Start Menu X 6.5 OrdinarySoft     update

Start Menu X is a replacement of the system menu for professionals. Power users are a lot more ... extra clicks and moves - this is Start Menu X. Get it now - virtual groups, one-click ... simply by clicking this folder. - Customize the menu to your taste! Change the structure and add .... Free download of Start Menu X 6.5

QuickWayToFolders x64 1.3.7 Jacquelin POTIER     update

... four display modes such as desktop, small browser, menu and multiple folders menu. Each entry is added to the taskbar notification ... Small Browser : Act like windows explorer · Menu : Display folder content in menu · Multiple Folders Menu : Display multiple folders content in a single menu Each entry is added to the taskbar notification .... Free download of QuickWayToFolders x64 1.3.7

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QuickWayToFolders 1.3.7 Jacquelin POTIER     update

... Small Browser : Act like windows explorer · Menu : Display folder content in menu · Multiple Folders Menu : Display multiple folders content in a single menu Each entry is added to the taskbar notification .... Free download of QuickWayToFolders 1.3.7

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Start Menu 10 6.5 OrdinarySoft     update

The Windows 10 start menu forces you to use apps and impairs your ... application will help you escape these annoyances. Start Menu 10 is the right solution for replacing the Windows 10 start menu. Opening the menu gives you access to a smart list of ... recently used documents and folders. What makes Start Menu 10 really special is the customizable list of .... Free download of Start Menu 10 6.5

My Startup Delayer 1.80 My Portable Software     update

... using our software insted of the Windows "Startup" menu? Well.. Windows launch ALL the software simultaneously making it really slow and unresponsive. My Startup Delayer launch them one by one (you can set the seconds to wait after each execution). .... Free download of My Startup Delayer 1.80

Qsel 2.26 Horst Schaeffer     update

... -Switch categories: click on category title opens popup menu; back to previous (stacked) -Access to options and configuration through context menu (right mouse click) -SystemTray mode with tray menu for quick access to all windows and functions ... Flash Drives -Unicode support Window Options (context menu): -Large or small Icons -Window with/without title bar .... Free download of Qsel 2.26

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PopSel 2.57 Horst Schaeffer     update

PopSel offers simple pop-up menus to launch programs, documents, web links, Explorer windows, ... launching an "external program". Any number of menus can be created through configuration files that are ... default or specified application. Configuration: When the menu is aborted (click outside the menu or ESC), the "Configuration" button will pop up. .... Free download of PopSel 2.57

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SSuite Mac Dock For PC 6.0.1 SSuite Office Software     update

... have direct system access through the dock's sub menus{sub-docks}. Up to 35 custom application short-cuts may be added to the dock for easier and faster start-up of your most favourite programs. The Mac Dock sits at the bottom of your screen/desktop for best user performance and cannot be moved. To .... Free download of SSuite Mac Dock For PC 6.0.1

Start Menu 8 6.3 OrdinarySoft     update

Start Menu Windows 8 will return the Start Menu and Start Button to your OS. This is ... starting programs and shutting down your PC. Start Menu 8 combines modern technologies and the familiar way ... mouse wheel to find what you need. Start Menu 8 is a solution for Windows 8 users .... Free download of Start Menu 8 6.3

LaunchBar Commander 1.154.01 Mouser     update

... your screen and lets you configure buttons and menus which will launch your favorites programs. LaunchBar ... etc. It emphasizes the use of highly configurable Menus rather than just buttons - you can build hierarchical menus of any depth and varying types. It has ... the program can support multiple docks and tray menus. Robust support for virtual file menus - confgure .... Free download of LaunchBar Commander 1.154.01

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FileMenu Tools 7.5 LopeSoft     update

FileMenu Tools allows you to customise the context menu of Windows Explorer. And it lets ... are added by other applications to the context menu. The build-in utilities are the following: · Synchronize Folders - Synchronizes two folders. It is possible configure the synchronization type (unidirectional, bidirectional, .... Free download of FileMenu Tools 7.5

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Winstep Xtreme 16.6 Winstep Software Technologies     update

... all the drawers below it. NextSTART is the menu system - and takes care of all your task management needs as well. Menus are great for accessing infrequently used files and ... user-recognizable graphic representation. You can create as many menus as you want, and, with NextSTART hotspots, you can invoke each of these menus by a super fast screen edge/corner bump with .... Free download of Winstep Xtreme 16.6

