TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot 5.78 TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot     update

... 'TinyMiner - Warp-To-Zero Hauler' for transporting all your mined ore! The new Market Trading and Assets Hauler ... station. The Eve Online Mining Bot can now mine them and unload the cargo in a nearby ... this Eve Mining Bot are perfect for stealthy miners! The 'Local Chat Logs Monitor' and 'Private Messages .... Free download of TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot 5.78

Serlog 16.0 Gammadyne Corporation     update

... customizable set of reports. There is a gold mine of information in your logs. Can you afford to ignore it? .... Free download of Serlog 16.0

TextPipe Pro 10.8 DataMystic     update

... text or binary files of UNLIMITED size. Text mine / extract data from mainframe EBCDIC COBOL copybooks, data historians, log files, XML, HTML, delimited files. Upload Data Historian time-series data to Azure Event Hub or Azure IoT Hub. EasyPattern or perl-style regular expression search and replace. Use restrictions to control .... Free download of TextPipe Pro 10.8

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MailDex 1.3.4 Encryptomatic LLC     update

... of emails. MailDex is an affordable way to mine the information in your email history. There's so much you can do with MailDex, you just have to it give it a try. Contact the publisher with any questions during your trial. They are glad to help. .... Free download of MailDex 1.3.4

DirectoryScanner 5.0 SecurityXploded Inc.     new

... poorly configured Directory server can be a gold mine for the pentester. In addition to this, it can greatly help administrators to remotely keep tab on Directory Servers running in their network. At a time you can use it to scan single or multiple systems in the network. .... Free download of DirectoryScanner 5.0

MINE for Facebook 1.1.6 Marvin Apps     update

MINE for Facebook is a Facebook client created with one mission in mind: your Facebook experience, the way you want it. Of course you can see your Facebook timeline, see and respond to your private messages, post updates, comment & like, view albums, events, groups, pages, ..., but you can .... Free download of MINE for Facebook 1.1.6

Rocks'n'Diamonds Portable Portableapps     update

... game in the tradition of Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine, Supaplex and Sokoban. Features * ... * contains levels to play Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine and Sokoban * lots of additional levels available (over 10.000) .... Free download of Rocks'n'Diamonds Portable

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Cudo Miner 0.9.3 Cudo Ventures     new

... a button. Automatic algorithm switching ensures you always mine the most profitable coin. Cudo Miner continuously scans the coin value and difficulty, automatically ... at any given time. If you're an advanced miner and already have hardware optimised for a specific ... algorithm switching and manually choose which coin to mine. Features: - Auto coin switching for maximum profitability .... Free download of Cudo Miner 0.9.3

Moonify App 0.0.4 Moonify     new

A CPU miner for Monero and Electroneum for those who want to start earning cryptocurrency with the click of a button. Dedicated desktop app intended for solomining. Transforms idle CPU power into currency. Minimum payout of 0.1 XMR or 100 ETN. After download, open an account at my.moonify.io to secure .... Free download of Moonify App 0.0.4

Freebitcoin bot 1.0.14 Bestmacros     update

... with big prizes. Automatically gain Reward points. Can mine Bitcoin, while waiting for next round. Can play Multiply BTC bid game using Martingale betting system (paid version). This will help you on your daily free bitcoin activity. If you are even thinking about getting free Bitcoins, youll want this bot. .... Free download of Freebitcoin bot 1.0.14

Idle Miner Tycoon for Windows 1.0 Games.lol     new

Be an industrial tycoon with Idle Miner Tycoon! Hire workers and manage your mine. Make your workers work for you while you ... your reach as you go deeper down and mine more in Idle Miner Tycoon. Automate your workflow and increase efficiency by ... Go deeper the ground as you build more mine shafts. Strategize and allocate your resources well; and .... Free download of Idle Miner Tycoon for Windows 1.0

Minesweeper for PC Download 1.0 Epic99     new

Minesweeper is a puzzle game where players goal is to clear all the mines in the field. The game starts with a ... selected squares that are designated to have a mine hiding under them. Goal of the game is to clear all the mines without stepping on any or accidentally discovering one. .... Free download of Minesweeper for PC Download 1.0

