TVideoGrabber Video SDK DATASTEAD Sarl     update

TVideoGrabber is a video capture / media player SDK for development of C#.NET, VB.NET, Delphi, C++Builder, Visual C++, QT applications. Powerful and intuitive to use, TVideoGrabber will help you to save time, money and effort to include video and/or audio capabilities in your project. It supports the Datastead Multipurpose Encoder that .... Free download of TVideoGrabber Video SDK

ImBatch 5.9.0 High Motion Software     update

ImBatch is a batch image processor with a nice graphical user interface. It will allow you to edit multiple image files at the click of a button by using scripts. The script will be created by combining Tasks. ImBatch can batch resize and convert images in minutes instead of hours or .... Free download of ImBatch 5.9.0

Disk Pulse Ultimate 10.6.24 Flexense Computing Systems Ltd.     update

... rules to set before putting the process in motion. Multiple profiles can be created so you don have to go through the setup each time. Available adjustments include and are not limited to target volume selection, general events to monitor, custom rules, as well as exclusion lists. The main window .... Free download of Disk Pulse Ultimate 10.6.24

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VidMasta 24.7 Anthony Gray     update

... simple interface, this particular software is all about motion pictures, television series and fast downloads. The lookup feature offers users the ability to choose beside the title, a specific type, rating, release date and also choose the genre. The video quality is also taken into consideration, thus allowing users to .... Free download of VidMasta 24.7

Sony DVD Architect Pro 7.0 B84 Sony Creative Software Inc     update

... into the project window. Use the same drag-and-drop motion to place buttons, text, backgrounds, and more to create a professional-looking DVD in minutes. It's the complete DVD experience, fast and easy! Professional results: · Author DVDs of your movies, slideshows, and music compilations with professional polish. You can include .... Free download of Sony DVD Architect Pro 7.0 B84

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Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 15.0 B102 Sony Creative Software Inc     update

... Up the excitement Boost colors, apply slow motion, or add other effects to enhance any video project. Use the new Color Match tool to achieve a consistent color look from one scene to the next. Transitions and dissolves From standard dissolves to sensational 3D transitions, add artistic .... Free download of Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 15.0 B102

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ContaCam 7.7.0 Oliver Pfister     update

... German, Italian and Russian CCTV Security Surveillance with motion detection and 24 hours digital video recording (DVR) Motion detection events presented as animated thumbnails in web ... check the street demo and the home demo Motion detection actions like FTP upload, send email (SSL/TLS ... 24 hours recording mode (no audio record on motion detection) Has all the FreeVimager features for snapshots .... Free download of ContaCam 7.7.0

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Adobe PhotoShop CC 2018 19.1.1 Adobe Systems     update

... shots you thought were lost due to camera motion. Whether your blur was caused by slow shutter speed or a long focal length, Camera Shake Reduction analyzes its trajectory and helps restore sharpness. NEW Real-time image asset generation Skip the hassle of manual asset slicing and export when designing .... Free download of Adobe PhotoShop CC 2018 19.1.1

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Bandicut Video Cutter Bandicam Company     update

... common codecs such as H.264, Xvid, MPEG-1 and Motion JPEG, and various video formats such as *.avi, *.mp4, *.mov, *.m4v, *.mkv, *.mpeg, *.mpg, *.dat, *.vob, *.flv, *.asf, *.wmv, *.ts, *.tp, *.trp, *.mpe, *.mpv2, *.mp2v, *.m2t, *.m2ts, *.k3g, *.divx, *.wm, *.wmx, *.wvx, *.rm, *.rmvb, *.ram, *.ivf, *.ogm, *.vp6 and *.xvd. Bandicut .... Free download of Bandicut Video Cutter

ToolsToo 7.1 ToolsToo     update

... size, format, rotation, spacing, table column widths, animation, motion path end, rounded corners, and adjustments * Rearrange ... Split Join * Make Line Horizontal/Vertical * Reset Motion Path Start * Copy to Motion Path End * Add to Group * Swap .... Free download of ToolsToo 7.1

PowerDirector Deluxe 16.0.2524.0 CyberLink Corp.     update

... AVCHD discs with stylish menus. The NEW Motion Blur tool allows you to add and control blur length and density when setting the motion animation of PiP objects and text titles. This feature enriches the sense of speed and direction of moving PiP objects in your videos, to .... Free download of PowerDirector Deluxe 16.0.2524.0

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Luxand FaceSDK 6.4 Luxand Development     update

... streams. The innovative video recognition algorithms implement true motion-based video identification, automatically recognizing and tagging all faces encountered in a video stream with no prior enrolment required. FaceSDK utilizes today's multiple-core, multi-CPU computing to the limit. This and other performance optimizations lead to dramatically increased performance, allowing surefooted identification and .... Free download of Luxand FaceSDK 6.4