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App for Pixabay 1.0 Basil Salad Software     new

App for Pixabay is a site-specific browser for macOS. It provides access to royalty-free photos in Pixabay so that users can find the stock photos that they need without needing to switch away from their current application and become sidetracked when trying to find stock photos. App for Pixabay enables users .... Free download of App for Pixabay 1.0

Stack Menu 1.0.1 Basil Salad Software     new

Stack Menu is a site-specific browser to Stack Overflow for macOS. It stays in the menu bar so that programmers does not need to ... get distracted when searching for programming problems. Stack Menu enables users to quickly search Stack Overflow and ... bar. Features Access Stack Overflow from the macOS menu bar. Read Stack Overflow with the beautiful San .... Free download of Stack Menu 1.0.1

Run with Parameters 1.5 4dots Software     new

... command prompt. This free shell extension, adds a menu item to the right click context menu of Windows Explorer, that if selected opens a screen where the arguments can be specified for the currently selected program file. Also you can .... Free download of Run with Parameters 1.5

WinAppLauncher Concevis AG     new

Not happy with the Windows Start Menu? WinAppLauncher makes launching your favorite applications as easy as it can get - one move, one click, and the desired application is up and running. WinAppLauncher is a launch bar application that is designed to make it as easy as possible to launch .... Free download of WinAppLauncher

GiMeSpace QuickMenu GiMeSpace     update

... QuickMenu! Press a custom assigned mouse/keyboard key, the menu pops up at the place of the mouse ... you rather like one click to make the menu show up and then an other click to ... adjust the number of icon columns that the menu will show. The QuickMenu has two parts, the .... Free download of GiMeSpace QuickMenu

Java Portable Launcher 4.0 Portableapps     update

... Portable. It can be installed into the Menu where, when it is run, it will prompt you to select a JAR file to run. It can also be run directly by dragging and dropping a JAR file onto the JavaPortableLauncher.exe file. Java Portable Launcher does not portablize the .... Free download of Java Portable Launcher 4.0

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Quick Cliq 2.1.1 Apathy Softworks     update

Quick Cliq is a portable menu based application launcher and productivity tool with features ... All of this is provided in a compact menu that you can show anywhere and within any application or window through customizable hot keys and mouse gestures. .... Free download of Quick Cliq 2.1.1

WX Smart Desktop 17 in 1 2018 WXSDA     new

WX Smart Desktop is a user-friendly and efficient software solution designed to provide you with a choice in terms of Windows desktop, as it also offers several additional functions that can help you increase your work productivity. The utility is fairly simple to understand and work with. Upon installation, restart your .... Free download of WX Smart Desktop 17 in 1 2018

Wox 1.3.475 Wox Launcher Team     update

... that integrates straightforward functions, packs a useful configuration menu and a plugin manager. Find Applications & Files Quick Start program and local files without leaving your keyboard, automatic sorting based on usage. Quick-Search the Web Search the web by prefixing your search with keywords like wiki, g. Add .... Free download of Wox 1.3.475

Able Launch Bar 3.9.1 RasterVect Software    

... dozen of icons on your desktop or Start menu? Try this simple but powerful Launch Bar to ... folders with shortcuts from your desktop or start menu. Program features: Real folders as in Windows Explorer; Drag & Drop operations support; "AutoHide" and "Always on Top" options; Small or Large icons; Bumpless .... Free download of Able Launch Bar 3.9.1

Chameleon Task Manager Pro Evgeni Shmakov    

... help of new commands added to the system menu and using the tray menu) Complete forbiddance or permission to launch programs on certain days Notifications about current optimizations in the screen corner .... Free download of Chameleon Task Manager Pro

Windows 7 Classic Start Menu 6.11 OrdinarySoft    

... you missing the in Windows 7 Classic Start Menu? If so, you are not alone; we have developed this Classic Start Menu for you, and now you can easily change the unusable menu of Windows 7 to the well known classic start menu with Aero skin. Actually, you can use other .... Free download of Windows 7 Classic Start Menu 6.11

Start Menu XP 6.11 OrdinarySoft    

This program makes the list of programs "drop out" just like it did in Windows XP. This feature allows you to use all screen space and find the necessary programs faster. You can also organize programs in "virtual groups" (Office, Games, etc.) Since these groups are virtual, you won't see empty .... Free download of Start Menu XP 6.11

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