable x64 11.80 B6830.136

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Software Ideas Modeler Portable 11.80 B6830.136 Dušan Rodina     update

Software Ideas Modeler allows to display the grid and snap to it. It supports various types of automatic alignment for diagram elements. Diagram can be zoomed. There are also implemented standard functions as undo and redo and work with clipboard. Software Ideas Modeler is a lightweight and powerful tool for the .... Free download of Software Ideas Modeler Portable 11.80 B6830.136

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Altova UModel Enterprise Edition x64 2018 Release 2 Altova, Inc.     update

Altova UModel Enterprise Edition x64 is the starting point for successful software development. Use UModel to create and interpret software and SQL database designs via the power of UML. Design application and database models and generate Java, C#, or Visual Basic .NET code, and SQL scripts. Reverse engineer existing programs and .... Free download of Altova UModel Enterprise Edition x64 2018 Release 2

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Turbo Studio 18.9.1142     update

Run your applications with no installs, dependencies, or conflicts. Deploy in standalone EXEs, with TurboServer, or on Since driver and system updates are constantly developed to reduce the possibilities of errors to occur, applications might need to be rooted to your system and registries so they can keep up the .... Free download of Turbo Studio 18.9.1142

ReSharper 2018.2.2 JetBrains inc.     update

The must-have productivity tool for Visual Studio, ReSharper 4 was designed to provide solution-wide error highlighting on the fly, advanced code completion, superior unit testing tools, over 30 advanced code refactorings, multiple handy navigation and search utilities, single-click code formatting and cleanup, automatic code generation and templates, and a lot more .... Free download of ReSharper 2018.2.2

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Paint.NET 4.1.1 Getpaint     update

Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins. .... Free download of Paint.NET 4.1.1

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TotalReminder 8.1.6824.33154 Bokor Béla     update

If you ever forgot a birthday, a password or a phone number, you've been lost in reminders, this is the program for you. TotalReminder gives you a single place to keep contacts, events, passwords, logs, schedule application launch or regular web page visits - all these in an user friendly, resource .... Free download of TotalReminder 8.1.6824.33154

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Localtransformer 1.2 4dots Software     new

Localtransformer is a powerful and versatile software, web page, document and database localization tool. Increase market share and your revenue stream by reaching and entering markets that would have otherwise been unavailable to you. Localization has been proven to be the key factor for international product acceptance and success. To sell .... Free download of Localtransformer 1.2

LanFlow Net Diagrammer 6.59.2129 Pacestar Software     update

LanFlow is a drawing tool for laying out, designing, and documenting a network, LAN, internet,vector or other communications system. Drop in components like computers, workstations, routers, and servers and connect them with lines and cables. Choose components from built in symbols and clip art or add commonly available clip art formats. .... Free download of LanFlow Net Diagrammer 6.59.2129

FlowHeater 4.1.3 FlowHeater GmbH     update

FlowHeater is a powerful tool for connecting widely differing data sources and targets using a flexible graphically defined conversion. CSV (text) import/export becomes childs play. Adapters are available for import/export/update of MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, OleDB and ODBC data sources as well as text .... Free download of FlowHeater 4.1.3

GS1 DataBar and Composite Forms Control 18.9, Inc.     update

The GS1 DataBar Windows Forms Control by generates high-quality, dynamic barcode images in the .NET Framework 1.1 or greater environment. Easily integrates into Visual Studio .NET, C# and Visual Basic. The control may be used as a DLL or loaded on a form. Several methods are available that allow images .... Free download of GS1 DataBar and Composite Forms Control 18.9

Elecard MPEG-2 PlugIn for WMP 5.4 Elecard Devices, LLC     update

... Elecard MPEG Push Demultiplexer Elecard NWSource-Plus Elecard RTSP Net Source The special control interface allows the software to maintain full control over quality of decoding. The software decodes closed captions and subpictures, allows deinterlacing to get rid of interlace artifacts and combing, provides high quality upsamling to improve visual quality .... Free download of Elecard MPEG-2 PlugIn for WMP 5.4

GEUP     update

GEUP 5 is an interactive plane geometry software for math visualization and to perform dynamic math calculations. It allows to create dynamic and general constructions/applications visually by defining math elements through the included construction tools. GEUP 5 allows the modification of the construction visually (directly in screen) and it calculates each .... Free download of GEUP

Dynamic Web TWAIN 14.1 Dynamsoft     update

Dynamic Web TWAIN is truly an ideal web scanning solution especially designed for web application with our years of experiences. Dynamic Web TWAIN supports both ActiveX and Plug-in. Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX control enables you to acquire images from any TWAIN compatible devices. With the carefully designed interface, and the .... Free download of Dynamic Web TWAIN 14.1

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