Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 15.46 Hermetic Systems    

... Gregorian Calendar and the Julian Calendar) and five lunar calendars (the Archetypes Calendar, the Meyer-Palmen Solilunar Calendar, the McKenna-Meyer Goddess Calendar, the Lunar Liberalia Triday Calendar and the Hermetic Lunar Week Calendar). (iv) Move forward or backward from ... next or previous eclipse of a certain type: lunar or solar, lunar, total lunar, total or umbral .... Free download of Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 15.46

Calc Pro HD for Win8 UI Panoramic Software Inc    

Build your own calculator! Customize Calc Pro HD by purchasing only the calculators and features you need! Choose from up to ... calcs to create the perfect all in one calculator! Calc Pro HD comes free with the Standard and Scientific calculators found in the full version. The top mobile calculator is now available for your Windows 8 PC .... Free download of Calc Pro HD for Win8 UI

World Astro Clock Release 4 AstroTempus    

... Features ? All-in-one world clock, sunlight map, lunar and solar calendar. ? Decorative desk-clock showing time-of-the-day ... the moon, etc.. ? Zodiac constellations and astrology calculator for sun, moon and ascendant signs. ? Time lapse exploration of future and past astronomical events (full moon, sun eclipse, etc..) ? On-screen user .... Free download of World Astro Clock Release 4

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