PresenTense Time Server 5.0.1286 Bytefusion Ltd.     update

PresenTense Time Server is a high performance Windows time server supporting NTP and SNTP protocols. PresenTense Time Server will synchronize your PC to a primary time source such as an atomic clock on the internet or an inhouse GPS reciever and offer time services to clients on your LAN or WAN. .... Free download of PresenTense Time Server 5.0.1286

PresenTense Time Client 5.3.2245.0 Bytefusion Ltd.     update

... Supports NTP4 and Free Run as required by NENA. Keeps your computer clock accurate within microseconds. PresenTense Time Client will impress you as it's easy to configure but has an impressive range of options you can configure. Installation and auto-configuration takes about 30 seconds. Optional tray icon can be activated .... Free download of PresenTense Time Client 5.3.2245.0

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