RADYO cahit cercioglu     update

... servers. You can listen to streams of Windows Media Servers, ShoutCAST, IceCAST and direct file. Playlist file support. You can open .pls, .m3u, .m3u8, .asx,.. extensions. radyo:// url protocol. RADYO supports it’s own url mechanism that lets listeners easily share stations between them. Multi-Language and Multi-Region support! RADYO immediately localizes .... Free download of RADYO

Media Player Plus Best Software Applications    

... speed it up? Well now you can - Media Player Plus picks up where other Windows 8 media players leave off, giving you finer control over the way you listen to and watch your media. Open files from your personal media collection or YouTube, slow them down to learn .... Free download of Media Player Plus

TKS Media-Player tkrdme    

Media player is an App used to describe computer ... audio and video, others focus only on one media type or the other. Features It supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats, including DVD-video, video CD and streaming protocols. It is able to stream over computer .... Free download of TKS Media-Player

DatPiff Idle Media Inc    

DatPiff Mobile meets Microsoft's Windows 8 in this native app. The app brings the most popular DatPiff mixtapes right to your desktop or tablet while taking advantage of the gorgeous UI and panorama controls. Features Stream the hottest mixtapes Panel view for multitasking .... Free download of DatPiff

TWiT View 1.0.6 RLB Labs    

... keep track of new episodes. Integrated IRC chatroom. Media Controls - Skip ahead (60 seconds) and Skip back (15 seconds) increments. Pin shows to Windows Start Screen. PlayTo Support (select "Devices" from the Charm Bar on any page with playing video). .... Free download of TWiT View 1.0.6

Music DJ Morten Nielsen    

... right to your Xbox, and integrates with Windows's media buttons and media remotes, as well as support music playback in the background while you're working on something else. You and your friends can also use .... Free download of Music DJ

VMG Player mathan    

... removes all the clutter found in most modern media players. It is built to play your files, from your libraries. MMP supports common media formats like MP4 or AVI file formats. Features •Supports most popular video and audio formats (no MKV yet) .... Free download of VMG Player

Mobile SmartHub File Manager Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea    

... as pictures, videos or contacts to an ODD media or USB storage. Besides, if your USB storage is connected to Optical SmartHub (device), you can expand your smartphone and tablet’s storage capacity by using Optical SmartHub as network storage. FEATURES Provides basic file manager functionality such as browsing, .... Free download of Mobile SmartHub File Manager

Mobile SmartHub Audio CD Player Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea    

... is not a conventional CD/DVD writer but a media streamer that transmit the CD music data through wireless connection, you can enjoy the high-quality CD music through your tablet or PC wirelessly when you use Mobile SmartHub Audio CD Player(app) with it. * Remarks - Mobile SmartHub Audio CD .... Free download of Mobile SmartHub Audio CD Player

Jukebox Arcade Extrastrength Software    

... have never seen and heard before. A music media browser that provides you with information about the ... love. Features Supports MP3, WMA (Windows Media), and M4A (iTunes) files and the tags within them. Beautiful, Rich and Easy to use interface is fast and responsive. Powered last.fm providing rich .... Free download of Jukebox Arcade

Metro Media Centre First Consulting    

... shows. This application connects to a Windows Media Centre PC with the Remote Potato Server installed ... streaming experience, setup the Windows MCE computer with Media Sharing. Connecting via the Media Server Button give a more standard fully capable .... Free download of Metro Media Centre

sMedio TrueLink+ sMedio, Inc.    

sMedio TrueLink+ is Network Media Player App. With sMedio TrueLink+, you can seamlessly ... Music / Photo Browse and Playback. Thumbnail based Media Library for Intuitive navigation. Optimized for Windows 8 user experiences. Browse and Playback contents on HomeNetwork Devices. .... Free download of sMedio TrueLink+

