Natural Healing 6.8 Zentrum Publishing    

Natural Healing Software features a large Afflictions database (300+ entries) with natural remedies and treatments (herbal, nutritional, homeopathic, pharmaceutical, etc). The shareware version includes full listing info for 28 Afflictions (the a's: Abscess to Autoimmune Diseases) and informative text files. Registration provides full access .... Free download of Natural Healing 6.8

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Health Monitor Canopus-Ware    

Health Monitor is a database that holds medical readings that can be viewed as graphs, gauges or reports. It was initially developed to hold and view my own blood pressure readings but it has now been extended to hold the following: Blood pressure Systolic & Diastolic Pulse Weight .... Free download of Health Monitor

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Natural Healing Introduction 2.7 Zentrum Publishing    

Natural Healing Introduction lists and describes alternative medicine therapies such as: Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Autogenic Training, Ayurveda, Biofeedback, Chiropractic Treatment, Color Therapy, Herbs, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Hypnosis, Massage, Magnetic Fields, Meditation, Nutrition, Sound Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Tissue Salts, Visualization, and Yoga. The opening page gives a quick overview of the .... Free download of Natural Healing Introduction 2.7

Health Beauty Sequel Theme for 3D Book 1.0 3D PageFlip Ltd.    

Health Beauty Sequel theme for 3D page flip book ... the time. It is the story follow the Health Beauty last week. All the topic is about health of every you! You can use each piece ... book, you can show your care to the health of every viewer. With these templates, you can .... Free download of Health Beauty Sequel Theme for 3D Book 1.0

Health Check for Windows IDERA, Inc.     new

Monitor Windows Server health: Monitor Windows Server health from a single dashboard. View central processing unit ... and dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) status. Windows health dashboard: Monitoring Windows Server health is crucial to maintaining productivity. View important indicators ... consume dashboard so that you can check server health quickly as you move through your busy day. .... Free download of Health Check for Windows

Health Care Icons 2011.3 Aha-Soft    

The Health Care Icons collection includes a variety of carefully drawn icons that represent health service themes. They'll benefit anyone who wants to ... your software or website. Take full advantage of Health Care Icons to stand out with captivating and adorable icons. Health Care Icons is the result of diligent work .... Free download of Health Care Icons 2011.3

Natural Scenery Style Theme for 3D Book 1.0 3D Pageflip Ltd.    

... on the streets. We can hardly touch the natural stuffs with our own hands, which is a tragedy. Therefore, we provide the natural scenery style to rouse our original spirits. And ... for flash flipbook software, it contains couples of natural sceneries just as the name implies. Downloading and .... Free download of Natural Scenery Style Theme for 3D Book 1.0

Natural Color Theme Templates 1.0    

Free template for brochure flipbook maker of Natural Color style is online. We are living in ... colors in our daily life including manmade or natural. After artificial designed, manmade objects will become merited beautiful. But the natural colors, are the source of these beauty. Natural Color style pack contains some soft color pictures .... Free download of Natural Color Theme Templates 1.0

Natural Form Theme Templates 1.0    

Free theme pack for digital magazine maker of Natural Form style is available. Many constitute forms were taken shapes in the natural we are living in. It is because of ... for giving us such a beautiful world. The Natural Form style pack was using textures from the natural that make your books look special. Our templates .... Free download of Natural Form Theme Templates 1.0

Natural Fresh Page Flipping Themes 1.0 Page-Flipping Software Co.,Ltd    

... and looking for something simple and fresh, the natural fresh series would be suitable. We decorate page ... a deep impression, beautiful template is necessary. The natural fresh series includes three templates in the download package. Import one of them into page flipping software would help to create gorgeous works in .... Free download of Natural Fresh Page Flipping Themes 1.0

Health Break 4.4 VOVSOFT     update

... a break. This isn't just for your physical health, but your mental health. For some users breaks come naturally. For others, a bit of a heads up is necessary. Health Break is a 'take a break reminder' software ... your eyes, your hands, or your sanity. Use Health Break to ensure you take a break during .... Free download of Health Break 4.4

Health Fit Tips Nandhini.K    

This apps tells about the essential things to be added in day to day life for balanced diet. .... Free download of Health Fit Tips

Server Health Notifier 1.4 Build 01 Trogon Software    

Server Health Notifier is a powerful, simple and easily configured ... tray icon, a popup balloon, an open Server Health Notifier window or message box with notification messages. ... about restoring the value to normal level. Server Health Notifier requires minimum system resources and has an ability to minimize to tray icon .... Free download of Server Health Notifier 1.4 Build 01

