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Screen Ruler Professional WonderWebWare.com    

... millimeters, centimeters, points, inches * define your own units * horizontal and vertical guides * customizable colors ... customizable tickers and direction * rotation and "diagonal" measurement supported * use figures to measure area and perimeter * works with multi-display systems * customizable ppi settings (incl. "screen calibration") * works on .... Free download of Screen Ruler Professional

Unit Conversion Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... users who want to convert a unit of measurement. The user selects the type of measurement: length, temperature, speed, volume, weight or area. The unit to be converted and the target unit are picked from drop down menus before entering .... Free download of Unit Conversion Software 7.0

Ondesoft Screen Rulers for Mac 1.12.21 Ondesoft    

... objects in Pixels, Inches, Picas, Centimeters and calibrated units. In addition, a built-in protractor can measure angles ... you a magnifier and pixel value for accurate measurements. Logger Window can remember all the detailed measurements data history. What's more, keyboard shortcuts, ruler colors ... picas, centimeters, angles, radians and some other customized units on your Mac. *Measure angles in radians or .... Free download of Ondesoft Screen Rulers for Mac 1.12.21

Scientific Unit Converter 1.0 Abhisoft Technologies    

... that allows you to convert between hundreds of units of measurement. It supports 650 units of measurements in 30 different categories. It also comes with ... Unit Manager tool to add your own custom units. And a History feature to view your past .... Free download of Scientific Unit Converter 1.0

StmProps 1.1.3 GP Engineering Software    

... either IP (US Imperial) or SI (Systeme International) units of measurement. Features include: * An intuitive user ... quality, enthalpy, or entropy. * IP and SI units are fully supported. * A large number of .... Free download of StmProps 1.1.3

PsychroCalc 1.1.0 GP Engineering Software    

... either IP (US Imperial) or SI (Systeme International) units of measurement. Features include: * An intuitive user ... humidity ratio, or enthalpy. * IP and SI units are fully supported. * Pressure or elevation can .... Free download of PsychroCalc 1.1.0

EngVert 2.4.4 GP Engineering Software    

... to a total of 100 catagories and 100 units/catagory. EngVert also contains commonly used engineering tools ... User expandable up to 100 catagories and 100 units/catagory. * A universal gas constant library is standard ... psychrometric property calculator (supporting both IP and SI units of measurement) is included to determine the properties .... Free download of EngVert 2.4.4

Prode Valves 1.08 Prode    

... and retrieve multiple configurations including language, database connecions, units of measurement, currency. * Integrates with Prode Properties, a specialized ... concurrent operations (password protected). * Easy control of units of measurement. * Customizable data sheets. * Set of graphs .... Free download of Prode Valves 1.08

archCalc for Mac OS X 1.9.4 B251 CAST software    

... to enter dimensions in standard english and metric units of measurement, perform basic calculations, convert between units, keep track of a series of operations, and .... Free download of archCalc for Mac OS X 1.9.4 B251

Screen Calipers Mac Edition 3.2 Iconico    

The Screen Calipers are the unique on-screen measurement tool, that let you measure anything on your ... with engineering blueprints and architectural plans - Medical measurement for electrocardiograms and X-Rays You may download the ... picas and twips. Using the configuration screen additional units of measurement can be easily defined to suit any situation. .... Free download of Screen Calipers Mac Edition 3.2

On-screen Ruler Kummailil    

... or measure anything on your screen in 5 units. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts allow you to precisely position ... tracks the mouse and the ruler displays the measurement. Additionally, double clicking the ruler resets the length ... but the edges and the markings completely transparent. Units can be set using the mouse scroll wheel. .... Free download of On-screen Ruler

Test Gear 2.5.1 Synthetic Aperture    

... a variety of test instruments to make objective measurements of their visual and audio work, all from ... CS3, CS4, or CS5. While the final measurement of any project is what it looks and ... relied strictly on subjective viewing. Test Gear's objective measurement tools make it easyto check video levels and .... Free download of Test Gear 2.5.1

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Quad-Lock Unit Converter 5.4 Quad-Lock Building Systems    

... even when offline. It contains more than 1000 units of measurement commonly encountered while solving engineering or everyday conversion ... Its features include a function to quickly find units, support for adding custom units, and a smart input box that evaluates calculations ... A Find function lets you search for your units within seconds. 3. Small file size (252 kB) .... Free download of Quad-Lock Unit Converter 5.4

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