MetroTwit for Win 8 UI Pixel Tucker Pty Ltd.     update

MetroTwit is the Twitter client for Windows 8 you'll love to use. INSPIRED BY METRO. MetroTwit celebrates an elegant and clean user interface that's ... MORE. It looks simple because it is simple. MetroTwit is proudly just a Twitter client and brings ... FOR WINDOWS 8. Designed from the ground up, MetroTwit is a native Metro application that showcases the .... Free download of MetroTwit for Win 8 UI

Veen Twitter 1.1 praveen prasad    

... It’s a beautifully and uniquely designed windows 8 metro app. It’s sleek and easy to use. It aims to provide its users with a distraction free reading experience. It comes with multiple features, including .... Free download of Veen Twitter 1.1

Warbler Chris Sienkiewicz    

Warbler is Twitter for Windows 8. Warbler takes advantage of the Windows 8 Modern UI to display your tweets in a fast and beautiful way, ensuring you can see as many tweets at one time as possible. Warbler pulls your background from Twitter to give you a personalized experience and .... Free download of Warbler

Reddit To Go! ross456    

Reddit To Go! is your go-to reddit app for Windows 8! It's designed to fully take ... submit links, search, and more! Check out the App Features section below for a larger list of what this app can do, and be sure to check out ... go Pro! to show your support for the app. There are no additional features unlocked right now, .... Free download of Reddit To Go!

Rowi for Win8 UI Hidden Pineapple    

Rowi is an easy to use Twitter app for Windows with a clean and simple interface. ... Twitter user or a beginner, this is the app for you! Instead of focusing on a big ... Rowi has a simple, streamlined, easy to use Metro interface that feels like it’s part of Windows.. Free download of Rowi for Win8 UI

9GAG News SMYOWL    

... you can always get the best from the app In-app feedback gets you directly in touch with the app developers .... Free download of 9GAG News

Social screen David Catuhe    

Social Screen allows you to display twitter hashtags and facebook news feeds in a dynamic and beautiful way. It can be used during meeting or professional events to engage your audience and drive more visibility on social networks. Features Twitter Facebook .... Free download of Social screen

Customized Mail Primaccess Technologies Pvt Li    

Customized mailing app is a windows store app used to send free customized mails. You can ... using your gmail or live id into the app to send free customized mails. Enter mail id ... your gmail contacts will be populated in the app contacts list. Enter Customized message which you want. Free download of Customized Mail

InstaWin 3 NestedLoop    

With InstaWin you can browse Instagram photos, comment and like them. You can search for users as well as pictures by tags. If you let InstaWin to use your position you will be able to look at the latest pictures taken near you! Features Browse Self Feed, Popular and .... Free download of InstaWin 3

Skype for Win8 UI Skype    

Skype is the always-on app that makes staying in touch with all your ... voice calls and instant messaging, all from one app. Features Once you sign in, the app is always on without draining your device's battery, ... it: You'll stay connected even when the app is closed, so you're always reachable. Start a .... Free download of Skype for Win8 UI

Tweetro+ Lazyworm Applications Ltd.    

Tweetro is the twitter client for Windows8. It is minimal and gives wide pages where you can scroll through your favorite twitter sections. You can view the teal-time streaming of tweets within 'Timeline' and search option. You can mention suggestions when tweeting. It features in-app browser options and URL bar, options .... Free download of Tweetro+

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