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Weather Station Data Logger Sourceforge    

This Windows application will display and log weather data obtained through a USB connection to ... available on the console, analysis of wind and temperature data plus graphs of temperature, pressure, wind and rain over varying periods of ... trimming. Daily extremes can be extracted from the log file and written to a separate CSV file. .... Free download of Weather Station Data Logger

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design WeBBusterZ Engineering Software    

... to Microsoft Excel Engineering Datasheet -Calculations- +Calculate unknown temperatures or flow rate +Perform thermal analysis for bare ... number correlation +Calculate the Area, Flow area, Length, Log Mean Temperature Difference, Number of Hairpins, Unknown Flow rate. +Calculate .... Free download of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design WeBBusterZ Engineering Software    

... Tubes and Fin Tubes, Air Mass Flow Rate, Log Mean Temperature Difference, Fin Efficiency, Fan Diameter and Total Fans ... Fan Driver Power requirements 4. Calculate Outlet Air Temperature using iteration or incrementing techniques. 5. Calculate the .... Free download of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design

Process Engineering Calculator 2.0.0 Webbusterz Engineering Software    

... also plot profile charts + Heat Exchanger Unknown Temperature: calculate any unknown one or two temperatures on the hot side or the cold side. ... calculator: interpolate between tabulated values. + LMTD calculator: Log Mean Temperature Difference for counter current and co-current flow + .... Free download of Process Engineering Calculator 2.0.0

LMTD Calculator 1.1 WeBBusterZ Engineering Software    

LMTD stands for Log Mean Temperature Difference. This term is commonly used in heat ... exchangers. This calculator allows you to calculate the log mean temperature difference, this is the temperature deriving force for counter current and co current ... hot side and cold side flow. If the log mean temperature difference can't be calculated for one .... Free download of LMTD Calculator 1.1

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