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Guzinta Math Guzinta Math    

... students learn by making math move. In the Measurement Conversions app, an interactive conversion tool allows students to explore measurement conversions dynamically, by changing parameters and observing the change .... Free download of Guzinta Math

PsychroCalc 1.1.0 GP Engineering Software    

... (US Imperial) or SI (Systeme International) units of measurement. Features include: * An intuitive user ... atmospheric pressure. * A large number of unit conversions are available. * Cut/Copying/Pasting is supported to allow the exporting of data to other locations. * Resides in the Windows (tm) system tray for .... Free download of PsychroCalc 1.1.0

Quad-Lock Unit Converter 5.4 Quad-Lock Building Systems    

... that can take care of all your unit conversions even when offline. It contains more than 1000 units of measurement commonly encountered while solving engineering or everyday conversion ... is launched in less than a second, and conversions are performed instantly while you type the input. .... Free download of Quad-Lock Unit Converter 5.4

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