Crypto Miner 0.4.292 MartinK     update

... project aims to be easy to use crypto-currency miner with support of major miners and coins. For now there are few coins supported to mine on CPU or GPU. Hash rate and results ... can be seen in console. To use Crypto Miner you need to have address of stratum pool and username for coin you would like to mine. This software uses unmofied offically released miners for .... Free download of Crypto Miner 0.4.292

MineSweeper3D 2.7.1 Robert Webb     new

Minesweeper on a 3D surface (polyhedron), with high-quality graphics ... be very comfortable for fans of the original Minesweeper! New tilings (not just squares!) bring new challenges, ... the surrounding tiles will also be free of mines. That should ensure you get a useful open ... out exact probabilities of each tile containing a mine otherwise. You can also ask for a hint .... Free download of MineSweeper3D 2.7.1

Deep Hunter 1.0.4 ZemexGames     new

... is fast, and has a lot of sea mines and it very dangerous)<br> Futuristic submarine from feature (she can dodge deep-sea bombs) .... Free download of Deep Hunter 1.0.4

Web Data Miner pitchsoft    

... the web pages in tabular form. Web Data Miner is a great data scrapper tool which automates ... effort of scraping data from website. Web Data Miner's intelligence helps the user to extract accurate data ... IP address. This web data mining tool can mine the data from multiple web pages in a .... Free download of Web Data Miner

Smart Web Data Scraper Window India    

Undoubtedly internet is one of the biggest business places for the global world order. Business organizations depend greatly on the wide network of internet to establish communication with others and this marks the starring of internet era. It is not just all the business organizations who are benefited; individuals too are .... Free download of Smart Web Data Scraper

Township Township 4.8.0 Playrix    

... life in your town special flavor. Explore the mine to get resources and find ancient artifacts. Run ... orders you need to fill * Your town's mine packed with ancient artifacts to discover and collect * Exotic goods brought from the islands * A zoo to build where you can even .... Free download of Township Township 4.8.0

Directory Scanner 5.0 SecurityXploded    

... poorly configured Directory server can be a gold mine for the pentester. In addition to this, it can greatly help administrators to remotely keep tab on Directory Servers running in their network. At a time you can use it to scan single or multiple systems in the network. It can .... Free download of Directory Scanner 5.0

Email and Phone Extractor Files Technocom Solutions    

Email & phone extractor files is a small utility capable of accomplishing great feats. It can help you in assimilating all the contact details scattered across your PC at one place in order to get a list that can be a boon for marketing purposes & maintaining touch with people who .... Free download of Email and Phone Extractor Files

Web Email and Phone Extractor Pro Technocom Solutions    

Web email & phone extractor is a simple solution to all your data mining quibbles. This is a morphed version of two utilities rolled in to one & extracts Emails , Phone, Mobile , Fax numbers from Search Engines & Websites in one operation In order to reap the benefits of .... Free download of Web Email and Phone Extractor Pro

Phone and Email Extractor Files Lantech Soft    

... heaps of data present in your system, are mined out & processed to give you a ready ... to manually go through all the files & mine contact details out painstakingly. This is a unique file mobile extractor in the sense that you can dump entire folders onto it & within .... Free download of Phone and Email Extractor Files

Gold Fishing 1.3.3 Novel Games Limited    

... about the treasure in the newly discovered gold mine. Come and grab your share before the mine is emptied! Your goal in this game is ... time runs out, you lose. Rush into the mine now and enjoy the clinking sound of gold .... Free download of Gold Fishing 1.3.3

Mines Flagger 1.5.1 Novel Games Limited    

Getting used to the traditional Minesweeper? Come and play the game in a reverse manner! In Mines Flagger, your goal is to label all of the mines inside the grid. When the game starts, you ... If a revealed block does not contain a mine, a number which indicates the quantity of landmines .... Free download of Mines Flagger 1.5.1

Be Mine 5.0 FullScreensavers.com    

... st. Valentine's day screensaver with your love! Be Mine screensaver is the best gift for your passion. ... your imagination for a long time. Download Be Mine holiday screensaver! Bright up your desktop with free animated screensavers! Choose from various screensaver categories: 3D, Nature, Holidays, Animated, Special effects, Clock screensavers, etc. .... Free download of Be Mine 5.0

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