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SmokePing for Mac OS X and Linux 2.7.3 Tobias Oetiker    

... critical conditions. SmokePing is a deluxe latency measurement tool. SmokePing project can measure, store and display latency, latency distribution and packet loss. SmokePing uses RRDtool to maintain a longterm datastore ... of each network connection. SmokePing uses latency measurement plugins for seamless extendability. SmokePing comes with a ... you will also have the option of defining loss and latency patterns and use them to trigger .... Free download of SmokePing for Mac OS X and Linux 2.7.3

Iperf 3.1.3 Mark Gates    

iPerf3 is a tool for active measurements of the maximum achievable bandwidth on IP networks. ... IPv6). For each test it reports the bandwidth, loss, and other parameters. This is a new implementation ... license. iPerf features: TCP and SCTP Measure bandwidth Report MSS/MTU size and observed read sizes. ... Client can create UDP streams of specified bandwidth. Measure packet loss Measure delay jitter Multicast capable Cross-platform: .... Free download of Iperf 3.1.3

Ping Jujuba Software    

... connection and exchanges data with the server to measure packet loss percentage and round-trip time accurate to 0.01 milliseconds. .... Free download of Ping

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