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My Diet Wiz Consultant Edition 2.4.2 Wellness Softworks    

My Diet Wiz is software for your computer designed to make it easy for you to lose weight, and keep it off! It takes the mystery out of weight control. It is a great tool for getting educated about how many calories are in different foods and what it actually takes .... Free download of My Diet Wiz Consultant Edition 2.4.2

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Free SQL Health Monitor 1.0 ZOHO Corporation    

... those database servers continuously. The "ManageEngine SQL Health Monitor" free tool will address this monitoring requirement. The ManageEngine SQL Health Monitor tool, monitors important parameters of MS SQL ... functioning of the Database. The "ManageEngine SQL Health Monitor" tool can monitor two MS SQL servers ... based on threshold setting The ManageEngine Free SQL Health Monitor tool serves as a smart desktop tool .... Free download of Free SQL Health Monitor 1.0

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Flipping Book 3D Themes Pack: Natural 1.0 FlashFlipBook 3D Ltd.    

... for PDF to Flipping Book 3D series software Natural we always use to describe things present in ... those are relating to, or concerning nature. A natural death we will say it conforms to the ... nature. We might say some people naïve or natural that means he/she is characterized by spontaneity and .... Free download of Flipping Book 3D Themes Pack: Natural 1.0

HP Health Check Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.    

System Healthcheck (SHC) is a suite of tools that assesses the health of your computing environment by identifying security, performance ... SHC assessment features: A comprehensive System Health Check Assessment report detailing high priority issues, overall system health risk as well as details on problems found ... downtime due to proactive management of your systems' health Appropriate data for support teams to identify and .... Free download of HP Health Check

Family Health Record Mannasoft Technology Corp.    

Clarus FHR - Personal and Family Health Record is an app that you can use to record, track and manage your family health information. Clarus FHR helps you get organized as ... to doctors. FHR can give valuable insight to health condition helping you achieve you and your family health goals. Personal or Family Health Medical Record . .... Free download of Family Health Record

iCare Health Monitor 2.7.4 iCare Fit Studio    

iCare Health Monitor--Mobile measuring blood pressure, heart rate, blood lipids, ... colorblind and other physical data, and provides targeted health programs . "The world's 1st blood pressure measurement ... fat scales, Bluetooth ECG instrument . 3.Statistics daily health data and make statistics and trend analysis. 4.Based on the user's health data and trends, to provide health alert service. .... Free download of iCare Health Monitor 2.7.4

PsychReport-Mental Health Management Software 2017, LLC    

... a full range of clinical case - mental health management functionality for Psychology. It can handle an unlimited number of patients. PsychReport can take the weight off your shoulders and show you just how easy life can be. .... Free download of PsychReport-Mental Health Management Software 2017

PsychReport Pro-Mental Health Management Software 2017, LLC    

... a full range of clinical case - mental health management functionality for Psychology. It can handle an unlimited number of patients. PsychReport can take the weight off your shoulders and show you just how easy life can be. .... Free download of PsychReport Pro-Mental Health Management Software 2017

HDD Health 4.2 PANTERASoft.Com    

HDD Health with SSD drives support is a full-featured failure-prediction agent for machines using Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Sitting in the system tray, it monitors hard disks and alerts you to impending failure. The program uses Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) built .... Free download of HDD Health 4.2

Drive Health 2.5.194 Helexis Software Development    

Drive Health is a Windows program that helps you to ... disk manufacturers. By implementing this technology the Drive Health provides access to the hard disk drives reliability monitoring, and keeps you informed about any potentially dangerous degradations of performance or reliability of your HDDs. The monitoring program eats minimum CPU .... Free download of Drive Health 2.5.194

Total PC Health 3.0 Total PC Health    

Total PC Health allows you to quickly and easily manage all ... drivers to install and much more. Total PC Health provides functionality of at least three products all-in-one. The download is lightweight and only requires 16MB of disk space. The scanning model is extremely efficient and it works with both .... Free download of Total PC Health 3.0

Standard FlashBook Templates for Natural Landscape Style 1.0    

The template we provide today is about natural landscape. We have collected breath-taking views which are taken from nature and then insert them into the PDF to FlashBook software to finish such beautiful themes for you. You can see sky in different colors in these three pictures. The vision is .... Free download of Standard FlashBook Templates for Natural Landscape Style 1.0

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