VISCOM Video Capture Pro SDK ActiveX 11.0 Viscom Software     update

... stream From IP Camera to AVI, MP4 file Motion Detection for specific region and custom define Motion Sensitivity (need purchased our Motion Detection Plugin). Support Face Detection and Face Tracking. .... Free download of VISCOM Video Capture Pro SDK ActiveX 11.0

AVStoDVD 2.8.7 Sourceforge     update

... Internal DVD Menu Editor with customizable static and motion menus. Video and Audio editing using AviSynth filters. Batch encoding is supported. .... Free download of AVStoDVD 2.8.7

CrazyTalk Pipeline 8.13 Reallusion Inc.     update

... that whisper, shout, talk and sing with hilarious motions that emulate your own voice energy. With this groundbreaking Auto Motion technology, you just need to import images, specify ... create 3D life-like, talking videos.Use hundreds of auto motion templates found in the content-rich asset library, or .... Free download of CrazyTalk Pipeline 8.13

CrazyTalk Animator 3.22 Reallusion Inc.     update

... or prop to life by applying bouncy Elastic Motion effects. For the character part, CTA3 is built with 2D character templates, valuable motion libraries, a powerful 2D bone rig editor, facial puppets, and audio lip-syncing tools to give users unparalleled control when animating 2D talking characters for .... Free download of CrazyTalk Animator 3.22

Express Animate Animation Free 3.10 NCH Software     new

Create motion animations and add animations to your videos with Express Animate. Express Animate is free animation software that gives you the ability to animate shapes, text and imported images. Express Animate features: * Add video and image files to your movie canvas * Objects can be moved, resized, rotated .... Free download of Express Animate Animation Free 3.10

Camlytics 2.0.1 Camlytics     update

... (NVR) with video analytics and heatmaps. People counting, motion detection, vehicle and traffic counting, camera events and alerts, motion heatmaps, human - vehicle classifier, camera events charts and analytics export. Supports range of events: -Camera obstructed, -Object enter/exit, -Region join/leave, -Running, -Loitering, -Abandoned .... Free download of Camlytics 2.0.1

SentiMask SDK Trial 1.0 Neurotechnology     new

... tracking SDK for development of applications which provide motion capture functionality for 3D character face animation in entertainment applications (games, communication software or instant messengers with animated emoji), augmented reality apps (virtual makeup, appearance change evaluation, mapping animated avatars on a face), as well as facial pose, landmarks, shape and .... Free download of SentiMask SDK Trial 1.0

AstroGrav for Mac 3.5.1 AstroGrav Astronomy Software     update

... interactions between all astronomical bodies, so that the motions of asteroids and comets are simulated much more ... of asteroids and comets. Because it calculates the motions of bodies from their gravitational interactions, AstroGrav is not restricted to just the solar system. Any situation in which gravity is the only significant .... Free download of AstroGrav for Mac 3.5.1

AstroGrav 3.5.1 AstroGrav Astronomy Software     update

... interactions between all astronomical bodies, so that the motions of asteroids and comets are simulated much more ... of asteroids and comets. Because it calculates the motions of bodies from their gravitational interactions, AstroGrav is not restricted to just the solar system. Any situation in which gravity is the only significant .... Free download of AstroGrav 3.5.1

ZW3D 2018 ZWCAD SOFTWARE CO., LTD.     update

ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the complete product development process, features the fastest kernel for Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting and smart CNC Machining tactics from 2 axis to 5 axis. It brings customers multiple benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency. Unique Features .... Free download of ZW3D 2018

IP Video System Design Tool 9.1.0 B1653 Joint Video Surveillance Group     update

... and several compression methods, including H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG. IP Video System Design Tool helps the designer to find optimal FPS and compression that tailors to LAN capabilities and calculate the required HDD storage space. Frame size estimations are based on the result of our own compression research. .... Free download of IP Video System Design Tool 9.1.0 B1653

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Photo Blur FX 1.1 Day 1 Software     new

... entire photo using the Gaussian blur algorithm) - Motion Blur (gives your photo a dynamic look) - Zoom Blur (applies a lens zoom effect in the center of your photo) - Circle Blur (blurs a certain circular area of your photo) * Apply the following focus effects to your photo: .... Free download of Photo Blur FX 1.1

Video Kiosk 6.3 BurningThumb Studios     update

... using a schedule, by device location or using motion detection. Customize the screen when using Digital Signage Widget Mode. Display multiple widgets and URLs in resizable widget areas. Use Overlays to display graphic in front of the media and backgrounds to display backgrounds or background audio behind the media. Customize .... Free download of Video Kiosk 6.3

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