My Media Center for Win8 UI Ceton Corporation    

If you love Windows Media Center you’ll REALLY love My Media Center for Windows 8. As a companion to Windows Media Center, My Media Center allows you to manage and control your Windows Media Center experience from your Windows 8 device, whether ... control, and so much more the Ultimate Windows Media Center app is here. Requires My Media .... Free download of My Media Center for Win8 UI

mobile.HD Media Player Dorin Damaschin    

Media player that plays HD video natively using DirectX ... file types including MKV. You can also stream media content to DLNA devices using Play To. Features Native Video Playback MKV support Subtitles embedded in mkv files .sub and .srt external subtitles PlayTo DLNA Audio player Playlists .... Free download of mobile.HD Media Player

PlayTo Receiver for Win8 UI Software Developer    

... in the Windows Store, Android, and iOS. Windows Media Player is also capable of this on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. In addition, there are also a variety of physical devices which can serve content over the DLNA standard. Use the app support contact for reporting app/device success and failure. Features .... Free download of PlayTo Receiver for Win8 UI

Scott Music Player Andrew Scott    

... music to any dlna compatible device Or Windows media player on another computer Works across all view states. View the current song on the app's tile, or on the lock screen Select and play a single title, any number of titles or all titles at once. Double clicking an audio .... Free download of Scott Music Player

StormPlay RT Storm Entertainment Ltd.    

StormPlay RT is a media player designed to display your files with artwork ... well as connect to many UPnP and DLNA media servers. For the ultimate home network experience connect ... title. This allows you to easily manage your media files and see at a glance what each file is. Media is split into Movies and TV categories to .... Free download of StormPlay RT

Media Gallery for Win8 UI Newspace Group.    

Welcome to Media Gallery! We sure that you really like this ... of life. You can do anything with your media gallery consist of photos, music and videos. You ... the future we will help your share your media to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and via ... it! Features Access and play your media on your device: photo, music and movie Favourite .... Free download of Media Gallery for Win8 UI

Top Music Videos Superstar apps    

... play video directly to your Xbox and other media receiver devices. If you need to multitask, snap ... new releases Play video directly to Xbox and media receiver devices Snapped view with full playlist control ... when app is in background Integrated with system media controls allowing media access when app is running .... Free download of Top Music Videos

PressPlay Video Mind Integrated    

Media Player providing the best experience for playing your ... folders inside your libraries, removable devices, HomeGroup and media servers. Features Explore the folders inside your libraries, removable devices, HomeGroup and media servers Explore and play videos side-by-side Play Matroska (MKV) and Flash (FLV) video files (experimental) .... Free download of PressPlay Video

Movie Premier ShuGr Media    

... to have a Windows 8 movie player and media library browser. Movie Premier has been designed to ... viewing large collections easier - Performance tested for media libraries containing more than 10,000 titles .... Free download of Movie Premier

Metro Media Player klonworks    

Using a clean design, Metro Media Player removes all the clutter found in most modern media players. It is built to play your files, from your libraries. MMP supports common media formats like MP4 or WMV as well as ... rate. MMP also works with mouse, keyboard, special media keys, media remotes as well as touch. .... Free download of Metro Media Player

VIC MediaPlayer Microsoft    

VIC(Video Innovation Center) MediaPlayer is a 32/64-bit media player for Microsoft Windows8 App's.Note: If you want ... VIC-Media Player, but are absent from some other media software, including Windows Media Player. Features Both of those features ... and MPlayer, but are absent from some other media software, including Windows Media Player. Only file names .... Free download of VIC MediaPlayer

MediaMonkey for Win8 UI Ventis Media, Inc    

MediaMonkey is an advanced media player that lets you navigate and manage large ... Windows networking, over UPnP/DLNA, and/or via synchronization with MediaMonkey desktops. Wi-Fi Sync is available as an in-app purchase, allowing you to sync with MediaMonkey desktops wirelessly. Features Manage Music, Audiobooks, ... and playlists. Access content via UPnP/DLNA. Support for MediaMonkey Sync keeps tracks, metadata, play history, & bookmarks .... Free download of MediaMonkey for Win8 UI

XBMC Boss for Win8 UI Immersive LLC    

... You'll love being able to navigate your entire media library without interrupting your currently playing media and being able to leave your media server's screen turned off while still being able ... and fanart.tv "Now Playing" screen shows currently playing media and buttons to manually control XBMC Supports multiple .... Free download of XBMC Boss for Win8 UI

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