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Tweaks.com Logon Changer 3.1 tweaks.com    

Would you like to customize your logon screen? The Tweaks.com Logon Changer is a free utility designed to help users easily customize the logon image in Windows 7 and the default lock screen image and colors in Windows 8. Fully automated, the Tweaks.com Logon Changer will have your logon customized with just .... Free download of Tweaks.com Logon Changer 3.1

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WP Changer 2.3 SMATools    

... Features you will find nowhere else: -Changes the logon windows (win 7 only) to match the main desktop wallpaper. -Smart multi-monitor support (tested with 2 so far): -Auto change when a display is plugged or unplugged -Auto change when a display is moved in the display array. -Extended images supports .... Free download of WP Changer 2.3

Logon Screen Rotator 4.4 Luke Payne Software    

Logon Screen Rotator is a free application that will change the logon background image to an image of your choosing ... you select. Current options include: each day, each logon and each computer lock. You may choose individual .... Free download of Logon Screen Rotator 4.4

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Windows 7 or Vista Login Screen Changer 2.0 Murgee Dot Com    

Change Logon Background for Windows Vista or Windows 7 and ... to your Computer with your favourite background or Screen Image. Select any image file (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, etc) and change your logon background for Vista or Windows 7. The Logon background is visible for short duration even when using auto logon for Windows Operating System. The Logon background can .... Free download of Windows 7 or Vista Login Screen Changer 2.0

WinLockPro V. Rojitha    

WinLockPro is a screen lock and login changer software for Windows 7. This software changes the default Windodws 7 lock and login screen to look like the Windows 8's lock and login screen. This software is available for free of charge .... Free download of WinLockPro V.

Logon Screen 3.01 Daniel Rebelo    

Logon Screen is a small and simple program that will help you change your Windows 7 logon screen background with a push of a button. One point that makes this application different from other Logon Screen changers applications is the ability to integrate with the Windows 7 context menu. Logon Screen is definitely one of the best products .... Free download of Logon Screen 3.01

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Windows 7 Logon Background Changer 1.5.2 Julien Manici    

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer is a free open source software that let you change the wallpaper of the Windows 7 logon screen (also known as "welcome screen" or "login screen"). It has been tested successfully with the final ... put as wallpaper for the Windows 7 login screen, applies the appropriate cropping and sizing and saves .... Free download of Windows 7 Logon Background Changer 1.5.2

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abylon LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER 2014 abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde    

... technical knowledge is the customizing of the login screen background not possible. Therefore, the software abylon LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER undertake this for you. Simply open the images into the program. These are optimized and converted the graphic into the required format. If multiple .... Free download of abylon LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER 2014

InstantLogonChanger (32-bit) Arturs Sits    

With InstantLogonChanger always have your Windows 7 logon background the same as your Desktop wallpaper or ... images that are too small to fit the screen. Made with a business user in mind, InstantLogonChanger ... InstantLogonChanger tray icon setting. InstantLogonChanger also automatically adjusts logon screen text and button color so they're better visible .... Free download of InstantLogonChanger (32-bit)

Windows 7 Logon Changer 1.1 Sourceforge    

... 7. Here is the first one for you, Logon Changer or call it as Login Changer, the first screen you are greeted if you have turned on password for your account. Windows 7 Logon Changer lets you change the screen background and design to one of your favorite ... which will be used as background for the logon screen. .... Free download of Windows 7 Logon Changer 1.1

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