SimpleMonitorOff 1.0.2 Coruscant Ltd.     update

... go into standby mode). When you move your mouse or hit a key, they will wake again ... applications, SimpleMonitorOff does not require any additional hotkeys, mouse clicks, or shortcuts - it responds to events sent by Windows itself, so will respond to you locking your computer however you choose to .... Free download of SimpleMonitorOff 1.0.2

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker 4.2.1 AMAC ltd.     update

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker is a professional application designed to record mouse movements, mouse clicks, keystroke actions and repeat them at any ... color or a picture on the screen. Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker’s GUI is mostly focused on the recorded mouse activity, with the main window being used to show type and action of each entry. Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker doesn’t hamper system performance in any .... Free download of Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker 4.2.1

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Avedesk 1.4 Andreas Verhoeven     new

... extra effects to desklets, such as glow on mouse-over. * Easy interface for options. Each desklet has the same interface for dealing with options. * 3D accelerated effects. AveDesk provides special hardware accelerated 3D effects, such as 'flipping a desklet' or special remove animations. * Built-in library of UI-controls. Instead .... Free download of Avedesk 1.4

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ObjectDock Stardock Systems     update

... use and will reappear when you move your mouse to its position. Key Features: Access your ... with unique animated effects that occur when you mouse-over docked items. Personalize your dock with downloadable skins Choose from the many dock skins included with ObjectDock or discover a new favorite for free .... Free download of ObjectDock

RightClick 1.2 Stardock Systems     new

... or even completely redesign the Windows desktop right-click mouse menu. When a user right-clicks on their Windows desktop, RightClick's custom made menus comes up. Users can add short-cuts, tasks, system commands, and much more to the menu. It's also fully skinnable and can be set to automatically inherit the user's .... Free download of RightClick 1.2

DesktopX 3.2 Stardock Systems     new

... the system as well as add shows and mouse events effects to them that can make your desktop incredibly cool. Find more information here: homepage .... Free download of DesktopX 3.2

Verity Parental Control Software 1.15 NCH Software     new

... also logs activity categorized by users, programs, keystrokes, mouse clicks and screenshots. Verity is quick to setup and allows parents to access monitored activity through a password protected web interface. Verity Parental Control Software features: * Monitor computer activity both online and off * Block websites and applications with parental .... Free download of Verity Parental Control Software 1.15

Desktop Zoom 7.0 Mazdapardazesh     new

.... Free download of Desktop Zoom 7.0

Resistor Plus 1.0 Microsys Com Ltd.     new

... and the numbers - by using either your mouse or your keyboard. Finally, the fourth program page allows you to calculate the total resistance of a circuit containing two resistors connected in series or in parallel. .... Free download of Resistor Plus 1.0

EverFastAccess 2.0 TechOrga     new

... computing life with 1 simple movement of the mouse. Take notes, set reminders and save contents and ... All you need is to press the right mouse boutton from anywhere inside your computer for EverFastAccess ... icons to appear. Make a swipe of the mouse in one direction, release the button and that's .... Free download of EverFastAccess 2.0

WhatColor 5.00e Nakahara-Hikaru Shareware     new

... one. WhatColor displays the magnified area around the mouse cursor for the user to easily choose a pixel to inspect its color. This feature may useful not only to colorblinds, but also to aged people who have difficulties in viewing small characters. WhatColor is useful in using software with various .... Free download of WhatColor 5.00e

Control Screen Saver 1.8.0    

... screen savers with a simple click of the mouse. You can launch, choose, configure, randomize, enable and ... - Starts your default screen saver with a mouse click - Starts your default screen saver with a hot key - Starts a random screen saver with a hot key - Automatically disables .... Free download of Control Screen Saver 1.8.0

Synergy 1.8.8 Sourceforge    

... you control them from a single keyboard and mouse. As a software solution, you might want to ... computer to the next simply by push your mouse off-screen. You can configure that switching location to be on any or all of the four sides of your main monitor. Users can also .... Free download of Synergy 1.8.8

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro 7.5 Comfort Software Group    

... on the screen and allowing you use the mouse pointer to type the way you do it with the regular keyboard. Ideal for using on Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), Tablet PC and kiosk. Why do you particularly need Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro? Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro supports all characteristics of the .... Free download of Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro 7.5

Magnifier 1.14.043 SoftCollection    

... It is possible to move lens manually by mouse clicking on it and dragging to another place. * It is possible to make it move straightforward by reflecting from edges. * It is possible also to change size of magnifier from 100 pixels to 200 pixels in diameter. .... Free download of Magnifier 1.14.043

Quick Pop Menu 1.2.7 Michael Uno    

... instantly launch the desired application with a single mouse click. Pressing "control key + middle mouse button" triggers the launcher menu which lists predefined shortcuts. .... Free download of Quick Pop Menu 1.2.7

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TeamPlayer4 Lite 4.1.3 Dicolab bv    

... and pressing a few keys automatically pairs the mouse with that particular keyboard, so each user can input text independently. The cursors can perform actions synchronously on the same desktop and control any running application. However, concurrency is automatically limited by applications that are configured not to recognize a second .... Free download of TeamPlayer4 Lite 4.1.3

Perfect Hotkey 1.337 YL Computing, Inc    

... program on your PC is by pointing your mouse to the Window start button, clicking on the ... will be the program be launched. Using your mouse like this takes time. With a hotkey you simply press the key combination you have defined for your program and Perfect Hotkey will launch .... Free download of Perfect Hotkey 1.337

Free Screensavers Manager 1.0    

... screensavers to choose from. When you click the mouse on screensavers logo, it will be installed immediately. Do not like this one? Then choose next in one click. Establish and change the screensaver of your PC with help of our program. Just try it! Screensavers Manager is absolutely free and .... Free download of Free Screensavers Manager 1.0

TIMER Hot Time Software    

... Off or Auto modes. A click of the mouse and your sprinklers can be watering, turn a light on, the options are endless. .... Free download of TIMER

PaperPlane Smart Launch 1.0 itigic    

... desktops - Simple activation by double-click, hotkey, hot mouse key, or hot window corner - Search bar to quickly locate your apps, files, URLs, and games - Drag-and-drop, and right-click menu to add shortcuts - Automatic backup and restore .... Free download of PaperPlane Smart Launch 1.0

Move Aside Please 1.0.0 Anand K Gupta    

... windows from your view by simply hovering the mouse cursor over it. The installation is simple, straightforward and you can start using the app as soon as you are done decompressing the archive. Upon the first launch, you can view a welcome screen that presents you with a few details .... Free download of Move Aside Please 1.0.0

Gridy 0.70 Sector-Seven    

... is snapped to it. Snapping is enabled with mouse drag or keyboard arrow keys. In addition, you can apply these changes to any window or dialog: * Make window semi-transparent * Hide the window's Alt-Tab icon * Set window to be Always on Top * Resize to a predefined size .... Free download of Gridy 0.70

SideSlide 3.5.60 Northglide    

... the workspace beyond the limits of the screen. Mouse & keyboard support with a full-blown keyboard launcher and directory navigator. RSS news feed functionality allows you to track what you are interested in the most. Keep your eyes on multiple picture slideshows that are easily added. Floating, colorful notes are .... Free download of SideSlide 3.5.60

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Synergy for Mac 1.7.3 Sourceforge    

... you control them from a single keyboard and mouse. As a software solution, you might want to ... computer to the next simply by push your mouse off-screen. You can configure that switching location to be on any or all of the four sides of your main monitor. Users can also .... Free download of Synergy for Mac 1.7.3

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