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WebSite Auditor Professional 4.49.14 Link-Assistant.Com: SEO tools    

... of two modules, one dealing with site structure analysis and the other one covering content optimization. Here ... resources restricted from indexing (in robots.txt, by Noindex meta tag or Noindex X-Robots tag); -Get the HTTP ... empty or, vice versa, too long titles and meta descriptions, etc.; *Page Audit -Keywords in title and .... Free download of WebSite Auditor Professional 4.49.14

Active WebTraffic 9.2.4 Myrasoft    

... any website. Other tools included: ranking checker, keyword analysis and research tool, page advisor, advanced meta tag generator, link checker, HTML validator and HTML editor. Download .... Free download of Active WebTraffic 9.2.4

MIX Lite BiostatXL    

... an application designed to help you perform profesisonal meta-analyses from inside Excel. It features 20+ built-in datasets from popular books about meta-analysis and uses a structured, step-by-step approach to meta-analysis of exploration, synthesis, and evaluation. The Datawizard .... Free download of MIX Lite

TextTransformer 1.7.5 Detlef Meyer-Eltz    

... POSIX style Definitions of grammar rules syntactically as meta regular expressions Skipping irrelevant parts of text by means of the SKIP-symbol Integrated debugger Integrated simple c++ interpreter Syntax highlighting Type checking and immediate finding of errors Automatically testing Interactivity, to translate selected parts of the text Transformation manager to handle .... Free download of TextTransformer 1.7.5

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